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Her Epiphany pages 1-12 :iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 21
Overabundance pages 13-24
Standing next to the sofa Melisa smiled as she looked up at her mother. Her mother was smiling to. I’m glad Mommy decided to set down and try the new sofa. “Does it feel good Mommy?”
Leaning back into her new sofa the difference between what it had been a few hours ago and what Melisa had changed it into was amazing. Things had gone their way since her birth especially in the household. Furniture wore in just the right way to not only retain its comfort but to make it even more comfortable. In many ways she felt the furniture looked better now than it did when she first bought it. It aged in just the right way to give it a perfect vintage look that seemed to add more to its value then take away. And yet the difference between the furniture she had known and what she found herself enjoying was truly astounding. The way the material cradled her body and seemed to draw away moisture and just the right amount of heat made it hard for Rachel to even imagine standing back u
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 2 31
Redefining Home pages 13-24
Greg felt like a lump had formed in his throat. “Hold on. No no. One finger for. I don’t know if this fruit transformed me and two for the fruit doesn’t transform people.” He could swear he felt the color draining from his face when Pandora held up a single finger.
He must be scared that he’s going to begin growing like me. “No fear. Long time if happens.” As she spoke Pandora extended her arms to her side to illustrate her point. “Ate monsters to. Long time. Hunting land maybe.”
“Hunting land? Is that where you and the others came from?”
“Yes. Hunting land, monster land. I lost in long time. I changed.”
Greg could still feel his heart racing. So it took her a long time to change but who’s to say it works the same for everyone. Is she trying to say that it might be because she ate the monsters that she changed? Or maybe the hunting lands themselves? Taking in a deep breath and looking towards Pandora hi
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 5 43
Redefining Home pages 1-12
A low groan came from Greg as he tried to set up. Concern began to grow the moment he realized he couldn’t and he noticed a thick film in his mouth that not only covered his tongue but reached down into his throat. He resisted the urge to gag as he opened his eyes and found a vine of some type descending down into it. It didn’t even register with him that it was hollow as he used the one arm he could work to remove it. Unfortunately that did nothing to diminish his concern as he took in his environment.
Stretching out before him was a short field of strange looking grass that gave way to sand extending into the water. The air smelled of salt but also of fruit and plants that he couldn’t place. The oddly thick grass wasn’t the only strange thing though as he looked around him he saw plants that didn’t seem certain if they wanted to be a shrub or a tree. One to his side looked to be a tree with leaves so massive they reached to the ground forming an umbrella
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 5 43
Mature content
Too Much Exposure pages 121-132 :iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 7
Overabundance pages 1-12
Timothy held his ground for a moment. He had come in prepared to give the infant currently before him her first eye exam. He hadn’t been prepared for a set of golden eyes to be looking back at him. Not yellow or discolored but an absolutely lustrous gold. A gold that reflected the light of his pin back at him. The shade changed from region to region allowing him to make out the iris and other sections but all was gleaming gold. He couldn’t even bring himself to look away as he addressed the parents. “Did. Did she perchance receive any healing from a blessed?”
Jim easily leaned over the optometrist while he examined his daughter having well over a head of height on him.. He had to resist the urge to make faces to try and draw his daughter’s attention towards him. Not for the doctor’s sake but he didn’t want to make Rachael upset.  “No. She came out just fine. The nurses were even surprised by how she. I can’t remember the word t
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 2 21
Determination To Become
He’d just bumped into the wall again. She didn’t move in the least. He was trying to put some more distance between the two of them but he couldn’t. At least not without leaving the room and that would make their parents angry with him. Her chest hurt. There wasn’t anything wrong with it but Fallyn’s chest hurt and she allowed herself the slightest bit of movement to place her hand upon it. This was the thirty first night like this and the pain wasn’t getting any better and the situation wasn’t either.
He was awake again. Sleep had been a constant battle for Alex for several weeks now. Fear was the first thing keeping him awake. Fear of the monster that looked like a young girl across the room from him. Anger came in second. Anger at his parents for not believing him when he tried to tell them what happened. Then there was his own body. Whenever he’d just begin to doze off his body would move and he’d strike the wall or something el
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 0 36
Too Much Exposure pages 109-120
Rita reflexively flexed her abdominal muscles and gritted her teeth to keep herself from openly laughing. Despite those efforts her grin became so large it just began to become uncomfortable and she couldn’t hide the amusement in her voice as she began to follow behind Brittney. “Sure.”
“And it seems we have a surprise this morning. A very unexpected guest just arrived in the studio and should be being brought in any moment now.” Looking towards the door and then Lintner Deniese wasn’t surprised to find him looking at the door as well. Despite any claims to being professionals it was hard to maintain one’s composure. As the door leading to the set opened and the raven haired figure floated onto the set instead of walking she had trouble not standing to greet her.
The smile that’d taken over her face upon speaking with Brittney hadn’t diminished in the least as Rita neared the stage. Indeed she still found herself fighting her laught
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 65
Too Much Exposure pages 97-108
Grinning Rita once again reached inside Eddy’s patrol car this time taking hold of his hand. A large grin adorned her face even as she felt her cheeks beginning to burn. Eddy reflexively opened his hand allowing her to deposit the caps in it before releasing his wrist. “See. Just fine. But. May I get in your car now? This outfit is fucking embarrassing enough without standing out in the open.” And I’m going to be walking down the sidewalks soon enough. God I hope it doesn’t take long to find what I’m looking for or I might not be able to endure.
Looking down at the shells Eddy turned his attention back to Rita’s face, her chests, the shells, her chest and then her face once again. As he looked at her the final time he finally registered that she was blushing. “Rita? Is that really you?”
“Please let me in your car now!” Clenching her hands Rita struggled against the desire to cover herself fearing that such an act would o
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 19
Helping with the Little Things
Clutching a large coarse brush James leaned into the pale white surface before him his arm sinking ever so slightly into it as he viciously scrubbed a patch of brown and green that simply didn’t want to come out. Gritting his teeth he poured even more energy into it as chunks of the residue finally began to give way revealing more of that soft pale surface beneath. There was no fear that he might damage it somehow. That was something he had to get over upon becoming one of Evelyn’s attendants. At last the remains of the residue was removed and he took a moment to step back.
Giving a relieved sigh and tossing the brush inside his cleaning bucket James took a moment to admire his work before turning his gaze upwards. Standing only a few centimeters from Evelyne her ankle was directly above him though it was a good twelve meters above his reach. That ankle connected her foot to a leg that positively soared above him that absolutely pulsed with strength as the slightest deviati
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 8 72
Too Much Exposure pages 85-96
April 10th 2017
The sound of chipmunks running around the trees, bird wings flapping and what she assumed was a fox reached Rita’s ears. The fact that she was inside made the situation even stranger as she set in her room. Her sword set next to her on the bed while the scabbard was layout before her. The material was even more limited than she had imagined and Rita was made to take in a deep breath before looking to her computer screen. Google images was up and she found herself looking at a variety of skimpy swimsuits. Damn it. Okay so how am I going to go about doing this? I don’t believe there is enough material to cover even my breasts properly. If I make the material of the sword too thin it becomes transparent. What am I going to do? What outfit looks the best?
Picking up the material once again Rita turned her attention towards the computer before rolling the scroll button on her mouse. Her improved eyesight made it easy to see the screen even from this distance and
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 2 28
Too Much Exposure pages 73-84
“Yeah but they’re a lot higher in the air. I just want to make sure I’m not damaging people’s ear drums or worse whenever I’m running around. Huh. Okay another strange thought. When I was lifting those weights earlier somehow I was cancelling the effect out. We even made some progress with me trying to fly or hover at least last night. So why are my feet absolutely hammering the ground when I’m running?”
“That’s a very good question. Perhaps it’s a subconscious deal. Maybe you should try running on a surface you actively don’t want to damage?”
“The problem with that is I don’t want to damage it.” As she’d been speaking Rita had been looking around the cave. Okay I’m still not going to let them fire the gun for me until I’m certain they won’t be injured. Even if running down those steel scraps was easy. Where did I put those?” Taking a moment to look around Rita soon f
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 3
Too Much Exposure pages 61-72
I’m blushing. I know it. What’s even worse is they’re right. Rita could feel her cheeks growing warmer as she imagined herself standing naked in front of Eddy and whoever she’d been dealing with. This image soon changed to an entire crowd of people as she imagined having to help with a large fire. Her right foot began to shift slightly and as she pressed down it sunk easily into the ground. A sharp pop hit her ears a moment later bringing her back to reality as she crushed a stone to powder. “I don’t want to be naked in front of everyone!”
Neither Gene or Shiella could keep from laughing as the pitch of Rita’s voice raised several levels. Her blushing and the way she’d twisted her foot all added to the situation. That she’d just crushed a stone to powder and dug a small hole in the ground only seemed to add to the situation and the couple couldn’t help but laugh. It was Gene who managed to find his voice first though. Ti
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 3 21
Too Much Exposure pages 49-60
“Hey! It wasn’t that simple. I spent the next twenty four hours thinking I’d gone insane in a near panic that no one  would believe me when I told them who I was.” As Rita spoke she couldn’t help but pout a little or the little bit of pout that made its way into her voice. “It was really traumatic and I’m still not entirely certain I’m sane. I had better not being lying in the floor somewhere and you’re humoring me in my delusional state.”
“Rita, you were a big woman before. If I found you like that I’d honestly be terrified.” For a moment none of the friends said anything but grinned at one another. “So what else is different?”
“My eye site is a lot better and my hearing is sharper to. I can actually hear both of your hearts beating. Your heart is a little fast for a guy Gene. Perhaps you should cut back on the salt.” Rita couldn’t help but laugh as a sharp and rather annoy
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 27
Too Much Exposure pages 37-48
Turning to her mom Rita opened her mouth but despite her feelings nothing came out. Rather she found herself going silent and then took in a deep breath. “I guess I could set a few records. Perhaps I should try out for football. I could be the first female profootball player. That or maybe I should try out for some boxing or ultimate fighting.”
Ben couldn’t help the surprise in his voice as he spoke up. “You’re liable to kill someone!”
“Ah! Well. I suppose I should make sure I can actually hit something without destroying it.” Don’t forget the stone walls or the bent sword. Looking to Ben and then Melissa Rita was made to laugh. “I guess I’ve got a lot of thinking to do about my future career. Or careers. That and well.” Looking away from her parents Rita turned her attention towards the front of her home thinking about their driveway. “Do you think they’d even let me play? I’m not sure if a singl
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 31
Too Much Exposure pages 25-36
“Thanks. I’ll look forward to the visit.”
As his daughter hung up the phone Ben risked a glance at her. “You handled that well. I’m guessing Gene is going to be paying you a visit.”
“I’m still not certain I should have told him. What if he goes back claiming there is some crazy girl claiming to be me and my parents are in on it?”
“You’ve known Gene for a while. I know I’ve heard enough about him.”
“I don’t talk about him that often dad.”
“I never said it was you.” Ben grinned at his daughter for a moment. “Your mother would like grandchildren some day.” As Rita rolled her eyes he felt even more certain this was his daughter. It was her standard response.
“Gene’s a good friend but I don’t see him that way and he’s already got a girlfriend.”
“The one you punched in the gut?”
“No! That was Brigit. Little whore was asking fo
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 2 17

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The Epiphany. In July of 2019 humans had learned they weren’t alone. This wasn’t brought on by some far flung message but rather a ship of extraterrestrial origin crossing paths with the earth. Unfortunately there was no peaceful contact. As the craft had just began to enter earth’s orbit it had exploded. No one knew the cause of the detonation and fortunately for the entire planet it wasn’t the catastrophic event most feared. No cities had been destroyed or even windows broken by the blast itself. If it hadn’t been for the fragments of the alien ship that rained down it would have had no physical effect whatsoever.  

But those fragments had rained down.

Arial had yet to become accustomed to the protective vest and helmet she found herself wearing. It was the minimal protection she was allowed to wear and be granted entry into processing. The room was empty except for two people. Both of them absolutely massive.

Standing over two meters tall with massive shoulders that stretched even her uniform and biceps that looked like they may rip it apart if she were to flex it would have been hard for most to believe Sarah had earned her muscles naturally. In truth she hadn’t. Rather it was the result of the fragments of alien technology that had imbedded themselves in her body and reshaped it. A palatable aura of fear also radiated from the woman. An aura she gave off despite her intentions. An aura of fear so intense that if it wasn’t for their friendship and years working together Ariel would have been hard pressed to come past the entrance.

Looking down at her smaller friend Sarah extended an arm not to grasp her but blocking her path. “Careful he’s a dangerous one. I’ve had to encourage him to stay still several times now.”

Turning her attention to her friend’s arm and then her hand Ariel noted where she was pointing. A sigh escaped her whenever she noted several bars had been bent. They were only slightly bent but it was enough given that they were made of several centimeters of high grade steel. “Gerald. We’ve been over this. This is for your own good. Once we’re done here you’ll be able to think clearly again.”

“I’m thinking just fine. You’re just wanting to make me weak. You’re the ones that want what’s mine and you’re going to cut me open to get it. Using those pills to make me think what you want. Well.”

Arial could swear she felt the floor shake and was made to jump backwards as Sarah’s fist came slamming down on Gerald’s chest forcing him to go silent as she drove all the air out of him. Rather than focus on him she looked to Sarah.

“Cute. A fragment of your bed. You wouldn’t have been thinking of flicking this at me?” As she spoke Sarah removed a tiny scrap of metal from Gerald’s hand. Then proceeded to lean forward so that she was looking directly into his eyes. “Or the good doctor were you?”

Other fragments had some resistance to Sarah’s influence. It differed from fragment to fragment and often she wondered how much of it was the person. Gerald had been doing well to speak as much as he had in her presence but now Ariel could see the effect. Well so much for taking his baseline vitals before the removal. “Thanks Sarah. I didn’t even notice his fingers.”

Standing back up Sarah gave Ariel a massive smile and moved to put herself between her friend and Gerald. The fact that Ariel didn’t even flinch when she placed her hand on her shoulder made her smile more and want to hug the woman. “You really have to be more careful around these jokers. Remember they’re all here for a reason and they’re all dangerous. So can I wheel him into the extraction chamber now?”

Did he pee himself? Looking to Gerald for a moment Ariel gave a nod. I suppose telling him not to be scared would be pointless after Sarah jumped his case. “Go ahead.”

Nodding and taking hold of the bed Sarah froze for a moment. “Ariel. If this works out do you think you could remove my fragment? Eventually.”

Placing her right hand over her heart Ariel smiled at her friend. “Yes, but first we need to remove the dangerous fragments. Then. If you still want. I’ll do my best to have you at the front of the list for the removal. But.”

“I know. You need me. You need my strength. I just.” Taking in a deep breath Sarah looked down at Gerald. “You’re a luckier bastard than you realize. Come along.”


Standing in the control room Ariel looked into the extraction chamber. The room was completely empty with smooth rounded walls meant to prevent a solid hit if one of the fragments managed to get loose. Several members of the fragment research team now joined her in the control room. Several computers hummed along prepared to regulate the extraction process. Towards the back of the room stood two figures.

Mitch was an older gentleman with greying black hair and sharp eyes that simply gave off the aura of one who had spent a long time in the military and was used to being in charge. Next to him stood Ellayn. A woman somewhat on the short and plump side she was one of the best lawyers Arial had ever met. Officially she was there to insure the rights of the fragments but in truth she was there to keep the prison, Mitch, the project and Ariel safe from lawsuit and her priorities were exactly that order a fact she wasn’t shy about.

Ariel, “Okay the patient’s vitals look good. Let’s begin the extraction.”

Surgery couldn’t remove a fragment. At least not without killing the victim. Fragments didn’t just imbed themselves in a person like an implant. They networked themselves throughout the person’s entire body despite having an area of primary concentration. Some had taken hold of these areas and attempt to slowly draw the fragment out but this only seemed to prolong the suffering. It was a problem Ariel had been working on for five years now and at last she felt she had a solution.

Instead of watching the screen she turned her attention towards the room as a small hatch opened. There was no immediate response. Turning her attention towards the computers she once again inspected Gerald’s vitals and then turned her attention to the deep tissue imaging. Is that movement? “Focus on the ends of the fragment.”

Looking to the computer Ariel bit down on her lower lip to keep from shouting for joy as she watched the screen. The ends of the fragment were made to flick and then they began to move. “Screen one! Follow the fragment.” It was impossible for her to keep the excitement from her voice as the fragment began to move barely remembering to check the vitals again. Her excitement only grew even more when she saw it was stable. We can do this! We can’t force the fragments out without killing the host but we can make them want to leave with the right bait! “Make sure medical is ready in case this thing doesn’t come out like we want.”

Leaning over Mitch spoke softly to avoid ruining the moment. “We are covered in the event this thing decides to come through his heart or lunges?”

To this Ellayn gave a nod. “Our patient is scheduled to stand trial for numerous instances of murder even after the procedure is finished. His history of violence has continued even while in our care and before he came in here he made an attempt on the good professor’s life. Ariel has also been very dutiful in her research. There is good reason to believe it’ll exit as intended.”

Looking back to the screen Mitch grinned as blood seemed to appear within Gerald’s mouth. It didn’t flow backwards though but continued outward “Very good.”

Ariel, “How are his oxygen levels?”


“Progress of exit?”

“Five percent professor. At this rate we’re looking at thirty minutes for full removal.”

Clasping her hands together Ariel worked to hold herself together as her excitement built. “So they were really designed not to harm the host even during their exit. It was just our forceful attempts at removal that resulted in failure.” Careful now. It’s not out of him yet. It felt like she’d been struck in the chest when she saw Gerald clamp his jaw shut.

Reaching past the technician Arial pushed the talk button. “Gerald! Do not resist! This is what you need. You can have your mind back. You can have your health back.”

Rubbing his chin Mitch shook his head slightly. Oh I wouldn’t say that. Once we’re done here he’s going to still have to stand trial. Depending on how culpable they find him to be he may not even have his health once this is all over. “It doesn’t appear the patient’s cooperation is going to be an issue.”

Holding her hand over her chest Ariel gave a deep sigh of relief. Despite his efforts to resist the fragment continued to remove itself from Gerald’s body and enter into the containment chamber. “Gerald. Please don’t fight. It’s for your own good. How are his vitals?”

“Heart rate eighty beats per minute, oxygen saturation ninety nine percent, blood pressure one sixty over ninety five, temperature 37.2 celcius. No external bleeding or signs of internal bleeding.”

Even as she was being given the vitals Ariel continued to watch the fragment flow from between Gerald’s teeth and out of his mouth as he tried to hold it in. If only we could sedate them. Turning her attention away from him she looked to the screen showing the containment chamber. The fragment had began to pool together as more and more of itself gathered within. As she watched it what began as a simple pubble soon began to take on a far more structure shape. Intricate lines could be seen in the fragment as it took on a uniform width. The lines did much to make Ariel think of a nervous system while the overall shape was irregular.

Ariel, “It appears the fragment is taking on the form it had upon entering our atmosphere based on the inactive fragments we have been able to find.”

Mitch, “Is that a good thing?”

“I don’t know. But. We have our cure now and that is a very good thing.”

“Yes. And an opportunity to study the fragments in greater quantity.”


September 6th 2027

“Ariel it’s so good to see you!” Sarah couldn’t have stopped from smiling if she wanted to as she pulled the smaller woman into a hug not even noticing how the smaller woman’s head nearly vanished between her breasts. Even the muffling of her words didn’t truly register.

“Thanks for inviting me.” Taking a step back as Sarah released her hold Ariel took a moment to look around her friend’s home.

Sarah couldn’t go out. At least not in most situations. The aura of fear she gave off was simply too much. Her presence alone could easily clear a mall as anyone that so much as glimpsed her would feel an intense mortal terror. Even those who couldn’t see her tended to suffer intense anxiety and a desire to leave the area. Naturally this meant driving was completely out of the question. She had even been forced to be rehomed both so she could get to and from work and to avoid driving off her neighbors with a constant psionic barrage of fear.

At least it was a nice home though and she’d been allowed to decorate it to her taste. The floor was an elegant hardwood kept clean and glossy while the furniture could be defined as nice but overstuffed. Arm chairs and sofas that one was meant to be lost in. The sofa had some covers folded and draped over the back just in case the occupant didn’t wish to leave it. The walls were pure white but decorated with pictures while the ceiling was a soft blue that gave a feeling of almost being outside which was further reinforced by the variety of lights that illuminated the room. There were windows but no clear ones. Rather the room was covered by stained glass windows to prevent those who might happen to be passing by from seeing in but give the occupant some sunlight.

Standing out against all the furniture though was several short columns each one covered in thick fabric and supporting a perch of some type on top. Some of the perches were entirely exposed while several of them were inclosed. It had clearly been located were an abundance of sunlight would reach it.

Closing the door behind Ariel Sarah once again wrapped her arms around her. “You’re welcome to come over whenever you want.” Releasing and straightening up she continued to look into her eyes. “It’s not like I have any company after all.”

“Did your dad come by to see you last week?” Feeling Sarah’s hand on her back Ariel didn’t make any move to remove it. This must be torture for someone as huggy as Sarah.

“He did! And I would have loved to have you both here at the same time.” Beginning to walk with Ariel Sarah turned her attention to the couch for a moment. “Now if only mom could have come to visit me.”

“Is she still struggling with the fear?”

“Yeah. But she writes me a lot! And calls me. I can’t really blame her for not being able to overcome my aura. You know the vast majority of the guards try to divert their gaze from me so they don’t see me arrive. I’ve even taken to knocking on the doors so they know I’m coming in.”

“They can hear you through those doors?”

“I knock very hard. Which unfortunately seems to make the situation worse if they do see me. Now what would you like to drink?” Stepping to the side Sarah allowed Ariel to be seated on the sofa.

“Pick for me.”

Standing up Sarah both waved and shook her hands in the negative. “No way. Last time I did that you forced yourself to drink it. I want you to have something you enjoy.”

“I didn’t dislike it.”

“Bull crap.”

“I was that transparent?”

“More than my windows.”

“Ah well that isn’t so bad. I’ll take some apple juice if you have some on hand.”

“Be right back.”

Turning around Ariel took a moment to examine Sarah’s back. The back of her shirt was open revealing well defined muscles that flexed and danced as she more skipped into the kitchen than walked. Looking down to her legs it seemed like her pants might burst as they struggled to contain muscles that seemed to ignore their existence. She’d once asked if they were uncomfortable only to be told she hardly felt them despite how tightly they appeared to squeeze her legs.

Entering the kitchen Sarah placed her hand over her heart as she listened. Her heart seemed to lighten several moments later as the all too familiar sigh of relief never came. At least there is one person who managed to overcome the aura of fear. “Do you think you can stay awhile tonight? I’ve got some movies that I’ve been wanting to watch with someone else.”

“I’m all yours tonight.”

I think this is enough. Since my body grew everything I’ve touched just feels small. I guess it takes awhile to undo over twenty years of conditioning.  Walking back into the living room and setting the glass down in front of Ariel Sarah was quick to set down next to her. Despite her desire to not crowd her friend she couldn’t help but set close enough that their shoulders would bump from time to time. “It feels like it’s been months since we could set down and just relax together.”

“It has been! We’ve been processing the fragments non stop.”

“Point. You know. I expected that the former host would turn back to normal after the fragment was removed. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.”

To this Ariel gave a nod. “Yeah. But at least their physical attributes have been reduced enough to make them manageable and those who had them have lost their more extraordinary abilities. I’m just glad there has been a major increase in their  mental health.” I guess it’s coming. I know Sarah has been wanting her fragment out since day one but she’s been forced to wait while we process the more dangerous fragments. We’re making progress but we still got a bit to go.

“Well at least I won’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I tossed my old one a few years ago. Back when everyone was saying the condition couldn’t be cured.” Flexing her right arm Sarah brought it up showing off an impressive melon sized bicep. “At least people are getting something out of their experience. So. What would you like to watch?”

Ariel inhaled sharply and with it brought far more of her drink than she intended. Gasping sharply she soon felt Sarah’s hand gently patting her on the back as she struggled to regain her breath. “Sorry. You caught me off guard and.”

“It’s alright.”


A slight laugh came from Sarah as she turned towards the cat tree. “You woke Rezo up. Hey baby are we being too loud?”

Ariel just grinned as a fluffy black and white cat appeared from within one of the cat perches. His ears flicked about for a moment before his paws reached down. He more slid out of his perch than jumped. Another soft meow came from him. As the cat began walking to them Sarah continued to call to him both to encourage and to guide him. Watching him move though it was hard for her to believe he was blind.

Reaching down Sarah gently brushed her hand against Rezo’s belly first letting him know her intentions before scooping him up and settling him into her lap. “Yeah there is my little buddy.”

A slight chuckle came from Ariel as the cat bunted against Sarah. “I don’t think little really defines him. At times I wonder how he crams himself into his tree.”

“He’s not fat he’s fluffy! So what were you think we should watch?”

“Hey I picked my own drink you can pick the movie.”

“I can’t reach the remote though. I’m pinned. Aint I my fluffy captore?”

Leaning over Ariel began to reach for Rezo. “Well then. I’ll just.”

“Ariel! He’ll be grumpy all day if you pick him up after he’s settled.”

It was impossible for Ariel to keep from sighing especially as she heard Rezo beginning to pur. “You’re spoiled rotten. Okay I’ll find us something.” I guess she isn’t going to bring the removal of her fragments up. I. I’ll just leave it at that. Thanks for understanding Sarah. I’ll help you as soon as I’m able.


September 11th 2027

“Ariel. You might want to come look at this. Something is happening with the fragments.”

Looking away from her own screen Ariel made her way over to Patrick. Before she could ask him what was going on her jaw nearly fell open. Several of the fragments had began to move within their containers. “What.” A sharp yelp escaped her as a sharp pop rang out. The force of the impact was sufficient that she could have sworn she heard it come from within the containment vault itself as several fragments broke free of their individual containers. “What’s going on?”

“I was hoping you could tell me.”

“I. Ice the containment vault. Now!” Rather than waiting for Patrick to comply Ariel had already reached over him and began the freezing process. Even as she pressed the button and watched the vault filling with a white mist she continued to watch the fragments move and merge together despite the rapidly dropping temperature.

“Professor it doesn’t seem to be impeding their progress.”

Looking away from the screen Ariel turned her attention towards the vault itself. It’s alright. Those walls are over a meter thick and built to withstand a bombardment. Except. The individualized containers were made of the same alloy and they ruptured.

“Mam! It’s making a shape. It looks almost human.”

“Huh?” Turning back to the screen Ariel regretted the use of the freezing system as it obscured her view to an extent. Despite that though she could see the fragments merging into a clearly humanoid form. The fact that she could make out fingers was only slightly less upsetting than being able to make out some facial features. What’s going on? Fragments have never behaved like this. “Active evacuation. Clear this.” What in hell! Looking to the screen her thoughts froze as the combined fragments began to stand up.

Within the containment vault stood something resembling a suit of armor. The armor appeared to be composed of gold and silver with a large blue gem in the forehead. Several regions appeared to be plate but instead of being joined by mail or padded armor they seemed to transition into something that was almost skin so that it appeared perfectly sealed. Looking to the armor Ariel didn’t even think to move as the alarm had began to sound. Fortunately Patrick had retained the presence of mind to follow through with her instructions.

Ariel felt her feet leave the floor as it shock violently. She didn’t even notice the debris imbed itself in the wall as the containment vault exploded outward. Instinctively reaching back to catch herself she didn’t meet with the wall, floor or any furniture as a set of arms wrapped around her. This would have brought relief if she hadn’t found herself looking up at her reflection as the suit wrapped its arms around her.

“Hello. Would you please.” Ariel went silent as she felt the suit somehow wrap around more of her and she looked down to see that it’s fingers had now vanished. Instead they’d melded together and wrapped around her arm. Her mouth opened to speak but as she looked back up she found the suits face was only centimeters from hers and a moment later it was pressed against her face deforming around it as it did. No words escaped her.

What’s it doing to me? Please let go! Is it joining with me like the other fragments did their host? But no one has joined with anywhere near this many fragments! Please release me! I assure you that I meant you no harm. We were just trying to help those people who had become imbalanced.

Reaching out Ariel tried to press against the suit even as she felt it wrapping around her head. She regretted her decision a moment later as her hands sunk into it. Pushing against the ground in an attempt to back away she could feel her fear growing as she felt something wrap around her legs. It’s going to completely engulf me! I need help! But what can anyone do? We haven’t even managed to chip the fragments! Anything that could get it off me would vaporize me! The attractor! If we can give the fragments a more suitable host they’ll go to it. I can’t move though!

What is this feeling? It feels like I’m becoming light headed. Am I losing consciousness? Focus. What have we learned about the. A surge of relief hit Ariel as vision once again returned to her as her eyes flew open. This feeling only lasted a moment as she immediately knew the composition of the wall she was looking at, she could see its internal microfractures, the bacteria on the surface of it and a flood of information she hadn’t been prepared for. The fragments are part of me. Looking down at herself Ariel once again felt her jaw grow slack such that she barely noticed the door flying open despite her augmented awareness.

Sarah detested the aura of fear that came with her augmentations. It had cut her off from friends, family and nearly all direct social interaction. As she’d dashed down the hallway she had found herself at least somewhat grateful as the augmented speed let her respond to emergencies quicker. It appeared she hadn’t been quick enough as she caught site of the massive blonde woman standing naked in the room.

Standing before Sarah was a woman with long straight golden blonde hair extending down to her waist. Bright blue almond shaped eyes that appeared as if they might be precious gems wrested above a small button nose and rosy red cupid bow lips were all framed by an oval face. The expression she wore was confused and cute in many ways and contrasted very sharply by her body. A thick powerful neck held that head in place and reached down into a chest that positively swelled with power.

Massive deltoid muscles swelled out from her shoulders flowing down to biceps that were wider than most people’s thighs combined and triceps the size of mellons with clearly defined radialis muscles it looked like the woman would have no issue bending steel. Given that Sarah was certain this was the result of a fragment she knew she could do so and more. Breasts large enough that it seemed they’d send most women to a chiropractor and serve as a constant balancing issue appeared well proportioned on her massive frame and gave a reminder of the softness her face gave off.

Yet if one were to look down or to the side any thoughts of weakness vanished. Clearly defined serratus muscles stood out underneath her arm. The well defined muscles could be seen flexing and relaxing with the slightest movement while all eight of her abdominal muscles were on display with such deep cuts between them that it seemed they could easily hold a coin.

As powerful as her upper body was though an hourglass figure was still held. As the woman’s thighs had clearly grown to match the rest of her body. Powerful thigh muscles that exceeded even her biceps seemed ready to propel her mass across the room at a moment’s notice. The thought was enough that Sarah found herself taking on a defensive stance even as she looked down to find the remains of the woman’s shredded clothing and shoes. Her attention being drawn to those legs a moment later as the muscles within slightly twitched. That they’d move enough to be seen without the woman even moving didn’t lose its meaning on Sarah.

Between the thighs and the massive tibial muscles holding that foot in place Sarah couldn’t help but wonder how much power a kick from those legs would pack.

Even as Sarah examined her Ariel found herself examining Sarah. Oh hell! That is Sarah! But for me to be looking down at her. Looking down at her feet Ariel took in a deep breath. Yep I’m taller than her. “Um Sarah. There has been an unforeseen incident with the fragments. I’m not certain if housing them in the same location was prudent.”


Reflexively Ariel took a step back as she heard the concern in her friend’s voice. “Ah yeah. It seems I look a little different now and. I’m naked.” Even as the words left her mouth Ariel could feel her face heating up such that it took a moment just to keep herself from screaming out. She could not however retain all her composure as she dropped to a crouched position and began looking to the scraps of her clothing.

Looking around the room Sarah’s eyes soon came to rest on Patrick. The site of absolute terror on his face was clear. Given the shock that he’d just got with Ariel’s transformation and the failure of the containment vault she could only imagine the affect her aura was having on him. Despite this she moved over to him. It only took her a moment to remove his coat. “Go ahead run.” Crap. It was hard for Sarah to keep from sighing as Patrick dashed out of the room but she’d already turned her head and walked over to Ariel. “Cover your waist with this.”

“Thanks.” Taking the coat and wrapping it around herself Ariel resorted to covering her breasts with her hands as she stood back up. “So. What’s the protocol in this situation?”

First I assess how much of a danger you are but we don’t talk about that step. “Let’s get you to the exam room. We can have the others whip up some covering for you.” I had almost forgot what it’s like to speak with someone taller than me. It feels strange. And what is up with that gem in her forehead. “Are you feeling alright? You seem to be handling this pretty well.”

“I think I’m still a bit dazed. Maybe hoping that I’m going to wake up.”

“I know that feeling.”


“The fragment has dispersed throughout my entire body with the primary regions of concentration being my vital organs. However, unlike with previous fragments mine is the result of intentional design rather than dispersal to compensate for missing components. This is likely due to the number of fragments that my body is now playing host to. Indeed, I don’t believe calling them fragments is truly accurate but a complete system.”

Looking up from his computer screen Jerry just stared at Ariel for a few moments. “I’m guessing that insight is coming from the fragments themselves.”

“Yeah. How are my scans looking?”

“I don’t know. They’ve just began. And.” Looking back to his screen Jerry was almost made to recoil as a full surface scan of Ariel’s body appeared on it. “That should not have been finished that fast! Give me a moment here to find out where this data came from. Not the scanners I’ll tell you that much!”

“Computer, secure records, tissue analysis, patients, Ariel.” Rather than waiting on Jerry Ariel turned her attention to Sarah who now stood at the entrance of the room. Technically she was there to provide security but she felt certain her friend was there to provide support instead. “I’m sorry Sarah.”

“Hey! Don’t start talking like that. You couldn’t have predicted this would happen. I’m just glad you don’t have the same fear aura that I give off.” Looking away from Ariel towards Jerry Sarah found herself grinning. “And you’re doing a very good job of retaining your composure.”

“All part of the job. You know I was a field doctor.”

“Yeah. So is she right?”

“It’s there. A full scan of her body if we’re to believe the data her fragments have provided. So was that intentional?”

“I wish that it was.”

Nodding his head Jerry looked back to the screen. “I don’t suppose you could try giving me a more detailed diagnosis. This looks like what our scanners could provide but you’re well aware of their limits.”

Looking down towards her chest Ariel focused on the region just over her heart. Share the data. Transfer a complete medical diagnosis of my condition to the examination computers. Open connection. Connect to blue light network open port 8835.”

Once again turning her attention towards her friend Sarah bit down on her lower lip. I remember what that’s like. Running every command you can think of to turn off or activate a feature. I must have spent days just thinking of ways to say turn off fear aura. Turn off telepathic defense, turn off telepathic attack, stop frightening people, quit being a bitch, stop frightening my cat! Despite the situation Sarah couldn’t help but grin. But maybe she’ll have more luck. “Anything?”

“Unfortunately no.”

“Hold on! I just started trying this. You go ahead and do your exam in order to backup the data my fragments provided.” Despite the situation Ariel couldn’t help but give an annoyed snort as she focused her attention on the scanners that still moved around her body.

Despite the situation Sarah found herself grinning. So it looks like I won’t be getting rid of my fragments anytime soon. At least Ariel is still herself and who knows what she might learn from this. Maybe my cure isn’t all that far off. “Okay but if you get an idea of how to control this I want you to teach me next.”

“Of course!” Looking to her friend Ariel was made to gasp. Three critical components missing for proper control of pacification aura, expansion of biological systems to compensate, partial compensation only allows for default settings. “Full repair impossible at present. Current inventory allows repair of one key system beginning gestation of inaccessible essentials.”
Her Epiphany pages 1-12
I hope you all enjoy this little side story. I'm going to work some more on designer born after this I believe.   
Standing next to the sofa Melisa smiled as she looked up at her mother. Her mother was smiling to. I’m glad Mommy decided to set down and try the new sofa. “Does it feel good Mommy?”

Leaning back into her new sofa the difference between what it had been a few hours ago and what Melisa had changed it into was amazing. Things had gone their way since her birth especially in the household. Furniture wore in just the right way to not only retain its comfort but to make it even more comfortable. In many ways she felt the furniture looked better now than it did when she first bought it. It aged in just the right way to give it a perfect vintage look that seemed to add more to its value then take away. And yet the difference between the furniture she had known and what she found herself enjoying was truly astounding. The way the material cradled her body and seemed to draw away moisture and just the right amount of heat made it hard for Rachel to even imagine standing back up. “It’s amazing Melisa. How about you set down with Mommy?”

Looking to the sofa for a moment and then back to her mother Melisa took a step back getting herself a running start before jumping up onto the sofa. The young girl burst into giggles as she quickly climbed and wiggled her way into her mother’s lap bringing a slight huff from her mother. “I like setting here more!”

Rachel couldn’t help but  laugh as her daughter finished making herself comfortable in her lap. Wrapping her arms around her she gently hugged her. This is amazing. Even blessed shouldn’t be able to do this. I wonder though. Is this real? Could it be that instead of transforming our old sofa she’s got us under some kind of illusion?  No. There is no way Melisa would do a thing like that. Unless she doesn’t know she’s doing it. I guess we’ll know for certain once Jim gets back.

“Mommy. Can I make more things?”

Oh boy! Taking a moment to run her hand over the cushion next to the one she set on Rachel took in a deep breath. Well if it is an illusion she isn’t doing any harm so long as we keep it small. Even if it does somehow damage the furniture we can afford to have it replaced. “What do you have in mind?”

“Can I change the television?”

“Sure.” Rachel relaxed her grip as she felt Melisa lean forward. She leaned back whenever the air around the television seemed to ripple. Another ripple came a moment later and then the entire thing began to blur. A moment later she saw the top of the entertainment stand open up as if there was a latch and then spread outward. The entire thing began to shift lower to the ground and the television lifted into the air. It sunk into the wall and then began to expand. Well. I didn’t okay remodeling the home but I guess that’s alright to. As she watched Rachel noted the logo changing into one she didn’t recognize. “Whose logo is that baby?”


“The symbol on the bottom of the television.”

Leaning forward to get a better look Melisa soon turned to look at her mother. “I don’t know. I just wanted a really nice television for you and daddy!”

“Then did you imagine the logo?”


That is something to look into. “Then did you see that picture somewhere?”

“No. It’s my first time seeing a television like that one. Do you like it?”

“I sure do. So what do you want to watch first on our new television?”

“My little ponies!”

“Okay. Let’s see if this thing is linked to our netflix account.” I’ll just have to be certain not to let her make an actual poney. I also need to look into that television brand. If the television and couch both had an actual producer  I wonder if that fruit does to. Perhaps it’s some kind of new genetically engineered fruit that hasn’t been revealed yet? Okay that’s more things to look into.


Things went Melisa’s way far more often than not. This wasn’t just her parents giving her what she desired but the world itself seeming to accommodate her. This was seen throughout her room. Even the colors on the wall reflected this. When other children might be scolded for scribbling on their walls she had been encouraged. Instead of the mess that one would have gotten from another child though her colors and shapes flowed together. More than once the wallpaper of her room had been removed and sold to an interested buyer as art. This had delighted her each time as it provided money for her family and gave her the chance to draw on the walls once again. Even now she knew people were interested in buying her walls though her parents were waiting to agree to any sells.

Against the fall rested a bed whose frame was decorated by carvings of leaves and the outsides. It was old. The frame had been her father’s whenever he was a child while the mattress was new. The covers were a bit faded but in just the right way. A gift from her mother’s parents. The bed never seemed to lose the scent that reminded her of her family. Across from the bed stood an entertainment center with a large if somewhat aged television atop it and a few consoles right below it. In the corner of the opposite wall wrested her toy chest while next to it was her bookshelf which her parents had lined with a variety of children’s books and more recently at her insistence comic books. Next to that stood her dresser.

Melisa set atop a large bean bag looking up at the television. The old super nintendo she’d found in the basement with some cartridges had decided to start working again after years of setting in storage immediately after she’d found it. Jim had even been surprised to find all the right cables to hook the aging machine up to her television. While a game was playing Melisa’s interest was only half on it as her mind constantly wandered back to her parents. Not that it seemed to matter as she easily moved through the game. Each attack her character made was a critical while every attack the enemy made was the absolutely minimum the games code accounted for if she didn’t outright dodge. Glitches tended to happen in her favor as well. Unfortunately this insured anyone who played against her in a game quickly lost interest. Even in cooperative game play it was often hard for Melisa to find long term playmates. Board games were another issue as the dice always favored her. At least the machine didn’t mind losing.

I wonder what Mom and Dad are talking about. Setting atop her bed Melisa turned her attention away from the video game she was playing and towards her parents room. Jim had only been home long enough to eat dinner before her mother had said they needed private time. Melisa wanted to listen to find out what her parents were talking about without her but she knew mommy and daddy time was important to. The thought brought a sigh from the young girl but she looked back towards her game.

Daddy didn’t even get to enjoy the new television. But they’re not going to talk all evening. Maybe after seeing what I did to the television he’ll let me make him a new car! Or a truck! Oh I could get him one of those big jeeps! A delighted giggle escaped Melisa for a moment and she turned away from the television entirely while putting the game on pause and looking up at her dresser mirror. “Careful. If you want it bad you might make it without permission.” Shaking her finger at her reflection for a moment Melisa gave one last chuckle before turning back to her game. Several moments later her reflection turned to.

It was nearly half an hour later before a knocking at her bedroom door drew Melisa’s attention. Yes right at the save point. “Come on in.”

Opening the door Jim took a few steps into the room before looking to see what Melisa was playing. He grinned upon recognizing the logo. “Playing some Chrono Trigger?”

“Yep! Are you done with Daddy and Mommy talk?”

Stepping into the room Rachel moved past her husband and went to set down on her daughter’s bed. “We are.”

“Did you find out something about the television?”

“We did. We found out who that logo belongs to and we found out something else. Do you want to know how new that television is?”

“Yeah! I hope it’s really new.”

God yes it is. “It won’t be available for sell for at least three years. What you made is actually a working model of a new television that’s not even for sell yet.” It’s still in the prototype stage! They’re not even finished with its design yet.

“Neat! So you’re the only ones that have one?”

To this Jim gave a nod. “Yes and thank you.”

“So can I make you a jeep now!” Letting the controller slip from her hands Melisa took several steps closer to her parents. Her excitement was clear on her face while her gaze shifted from parent to parent seeking approval from either of them.

“Your mother and I have been talking about that. We’d like to hold off on making anything until tomorrow and get a good rest tonight. Then tomorrow we’re going to the doctor where you’ll be able to make a lot of things.”

Melisa’s smile was made to fade slightly though it didn’t turn into a frown. “Why are we going to the doctor?”

“There are some people who want to speak with you there and we want to make absolutely certain that making things like this isn’t hurting you.So tomorrow we’re going to let you make all sorts of things while the doctor monitors you.”

Biting down on her lower lip Melisa shifted her stance several times as she processed the information. Her grin returned in full force a moment later. “Then we’re going to need something to take the stuff home in! Can I make a new truck for dad at the hospital?”

Jim couldn’t help the smile on his face despite wanting to impress upon Mlisa the need for restraint. “We can’t do that. In order to drive something home we need a license plate and that has to be something we get from the government otherwise it doesn’t count.” How the hell would you even begin getting a vehicle you made yourself licensed? It’s not like it’d have any make or model. I’m sure those people who work on custom cars would have an answer but then again everything she has made does have a manufacturer except maybe the fruit. She just happens to be creating things that are really expensive or still in the prototype stage.

“Ah! Can’t I make some changes. Oh! The engine. You worked on your engine without any permission!”

For a moment Jim was made to laugh. “Okay Melisa. We’ll take my truck tomorrow and you can change some parts on my truck if it’s okay with the doctor. We want to give you an examination and make sure you’re alright. You’re using abilities no other blessed have used before and we want to make sure it’s not hurting you.”

“I’m going to make a really powerful engine for you! Oh but it’ll only use a little bit of gas and it needs to be really strong to so you won’t have to get it fixed often. You’ve changed your tires a lot to!”

How is this going to work? You can’t just drop any engine you want into a truck and have it work the same. Even the tires have to be the right type. But then there was the television. The way it was fitted into the wall and how the wiring is hooked up to it it’s like the wall was designed to house it. Watch this I’m going to end up having to fight them over my truck once she’s done.


April 8th

Tiny flakes of gold drifted within Doctor Watts’s eyes. The mark of a blessed. Yet they might as well not have even been there when compared to Melisa’s eyes. The same could have been said for the fortune that followed them both. Blessed were naturally gifted physically and mentally. Upon transitioning to a blessed a person’s biological defects would be healed. There was no diabetic, blind, deaf or crippled in any way blessed. Health and good fortune were naturally theirs. But the fortune that followed him and all other blessed didn’t even compare to Melisa’s whose seemed to bend nature itself to suit her. It was often believed the amount of gold in the eyes reflected the strength of the blessing and she seemed to prove it.

Currently Melisa found herself setting in a room empty except for a single table and the chair she was on. A variety of sensors were currently attached to her body including a band upon her head. Her parents stood to her side while Watts was just in front of her. She couldn’t help but giggle as the head band tickled her for a moment. “Can I start now?”

Moving to the side Watts looked to the table. “Sure but let’s keep it small in the beginning. What do you.” Watts found himself going silent as light appeared to bend around the table. He could feel his heart speeding up as a moment later a woman’s summer dress was on the table.

“It’s for you mommy!”

Leaning over Rachel gave her daughter a kiss. “Thank you but how about you try making something for yourself? What do you want for yourself Melisa?”

Jim, “Nothing living.”

“Ah! I was going to make a puppy.”

This isn’t possible. A blessed gains remarkable fortune along with betterments to our mind and body. We don’t gain the ability to create something from nothing! I mean. Yes our desires can influence probability and that’s still not understood but for her to. Where is the material coming from? Looking away from the table Watts ignored the small pile of clothing that had appeared upon it and focused on the smiling girl instead. How?

Rachel, “Ah! Do you want to be able to match when we go out together?”

“Yeah. Now I’m going to make some clothes for dad.”

Looking to his daughter and them Watts Jim stepped behind her and moved closer to him. “Hey Doctor. How is my little girl holding up? We’re here to make sure this isn’t putting any strain on her after all.”

Watts, “How are you so calm about this? She is breaking the laws of physics to create clothes!”

Looking away from the table Melisa turned to Watts. “Is that bad?”

“It’s impossible even for a blessed!”

“But I’m doing it. Doesn’t that mean it’s possible?  Dad didn’t you say denying the truth has led to a lot of bad decisions?”

“I have.”

“You shouldn’t deny the truth Doctor.”

Deny the truth? What are you talking about? This is impossible! I mean. Fine the way the presence of a blessed influences probably and recovery has been said to be impossible but. This is on such a higher level. Calm yourself. Looking to the readouts he was getting Watts looked to Jim a moment later. “There has been a slight elevation in her heart rate but we won’t know anything until we can really analyse the data. How about we try for something bigger now?”

Well I can see that her heart rate has sped up. It’s probably because you scolded her to begin with. I shouldn’t be too hard on him though. He hasn’t lived with Melisa. My little angel makes the remarkable common. “Okay Melisa can you think of anything bigger you want?”

“I don’t want to make anything to heavy or it’ll be hard to take it home.”

That’s a good point. Besides if it’s too big we won’t be able to get it through those doors. We really should have found a way to do this outside if we were going to try straining her. Would density work? But what if we end up putting a hole through the floor? I wonder what’s below us. Oh duh. Walking over to the wall Jim lifted the blinds so they could see outside. “Okay it might not be able to take it home with us but I want you to think of something big for outside.”

Watts, “Please hold on a moment. Melisa surely there is something larger than clothes you want that we could still keep in this room? We’re trying to move up carefully.”

“But I don’t want to make anything too heavy.”

“I’ll carry out whatever you make. So please let’s keep it to this room.”

“Okay. Oh I know what I want!”

Looking to the table Jim was made to jump backwards as a large case now set behind the table. Within the case stood several female figurines. He didn’t recognize all the dolls but he did recognize the brand. One thing that struck him immediately though was the gold eyes and brown hair all the dolls had. I guess she wanted some dolls that looked more like herself. Ones she didn’t have to color in and dye herself. “That was fast! I guess when you know what you want you can materialize it faster. That or it’s a practice thing. Melisa quick make an orange!”

“Oh my.” Rachel couldn’t help the surprise in her voice as she looked to the table. While before it had taken several seconds for Melisa to materialize her intentions the orange seemed to wink into being the moment the sentence had been finished. “Are you okay Melisa?”

“That was fast! Can I have a slice?”


How are they handling this so calmly. She’s doing things no other blessed can do with such ease and they’re acting like it’s perfectly normal. We need to investigate the readings. We need to figure out how she is doing this. She needs to be examined! But I have to convince her it’s for the best. If she were to resist or just didn’t like what we were doing who knows what would happen. “Melisa. Would you be willing to stay in the hospital tonight for observation? I’m afraid.”

“Ah! I don’t want to stay here. Dad you said we’d go home after we were done here!”

Pulling the skin off the orange Jim handed half of it to his daughter who took it despite the annoyance in her voice. Well at least the building isn’t already on fire after an outburst like that. “Now why would Melisa need to spend the night here? I’m no doctor but from what I can see on those readings she’s doing just fine.”

“We need time to examine the data to be certain.”

“Doc if I’m going to leave my little girl here you’re going to have to give me a better reason than that.”

Damn it! That should have been sufficient. No. That would have been sufficient for anyone else. The blessed condition would have caused him to automatically empathise with my reasoning. But he’s also being influenced by Melisa. Given the difference in our blessing I don’t even know if I could convince him if she was suffering a heart attack. I need to get them away from her. What!

A sharp pain in his chest met Watts the moment the thought of removing Melisa from her parents entered his mind. He felt his mouth going dry and his eyes focused on hers. A shiver ran down his spine even as the young girl continued to smile. She. She can’t read minds? No blessed can! But she’s already ignoring that rule. Is she sensing my intentions and her blessing is responding. “Yes. Let’s continue with the test and see if we can at least cause some response. We’ll get back to you with the results.” Damn! If I actually tried to separate her from her family I may very well die. Forget the influence her blessing has over her parents. What kind of influence might it be having on me? Could she be dulling my thoughts to keep me from coming to a solution she doesn’t like?


Jim felt more than a little awkward as he climbed into the driver’s seat of his truck. At least he believed it was his truck. Had someone showed him a picture of the vehicle from ten minutes ago and the current one he wouldn’t have believed them. About the only things that made him confident it was his was his daughter’s insistence and the fact that the vehicle itself recognized him. Gone was the keyhole for the ignition. Instead he’d placed his thumb on an ignition switch which had apparently read his fingerprint and started. That was hard to be certain of as well as he struggled to listen to the motor.

“Hey dad I’ve got a television back here! And it’s got a lot of movies to!”

“Nice kiddo. It seems like I have a built in GPS as well.”

Leaning back in her seat Melisa smiled at her parents for a moment more before looking back to the screen. She then began swiping her fingers across the screen seeing what movies the vehicle had to offer her. It’s a shame Dad can’t watch the movie with me.


Immediately Milesa turned her attention away from the television and towards her father as the vehicle began to move. She didn’t have to ask what had alarmed her father as the vehicle was moving but the steering will wasn’t. “What’s happening Dad?”

“I think the truck is driving itself. Yeah the truck is driving itself.”

As her husband focused on the parking lot Rachel turned her attention towards the computer terminal between the two of them. One button stood out to her. “Look. It says right here. It’s in automatic drive. It must have happened when you pushed go home.”

“I thought it was a GPS feature.”

“Your truck drives itself! That’s neat! Now you can watch the movie with me.”

Looking to the steering wheel, Rachel and then back to his daughter Jim could feel his heart racing. The television was one thing but this is just insane. I didn’t even recognize the motor when I looked at it! I bet there isn’t a mechanic within a few hundred kilometers that could work on this thing. Should I take this thing to a lab and let them study it? Melisa could probably make me another one if I asked. How advanced is this thing? “Let’s hold off on that. I’m not quite comfortable with just trusting the vehicle not to turn us into a tree.”



Rachel gave a sigh as she set atop their new bed. The result of the little rampage Melisa had gone on the moment they’d returned home. She couldn’t even recognize the majority of the furniture in their home. The only pieces that remained untouched were gifts from family members. Older pieces of furniture that had a history of their own. It wasn’t just the furniture though but rather several rooms had been heavily altered.”So what are we going to do?”

Jim stood a few meters away from Rachel more focused on their new television. This thing is more like a computer than a television. I bet there is a keyboard for this thing or maybe you could work it with a tablet. “Do about what?”

“Our daughter being able to warp reality.”

“That is a good question. Do you ever wonder if we’re really her parents?”


“You’ve seen how Melisa can influence animals and even people. Just think of what happened when Danny came to visit. If she can influence someone like that what might have years of exposure done to us? I’ve wondered at times. When she’s sleeping. Is she really my daughter or has my memories just been tweaked to believe I am her father. Do I really feel this way or is it because I’m around her all the time? How might I change if I were to spend a year away from home?”

“Jim! That would destroy her!”

“Yeah.” Placing his hand over his chest Jim took in a deep breath. “Just thinking about it makes me feel like falling to my knees and crying. But then I ask. Is that me or Melisa ensuring that we won’t leave her?”

“Jim! Melisa loves us. She wouldn’t manipulate us like that.”


A sigh came from Rachel. “If what you’re saying is true how are you even having those thoughts?”

“Maybe because she isn’t influencing our mind at all and I’m just being paranoid. That or it’s because her desire to ensure we don’t abandon her is counterbalanced by her love for us.”

“Okay! Enough of that. Let’s get back to the original question.”

“What was that again? Sorry I was a bit focused on the television.”

“What are we going to do about our daughter’s ability to alter reality? At this point just about the only thing that’s the same about our home is the fact we live here and the exterior. I don’t think it’ll be long before that changes to.”

“Yeah. I figure we’ll have a copper roof as soon as she learns about the advantages. That or some super alloy that we shouldn’t have been able to afford a kilogram of.”

“Are you trying to give her ideas?”

“Nooo. Of course, if she did transform the roof she’d need to strengthen the walls to. But she seems to have that covered. The way she changes not just her target but the environment in order to suit it is just amazing. I doubt my old truck’s frame could have handled that new engine and well everything else she did. I’m really not certain what we should do. We could tell her not to use her power anymore. No more warping reality. But how would we justify it? Your power is frightening Mommy and Daddy so we’d like you to stop? I’m not going to say that. More importantly do we want her to stop?”


“I say we play it by ear. You know Melisa. She’s a sweetheart. Just no creating animals, self aware plants and no creating something with the purpose of hurting someone else.”

“And those she hurts unintentionally?”

“No matter how good something is there is always someone that loses out. Let’s just focus on making sure Melisa doesn’t hurt herself. Remember we don’t have all the test results yet.”

Nodding her head and leaning back into the bed Rachel closed her eyes. “You know. I bet whoever would have sold us our next bed wouldn’t be happy about this one.”

I’m sure they wouldn’t be if there were any local stores still open. And it’s not just furniture either. Marty’s auto shop closed down last year with no one in the neighborhood needing any real repairs and that was just due to Melisa’s presence spreading. What’s going to happen now?


April 9th

“Huh?” Melisa blinked several times as the sun light flowed through her window warming her until she awoke. The young girl could hardly remember the last time the sun managed to rise before she did. It was such a strange site she wasn’t certain how to feel and became even more uncertain whenever she smelt cinnamon and apple in the air. Her covers absolutely flew off of her as she leaped out of her bed and dashed towards the kitchen. Mom and Dad are already awake?

It was strange to not be greeted by Melisa in the morning. Jim was grateful for it as it gave him and Rachel time to prepare breakfast without her insisting on helping. He was barely able to keep from laughing whenever he saw his daughter charging down the hall looking as if the world was coming apart around her. “Good morning Melisa.”

She froze. Looking to her parents the surprise was clear on her face. “You’re already awake!”

Rachel couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes! I can’t remember the last time we managed to beat you in here. And you slept so late to. Come on have a seat.”

“Let me!” Freezing for a moment Melisa was made to puff out her cheeks as she held in a grunt. The table was already made. “Mom, Dad I want to help!”

Rachel. “You did! This new pan is just amazing. Now come on and set down we need to talk.”

Melisa couldn’t help the low whine that escaped her as her frustration came out despite her not having any words to explain it. Her eyes turned down to the ground as she sulked over to the table and climbed into her usual spot.

It wasn’t only Rachel that couldn’t help but laugh. It was so rare that Jim got to see his little girl like this he couldn’t help but think it’s cute. It’s a wonder everything we’ve cooked didn’t catch on fire so she could make it. “Your mom and I have been doing some talking about your power and we want to set some ground rules for its use.”


Moving to set next to her daughter Rachel was careful not to set down the serving plate knowing full well it wouldn’t be a second before Melisa had it serving them. She’s such a good girl. I wonder if this is because of the blessing as well. It’s been said the blessed are naturally inclined to altruism. But does that mean this is the real Melisa or the blessing? “First rule. No making living animals and that includes people. It also includes making animals that aren’t alive in the moment but will be a moment later. Second rule. No altering people or animals without permission except in an emergency like someone who’s been badly injured. We’d appreciate it if you could involve your dad or me when this happens as well.

Third rule. No making plants that are like animals. So no making a flower that barks at people and especially no making plants that can think for themselves.”

“Um, could I maybe change a dog’s fur?”

Setting down at his chair Jim looked at Melisa. “That’s something you’ll need to speak to your mother or me about.”


Rachel, “Finally. You’re not allowed to make anything that’s meant to harm someone.”

“That’s all?”

Jim, “That’s it.”

Melisa felt her body tense up for but a moment before she couldn’t help herself. Pushing off the table to slide her chair backwards the young girl swiftly leaped to the ground. “Ya!”

What the hell! As Melisa voiced her joy Jim felt like a wave had washed over him. For a moment the air itself seemed to shiver and he frantically looked around the room half expecting it to no longer be there. “Uh. Melisa sweetheart. What was that?”

“I gave us a basement, another floor, fixed up the outside, the roof and yard to! Oh I should do something nice for Wilma to!”

Ah! Fuck me! Jim didn’t even have a chance to call out before he lost track of his daughter as she dashed out of the kitchen far more quickly than a human could hope to match. He was confident the same thought was going through Rachel’s mind as she rose to her feet and they both tried to follow after their daughter despite already hearing the front door close. “She’s been thinking on this hasn’t she?”
Overabundance pages 13-24
Meisa's parents give her more freedom to use her power than perhaps they should have.
For those who haven't seen it before and enjoy super fem and to a lesser extent giantess content I'd like to recommend Gold Digger by Fred Perry. Issue 1 - 199 can be found at… and it's one of the few western comics I actively follow. The story primarily focuses on Gina Digger an archaeologist whose explorations often find her encountering super tech and magic along with her seven feet tall super strong adoptive werecheetah sister Brittney. As the comic goes along the cast branches out considerably and includes a great many character types I just love. Anyway, I just wanted to give it a mention and give some folks a chance to enjoy the first 199 comics in hopes of converting some of you into active readers. 
Greg felt like a lump had formed in his throat. “Hold on. No no. One finger for. I don’t know if this fruit transformed me and two for the fruit doesn’t transform people.” He could swear he felt the color draining from his face when Pandora held up a single finger.

He must be scared that he’s going to begin growing like me. “No fear. Long time if happens.” As she spoke Pandora extended her arms to her side to illustrate her point. “Ate monsters to. Long time. Hunting land maybe.”

“Hunting land? Is that where you and the others came from?”

“Yes. Hunting land, monster land. I lost in long time. I changed.”

Greg could still feel his heart racing. So it took her a long time to change but who’s to say it works the same for everyone. Is she trying to say that it might be because she ate the monsters that she changed? Or maybe the hunting lands themselves? Taking in a deep breath and looking towards Pandora his thoughts were on the ocean behind her. “Pandora. Would you happen to have any food that is well from this world? Or would you consider bringing me some fish?”

He’s still scared that the fruit of the hunting grounds might change him. I should have thought of that. I had to use some of it to heal him but I could have other things for him to eat. “Fish?”

“Yeah. And hey maybe I can fix you some to eat. Well probably not more than enough to tease your tongue but when was the last time you had food from this world?”

<When I returned from the hunting grounds.>

“Huh?” I wish I knew what she was saying. We’re going to have to focus on her lessons. Exploring the island can wait until after that. I’ll go along with this outing today but after that I’m going to do my best to help her learn.

Blast! Giving a slight chuckle Pandora’s lips formed into a smile. “No words yet. You go look. I go fish.”


Greg could still feel Pandora’s footsteps vibrating his entire being. At first the vibrations had been light and her movement slow. As she had put some distance between him and herself they’d became more powerful and she faster. It was then he realized she’d been walking carefully while near him and less so as she left. He doubted she’d realized that her last step had knocked him to the ground. How the island wasn’t covered in craters he wasn’t certain as he noted the power of those foot steps. Now there was something else to hold his attention.

Stretched out before Greg was a massive plane consisting of various shaped bones and meat. Given the amount and the shape of the bones he felt certain he was looking at one of the monsters. It brought the words he’d heard only a few minutes ago into clarity. She eats them. She really eats those monsters! That’s why she’s always taking them. But she isn’t just eating them. It looks like she’s preserving the meat. That or maybe she’s preparing it to eat?  Fuck! She eats those things! Sure we speculated based on the drone images but it’s not like there have been any sightings of her eating so we weren’t sure.

Is this the stuff that made her grow? I know that they’ve been fighting over any sample of monster tissue that’s been left behind. Could it be the plants and the flesh? How did she even get hold of the flesh though? Rubbing his forehead Greg could feel his head beginning to pound as one question he couldn’t answered followed the next. Should I even be here? She said I could explore but what if she thought I was trying to find out. Well that’s a stupid thought. I flat out asked her if the plants were what made her grow and she just said she didn’t know. I don’t even think she cares if I end up growing like her. If she wanted me to she would have lied and if she didn’t want me to she wouldn’t have given me more to eat. Does that mean she doesn’t believe I could become a threat to her or maybe she doesn’t even think in those terms? Would she. Okay enough of that. Just don’t eat the monster flesh and let’s go back to looking around.

Where are all the insects and birds? Freezing for a moment Greg turned his attention towards where he knew the ocean was. All around them. This was not a tropical island. The island of the calamity was in frigid waters. Indeed the waters around it had a tendency to freeze and ice bergs insured the region was dangerous in the winter months. The entire land mass should have been frigid but it wasn’t. From the reports he could remember the island had been barren before the calamity’s arrival. Then she’d taken up residence on it and the plants had began to grow after that the temperature had began to increase something that still felt out of order to him.

I think I got too much. Or is it enough? No. This looks like too much. How much did I use to eat when I was small? Well if it is too much I can preserve it with and Greg is trying to avoid eating the fruit from the hunting ground. How long does it take for fish from this world to begin rotting anyway? Mommy told me salt was used to preserve food so would the salt from the ocean preserve the fish? A long sigh escaped Pandora as she continued towards Greg. While she couldn’t see him exactly she could see his outline through the trees. I hope he’s having fun exploring. “Back.” Crap!

Greg jumped back from the roots he’d been examining. Instantly his attention turn towards Pandora whose shadow had already began to swallow him up. “Sorry! I.”

“No. Not bad. I back.” Giving an exhausted sigh and rubbing her forehead with her free hand Pandora was careful to slow her foot falls not wanting to throw Greg to the ground and more importantly not wanting to send some rock flying through the air to do far more than knock him down. Since her return she’d seen a chunk of concrete burst from beneath her foot and go right through a nearby wall. Even with her slowed pace she felt relief as she felt the ground change and knew the roots of the island had reached this far lending the ground strength.

“Oh!” Giving a slight laugh Greg turned to Pandora. “Did you have any luck fishing?”

“I.”  <believe>. “I think so.” It’s a shame he’s uncomfortable eating the fruit of the island. I’m certain it’s better than this stuff.

Nodding his head Greg surprised even himself whenever he took several steps towards Pandora. “Alright then. How about we see about getting them cooked and then we start working on your studies. I hope you don’t mind but I have a lot of questions.”

Pandora’s lips parted into a wide smile. “Yes!”


January 10th

He wanted to eat the fruit. The fish had been edible and he’d cooked it but with limited choices in seasoning. That choice being salt, salt or salt. He hadn’t been able to do a great deal.Pandora had brought him some seaweed as well but with no experience in cooking such things it’d been a struggle for him. The end result being that he wasn’t starving but he sure wasn’t enjoying his meals. I wish she had brought some mres with her.

Looking over his shoulder for a moment Greg noted the cavern leading underground to where Pandora currently busied herself. They were making progress in their studies. Very rapid progress.It had let them talk more and she’d given him a lot to think about.

“I made a oops. I didn’t mean to hurt people. When I came back i was so happy to be home. I did not consider how afraid people would be. Then they began running. Then they began attacking. I tried to talk. To tell them I would not hurt them. I set down. But then the bombs began to hit me and I felt.” <Abandoned.> “Alone. People made me alone again. I became angry. I did what I’d do in the hunting grounds. I became very angry. But I don’t want to hurt people! So when I calmed I found a home. I thought on what to do. Then I felt the others coming here to. I try to be fast to protect people. I hope they forgive me.”

Her words had stuck with him when he’d asked her why she attacked Clekson. He had of course heard the military’s side of the story. Now he had heard hers to an extent. He still had a lot to ask about where she’d come from but determining if she was a threat was his top priority. The two stories didn’t match up to say the least. The biggest point of contention was Pandora’s claim that she’d actually seated herself and given the people a chance to calm down before the missiles had began hitting her. He didn’t like the thought but Greg was willing to accept the military wouldn’t want to admit to provoking her like that.

It makes sense. Ever since then she’s stayed on her island and only leaves when another one of those monsters is going to appear. She is hunting but she’s also trying to protect us from them. Otherwise there would be no reason for her to move with such urgency whenever one is coming. Of course, she may not be being entirely honest either. She’s smart. Perhaps she came in thinking to handle things like the hunting grounds and establish dominance. Then she realized her mistake and backed off and is now trying to soften the story a bit to put her as the victim. But she didn’t deny that those bombs had no chance of harming her. What do I do? What is that?

Looking up towards the sky Greg noted a small orange dot that was rapidly becoming larger as it drifted near him. Standing up he watched it for several seconds more. Did one of the drones they have watching this place drop something? Yeah. Yeah!

Taking only a moment to glance over his shoulder and remember how pointless that was given the speed Pandora could move at he began to dash towards the falling object. As it drew closer he was certain it was a parachute and given its landing pattern it was clearly being guided by something. It’s too small to be a person. So do they have a robot bringing something in? It’d make sense. Well I hope it isn’t a bomb to take out the Calamity’s human accomplice. I wonder if she’d try to seek revenge for me.

A slight thump a few minutes later removed any concern that they might be dropping a bomb on him. Given the rate of the decent he’d been fairly certain of that for a while. Moving towards the crate Greg wasted no time setting down and beginning to work on the latch that held it shut. He didn’t even notice himself beginning to sweat as he undid it.

“Greg. This is Adam. Please respond.”

“Adam! It’s good to hear from you. I’m glad you made it through the attack.”

“Yeah me to. Listen. The higher ups and everyone with the clearance has been watching what’s going on that island. They know that you’ve began communicating with the Calamity.”

“She prefers Pandora.”

“Is that her name?”

“She believes it is. I don’t have all the details but I believe she’s a human that was changed somehow. It happened a long time ago though so her memories are messed up. The limited communication isn’t helping anything and then there is whatever the transformation did to her mind.”

“Do you believe she’s a threat?”

“So long as we don’t provoke her I don’t believe she is one. I actually believe she’s trying to protect us from the other monsters.”

“I see. Do you believe it’d be safe for us to speak with her?”

“Over the radio? Sure! Just try not to piss her off. I’m the one that’s actually on the island with her and keep in mind she’s still figuring out how to talk. I’ve ran across a few words she didn’t understand and had to try to explain them.”

“Alright. Have you ascertained when she was lost in whatever place transformed her?”

“I. I haven’t actually. Damn. How young mighten she have been when she was lost there? I was thinking the limits to her vocabulary was due to her time lost but what if she doesn’t know some words because she was never given the chance to learn them?” How many social skills might she be missing to? What if her lashing out wasn’t just due to her time in the hunting grounds but because she never had to develop the restraint you’d expect from an adult?

“Alright. Greg let’s talk with her and we’ll try to get you.”

“No! Do not try to extract me. I don’t believe I’m in danger but I don’t want to find out what happens if I try to run. She’s already told me that she isn’t going to keep me here and she’ll even let me go home. She just wants help learning to speak.”

“We can help her over the radio.”

“No. Do not try to extract. Do not. If you can’t agree to that I’m going to break this thing right now.” Looking away from the radio in his hands Greg began looking around the area trying to find a good stone to carry through with his threat if they didn’t agree.

“Alright. We won’t make any efforts to extract you or even mention it when speaking with Pandora.”

“Thank you.” Giving a sigh of relief Greg finally noticed his free hand was resting on his chest just over his rapidly beating heart.


Why had her hearing remained so good? Pandora wasn’t certain. Perhaps it was so the larger monsters of the hunting grounds could more effectively find the smaller. She’d seen them hunt effectively before but she’d also avoided them.She didn’t think on the subject too much before turning towards the entrance to find Greg walking down the path into her home. She started to greet him but her eyes locked on the object in his hand. “What is that?”

“It’s a two day radio. Adam are you still there?”

“Yeah. I was worried the signal wouldn’t carry through the cave but it’s holding.”

Greg came to an immediate stop as Pandora stood up. The sound of her surprise was clear. “It seems my superiors noticed us talking and now they want to speak with you.” Is she blushing? Looking up at Pandora Greg had expected her to rush over to him in her surprise. Instead she was standing frozen with her cheeks turning a bright red. “Is something wrong?”

“I. Uh. I can’t talk good yet. So I wanted to wait. I only know how to make short simple words.” Taking a step back Pandora instinctively glanced around her home reminding herself the only exit was behind Greg.

“Don’t worry Pandora. You’ve made so much progress and I’m here with you. I’ll help you speak with them. You could put a lot of fears to rest if you’d just speak with them.” Fuck! What happens if they disagree with her version of the story? I can’t believe I forgot that. I should have at least gotten that straightened out before I came here. Hopefully they’re not dumb enough to bring it up but what happens if she does? Maybe encouraging this conversation isn’t a good idea.

“Okay. I will talk.” Placing her right hand over her heart Pandora took several careful steps towards Greg. While the majority of the island and especially her home was strengthened by the plants she still had to be mindful to avoid harming him.

Well! No changing my mind now! I’m an idiot. I hope I’m not sweating as much as I think I am. “Okay hold on a moment Adam.” Feeling the ground shake beneath him and trying to slow his breathing Greg resisted the urge to look up instead he waited for her hand to appear before him. It did far sooner than he liked and it took a moment for him to move forward.

There was an odd sense of relief when she felt Greg climb onto her hand. What am I going to say if they ask about the attack? They attacked me first but they might still want to punish me. I. They can’t harm me. But I don’t want to be alone! I don’t want to be alone now that I’m back! They can’t leave me alone again! Taking in a deep breath Pandora couldn’t help the shiver that ran through her body as she looked down at Greg.

The feeling of the air rushing past him as Pandora raised up was oddly calming to Greg. I could disable the radio. I wouldn’t have to break it. I doubt she knows how these things work after all. Then when night comes I could. No. If I try to trick her now it could end badly for me if she realized what’s going on. It would probably be better if I told her it’s not a good time for this conversation. “Okay Adam. I’m in position now. Why don’t you say hello?” Please remember her name.

“Hello Pandora. My name is Adam. I’m one of the sailors that served with Gregory.”

“Hi Adam. It’s nice to speak to someone. What did you want to talk about?”

“We were hoping to open a dialogue so that we can determine your intent and come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

“Huh?” Immediately Pandora turned her attention from the radio to Greg.

Releasing the talk back so the others couldn’t hear him speak to Pandora. “They want to know what you want and see if we can come to an understanding that we’d both benefit from.”

“Oh! Well. Please push the talk button.” Waiting a moment Pandora took in a deep breath and struggled to keep herself from laughing as she accidentally ruffled Greg’s robe. “I want to be friends. To speak with people and maybe leave here for more than hunting. I know I cause a lot of damage! So I’d keep away from people and not too often. But it’s very lonely here and I miss people and television and books and I.” Going silent for a moment Pandora couldn’t help the sob that escaped her. “And I want to taste pepsi again and smell soap and see my parents!”

Don’t you fuck this up. Looking to the radio Greg couldn’t help but regret they’d chosen Adam to do the talking. He liked Adam and they were friends but at this point he wanted a psychologist on the other end. Perhaps there was one on the other end coaching Adam.

“Hey Pandora. What were your parents name?”

“Shiela and Mark Burge. I went to Clamton elementary in Arkansas.”  

“Alright Pandora. We’ll see if we can find your parents for you. But you mentioned wanting to be visited. Would you be okay with some people coming to visit and examine your island.”

“Yes! It’s been better since Greg got here but I’d love to meet more people. But. Be careful. You’re all so small. And if I’m not careful it’s real easy to. Hurt someone. So you’ll need to stay in a safe area.”

Woe. I know that they’ve been wanting to send people to really examine the island for awhile now but I didn’t expect them to bring it up this quickly. What kind of people are they going to be sending anyway? It’s not like they could really guarantee their safety. Well they’re all sorts of people willing to accept crazy risks for the right gains and I can only imagine what they hope to learn from these plants and Pandora herself.

“I understand. How many people would you mind letting come visit?”

“I. I don’t know. How many do you want to send?”

“Would two dozen be too many?”

“No. That’d be fine! Greg you can show them around. How long do you think it’ll take to find my parents?”

“We’ll begin working on it right away. In the meantime how about I look into bringing you a few tanks of pepsi?”

“Yeah! And. Do you think you could bring me a television? That I could use. And they’re some shows I really liked to watch.”

“I’m certain we can put something together for you. If you can give me some details we can even try to find the shows you’re thinking about.”


“Are you certain it’s alright to use so many trees?” Setting on the ground Greg watched as Pandora sliced her fingers through trees, wove vines and stitched leaves together. In less than an hour she was already well on her way to completing  a dock for the people to land on and marking out the area they would need to stay in while not with her.

“Yeah. The hunting ground trees grow back really quickly. How many trees do you think it took to make my top?”

Freezing for a moment and turning his attention towards Pandora’s chest Greg couldn’t help but feel a little awkward. “I had not considered that. So once you’re done with this are you ready to resume your lessons?”

Running her finger through the tree Pandora carefully sliced it so she could bend the tree without breaking it. This couldn’t be done with all trees from the hunting grounds but she’d learned that some of them could be made far more flexible with the right cuts. “Greg. Why have you not asked to leave and let someone else teach me?”

“I.” I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Hell they are people who are coming here by their own free will! Why didn’t I think of letting one of them take over the job? “I didn’t even think of it. You brought me here to help you learn and went through all that trouble of making me comfortable. Helping you learn to speak seems like the right thing to do especially after you saved my life. Besides I’m not certain if I’m comfortable with you being alone here with all those others.”

“Huh? Why wouldn’t you be comfortable with me being here with other people? They can’t harm me after all.” Setting the leaves she’d been working on down Pandora shifted her body ever so slightly so that she could better face Greg rather than focusing on her work.

“I’m not sure myself. I mean we haven’t known one another for that long. But I guess. I don’t want to risk them taking advantage of you.” As bad as she wants human contact and that little break down she could be easy to manipulate if someone knew what they were doing. Then again. If such an attempt didn’t work out and she realized she was being played things could get ugly.

“Thank you!” Reaching out her hand Pandora instinctively slowed her movement as her fingers neared Greg to avoid crushing him. The resulting gust of wind still carried enough power to send him backwards and he’d ended up on his back if it hadn’t been for her fingers closing in around him. She felt his body sink into her flesh as her soft outer skin molded itself to hold onto him. Whoops! I guess I forgot myself but I may as well continue.

Greg wasn’t whisked to Pandora’s chest in an instant. Fortunately for him she seemed to understand that would have killed him. He did find himself moving upward very quickly. He just had time to realize where he was going. Looking forward thought seemed to leave him as he looked at her massive chests. Each breasts the size of some buildings. At the same time he could feel the warmth of her fingers sinking into his skin despite the robe that covered him.His body didn’t have quite enough time to respond before he found himself pressed against her chest and a moment later heard a sharp thump.

“I was scared you would hate me. After I took you. Thank you for being nice to me.”

It took Greg a moment to register what had happened. Indeed it seemed to be the beating of Pandora’s heart a good three seconds later that brought him back to reality. “You’re welcome and it’s not like I have grounds to complain. If you hadn’t taken me I’m pretty sure I’d be dead.”

“I’m sorry for not coming faster.”

“Hey! No need to say that. You arrived as quickly as you could right?”

“I. I went the wrong way. It can be so hard to find my way. I had to change my way twice to go around cities. I could have been there before anyone was hurt if I’d gone the right way. Or if I’d gone through a city.”

“You talk like you know where they’re going to arrive.”

“I do. I know the direction and how far sort of. I hear them before they arrive.”

That makes sense with the way she leaves her island. Of course just knowing what direction to go doesn’t mean she knows the best path to get there. I can see her getting unlucky with the route. If she had some people to guide her. “Perhaps we can help you with that from here on out. We could use drones or perhaps some method of communicating to help guide.”

“That’d be great!”

Patting Pandora’s skin after a moment more of being held against it Greg didn’t think too much on how long this hug might last. Instead he spread his arms once he felt the pressure on his body loosen up and tried to hug her back. Wow. Her heart beat is so slow. Just how strong must it be to move that much blood through her body? Hell! What kind of pressure is that blood under anyway? One of those people coming here has got to be a biology major.


Looking at the fire Greg couldn’t shake the feeling he was going to be climbing into a pot. It wouldn’t be too long before the others arrived and they could prepare a proper field camp. It wouldn’t have been much to refrain from bathing or just take it in cold water. However, seeing the effort Pandora had put into it he wanted to give it one chance at least. It should be alright so long as I put out the fire before actually getting in. Thoughts of his own bath left his mind as a horrific roar hit his ears. It wasn’t the roar of an animal but rather of stone grinding against stone. What?

Setting in the center of her sand bath Pandora gathered several boulders she’d brought from outside. Pressing them against her face and closing her eyes she began to grind the stones against her skin. She felt the shattering almost immediately. As the stone shattered and was turned to sand the tiny particles served as a lubricant and helped to get the finer details as she used it to wash her face. It was a skill that had taken her a long time to develop. Too much force and all the sand would simply fall through your fingers and too little she wouldn’t clean herself properly. I was so excited to have Greg here that I forgot to take a bath yesterday. Hm it feels good to get all the gunk off my skin. Grinding the sand against herself Pandora didn’t pay attention to the bits of molten sand that slipped from her fingers and fell below.

It looked like a scene from hell. The sound of shattering stone rolled off against the walls filling the cavern. Streams of molten rock slipped from between Pandora’s fingers and fistled violently either against the sand they landed upon or her own skin. Yet she paid no attention to it. Looking from within his home Greg watched as she reached to her side and sunk her fingers into the sand picking up a large handful which she pressed under her arm.

It’s her bath! She baths using the sand to scour herself clean! Not just sand. She’s using rocks. Boulders! Just how durable is whatever her skin’s made of? Shit! Looking down for a moment the realization that Pandora was entirely naked struck Greg with more force than he’d expected. Retreating back into his shelter he could feel his heart racing. Okay. Hopefully she didn’t notice me there. She had her back turned to me after all and it’s not like she could have heard me over turning that stone to powder. But would she even care? I guess she remembers people like their privacy while they’re bathing but she didn’t even warn me! Was she trying to get a bath in before I finished mine? I. I had better get in the bath and hope she doesn’t mention this.


January 11th

This is hard to believe. It’s just been a few days and she’s already relearned so much of her language. No. She was trying to learn it herself for several months before she took me. But what would have happened if she’d taken someone from the very beginning? How much confusion and pain could we have avoided? I guess there isn’t any point in complaining about it now. Setting in his deck chair Greg looked to the small plate of fish that was still waiting for him. When are those bastards going to get here with some food I can eat? I’m about ready to ask her for some more of that fruit. Hell I’d love some more of the orange and purple one. “How are things going Pandora?”

“Really well! I just wish I’d thought to take someone with me sooner. It feels so good to be able to talk again.”

“Why didn’t you take someone before anyway?”

“I thought I could relearn to talk simply by reading books and trying to pronounce the words. I was making some progress but it was going so slowly. Then I thought back to my time in the hunting grounds and how I learned there.”

“What’d you learn there?”

“Well mostly how to open the fruit without destroying most of the contents. Most of the monsters there just eat them whole but they’re a few that like to go after the sweet stuff especially the smaller monsters. At first i struggled but then I noticed when I was able to watch them doing something suddenly my hands could do the same. I started to wonder if it’d work the same for talking.”

“Well I’m glad you were right. What are you reading anyway?”

“The.” <Crimson.> “Blast! How do you say c r i m s o n?”


“The Crimson Key. Hey when do you think they’re going to get here with my books? I’m really eager to find out what I’ve been missing! Hey did you ever watch the Furies?”

“The Furies? Yeah from. But. How old were you whenever you were lost in the hunting grounds?”

Biting down on her lower lip and slipping a fingernail under the cover of the book sideways so she wouldn’t cut it Pandora carefully closed it. “I think I was twelve years old. It was a really long time ago and I can’t be certain but yeah. I’m pretty certain i was twelve. Hey won’t they know for certain when they find my parents? I mean. They could find everything about me then!”

“I’m sure that they will. But. Pandora. The Furies only started airing five years ago. You were in the hunting grounds for 5 years?”

“No! I don’t know how long I was there but. It had to be longer than five years. I. I had a watch you know. When i went there. And the days. The days were just as long as the days here. And I kept track. In the beginning I kept track.”

Pandora’s words hit him. Truly hit him. Greg felt his muscles strain as he kept himself from being tossed out of his chair. He felt his heart beginning to race but when he looked to her face he didn’t see anger. There was fear.  “How did you keep track?”

“I. Marked on the walls at first. When I was hiding. But then I had to leave my first home when the monsters got too close.But then I remembered I could just check the months on my watch. I checked them everyday. You know in case the battery ran out. But then I began to grow and eventually I accidentally broke my watch. But I know that was at least two years! I became too big to hide like before but not big enough to be safe. I know at least four blooming seasons came during that time.”

“Blooming seasons?”

“The hunting grounds don’t have fall or winter. So I gave them name. Blooming, hunting and rotting. It wasn’t an exact year. But it was close! Then I grew large enough to be safe. I made myself a new home and then I started marking every thirty days. I might have made some mistakes. But I know that was at least five years! So I couldn’t have been there for just five years!”

Fuck! Well she sure seems certain of herself. But the Furies only started airing five years ago. I know that to. “Then maybe times works differently in the hunting grounds. I mean. Just look at these plants and yourself. You know one of the biggest points of discussion when you first arrived wasn’t about how amazing you are. It was about how impossible you are. There is still so much that we don’t know. But the way I see it this is a good thing. Isn’t it better to come back only after five years instead of twenty?” Greg found himself standing upon hearing Pandora beginning to sob.

“Yeah. Yes it is. It means mommy and daddy should still be alive. And Snickers to.”
Redefining Home pages 13-24
Pandora continues to learn at a remarkable pace and begins speaking with those beyond her island.    
For those who haven't seen it before and enjoy super fem and to a lesser extent giantess content I'd like to recommend Gold Digger by Fred Perry. Issue 1 - 199 can be found at… and it's one of the few western comics I actively follow. The story primarily focuses on Gina Digger an archaeologist whose explorations often find her encountering super tech and magic along with her seven feet tall super strong adoptive werecheetah sister Brittney. As the comic goes along the cast branches out considerably and includes a great many character types I just love. Anyway, I just wanted to give it a mention and give some folks a chance to enjoy the first 199 comics in hopes of converting some of you into active readers. 


United States


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