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Redefining Home pages 1-12
A low groan came from Greg as he tried to set up. Concern began to grow the moment he realized he couldn’t and he noticed a thick film in his mouth that not only covered his tongue but reached down into his throat. He resisted the urge to gag as he opened his eyes and found a vine of some type descending down into it. It didn’t even register with him that it was hollow as he used the one arm he could work to remove it. Unfortunately that did nothing to diminish his concern as he took in his environment.
Stretching out before him was a short field of strange looking grass that gave way to sand extending into the water. The air smelled of salt but also of fruit and plants that he couldn’t place. The oddly thick grass wasn’t the only strange thing though as he looked around him he saw plants that didn’t seem certain if they wanted to be a shrub or a tree. One to his side looked to be a tree with leaves so massive they reached to the ground forming an umbrella
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Mature content
Too Much Exposure pages 121-132 :iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 7
Overabundance pages 1-12
Timothy held his ground for a moment. He had come in prepared to give the infant currently before him her first eye exam. He hadn’t been prepared for a set of golden eyes to be looking back at him. Not yellow or discolored but an absolutely lustrous gold. A gold that reflected the light of his pin back at him. The shade changed from region to region allowing him to make out the iris and other sections but all was gleaming gold. He couldn’t even bring himself to look away as he addressed the parents. “Did. Did she perchance receive any healing from a blessed?”
Jim easily leaned over the optometrist while he examined his daughter having well over a head of height on him.. He had to resist the urge to make faces to try and draw his daughter’s attention towards him. Not for the doctor’s sake but he didn’t want to make Rachael upset.  “No. She came out just fine. The nurses were even surprised by how she. I can’t remember the word t
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Determination To Become
He’d just bumped into the wall again. She didn’t move in the least. He was trying to put some more distance between the two of them but he couldn’t. At least not without leaving the room and that would make their parents angry with him. Her chest hurt. There wasn’t anything wrong with it but Fallyn’s chest hurt and she allowed herself the slightest bit of movement to place her hand upon it. This was the thirty first night like this and the pain wasn’t getting any better and the situation wasn’t either.
He was awake again. Sleep had been a constant battle for Alex for several weeks now. Fear was the first thing keeping him awake. Fear of the monster that looked like a young girl across the room from him. Anger came in second. Anger at his parents for not believing him when he tried to tell them what happened. Then there was his own body. Whenever he’d just begin to doze off his body would move and he’d strike the wall or something el
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Too Much Exposure pages 109-120
Rita reflexively flexed her abdominal muscles and gritted her teeth to keep herself from openly laughing. Despite those efforts her grin became so large it just began to become uncomfortable and she couldn’t hide the amusement in her voice as she began to follow behind Brittney. “Sure.”
“And it seems we have a surprise this morning. A very unexpected guest just arrived in the studio and should be being brought in any moment now.” Looking towards the door and then Lintner Deniese wasn’t surprised to find him looking at the door as well. Despite any claims to being professionals it was hard to maintain one’s composure. As the door leading to the set opened and the raven haired figure floated onto the set instead of walking she had trouble not standing to greet her.
The smile that’d taken over her face upon speaking with Brittney hadn’t diminished in the least as Rita neared the stage. Indeed she still found herself fighting her laught
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Too Much Exposure pages 97-108
Grinning Rita once again reached inside Eddy’s patrol car this time taking hold of his hand. A large grin adorned her face even as she felt her cheeks beginning to burn. Eddy reflexively opened his hand allowing her to deposit the caps in it before releasing his wrist. “See. Just fine. But. May I get in your car now? This outfit is fucking embarrassing enough without standing out in the open.” And I’m going to be walking down the sidewalks soon enough. God I hope it doesn’t take long to find what I’m looking for or I might not be able to endure.
Looking down at the shells Eddy turned his attention back to Rita’s face, her chests, the shells, her chest and then her face once again. As he looked at her the final time he finally registered that she was blushing. “Rita? Is that really you?”
“Please let me in your car now!” Clenching her hands Rita struggled against the desire to cover herself fearing that such an act would o
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 19
Helping with the Little Things
Clutching a large coarse brush James leaned into the pale white surface before him his arm sinking ever so slightly into it as he viciously scrubbed a patch of brown and green that simply didn’t want to come out. Gritting his teeth he poured even more energy into it as chunks of the residue finally began to give way revealing more of that soft pale surface beneath. There was no fear that he might damage it somehow. That was something he had to get over upon becoming one of Evelyn’s attendants. At last the remains of the residue was removed and he took a moment to step back.
Giving a relieved sigh and tossing the brush inside his cleaning bucket James took a moment to admire his work before turning his gaze upwards. Standing only a few centimeters from Evelyne her ankle was directly above him though it was a good twelve meters above his reach. That ankle connected her foot to a leg that positively soared above him that absolutely pulsed with strength as the slightest deviati
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Too Much Exposure pages 85-96
April 10th 2017
The sound of chipmunks running around the trees, bird wings flapping and what she assumed was a fox reached Rita’s ears. The fact that she was inside made the situation even stranger as she set in her room. Her sword set next to her on the bed while the scabbard was layout before her. The material was even more limited than she had imagined and Rita was made to take in a deep breath before looking to her computer screen. Google images was up and she found herself looking at a variety of skimpy swimsuits. Damn it. Okay so how am I going to go about doing this? I don’t believe there is enough material to cover even my breasts properly. If I make the material of the sword too thin it becomes transparent. What am I going to do? What outfit looks the best?
Picking up the material once again Rita turned her attention towards the computer before rolling the scroll button on her mouse. Her improved eyesight made it easy to see the screen even from this distance and
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Too Much Exposure pages 73-84
“Yeah but they’re a lot higher in the air. I just want to make sure I’m not damaging people’s ear drums or worse whenever I’m running around. Huh. Okay another strange thought. When I was lifting those weights earlier somehow I was cancelling the effect out. We even made some progress with me trying to fly or hover at least last night. So why are my feet absolutely hammering the ground when I’m running?”
“That’s a very good question. Perhaps it’s a subconscious deal. Maybe you should try running on a surface you actively don’t want to damage?”
“The problem with that is I don’t want to damage it.” As she’d been speaking Rita had been looking around the cave. Okay I’m still not going to let them fire the gun for me until I’m certain they won’t be injured. Even if running down those steel scraps was easy. Where did I put those?” Taking a moment to look around Rita soon f
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Too Much Exposure pages 61-72
I’m blushing. I know it. What’s even worse is they’re right. Rita could feel her cheeks growing warmer as she imagined herself standing naked in front of Eddy and whoever she’d been dealing with. This image soon changed to an entire crowd of people as she imagined having to help with a large fire. Her right foot began to shift slightly and as she pressed down it sunk easily into the ground. A sharp pop hit her ears a moment later bringing her back to reality as she crushed a stone to powder. “I don’t want to be naked in front of everyone!”
Neither Gene or Shiella could keep from laughing as the pitch of Rita’s voice raised several levels. Her blushing and the way she’d twisted her foot all added to the situation. That she’d just crushed a stone to powder and dug a small hole in the ground only seemed to add to the situation and the couple couldn’t help but laugh. It was Gene who managed to find his voice first though. Ti
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 3 21
Too Much Exposure pages 49-60
“Hey! It wasn’t that simple. I spent the next twenty four hours thinking I’d gone insane in a near panic that no one  would believe me when I told them who I was.” As Rita spoke she couldn’t help but pout a little or the little bit of pout that made its way into her voice. “It was really traumatic and I’m still not entirely certain I’m sane. I had better not being lying in the floor somewhere and you’re humoring me in my delusional state.”
“Rita, you were a big woman before. If I found you like that I’d honestly be terrified.” For a moment none of the friends said anything but grinned at one another. “So what else is different?”
“My eye site is a lot better and my hearing is sharper to. I can actually hear both of your hearts beating. Your heart is a little fast for a guy Gene. Perhaps you should cut back on the salt.” Rita couldn’t help but laugh as a sharp and rather annoy
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 27
Too Much Exposure pages 37-48
Turning to her mom Rita opened her mouth but despite her feelings nothing came out. Rather she found herself going silent and then took in a deep breath. “I guess I could set a few records. Perhaps I should try out for football. I could be the first female profootball player. That or maybe I should try out for some boxing or ultimate fighting.”
Ben couldn’t help the surprise in his voice as he spoke up. “You’re liable to kill someone!”
“Ah! Well. I suppose I should make sure I can actually hit something without destroying it.” Don’t forget the stone walls or the bent sword. Looking to Ben and then Melissa Rita was made to laugh. “I guess I’ve got a lot of thinking to do about my future career. Or careers. That and well.” Looking away from her parents Rita turned her attention towards the front of her home thinking about their driveway. “Do you think they’d even let me play? I’m not sure if a singl
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 31
Too Much Exposure pages 25-36
“Thanks. I’ll look forward to the visit.”
As his daughter hung up the phone Ben risked a glance at her. “You handled that well. I’m guessing Gene is going to be paying you a visit.”
“I’m still not certain I should have told him. What if he goes back claiming there is some crazy girl claiming to be me and my parents are in on it?”
“You’ve known Gene for a while. I know I’ve heard enough about him.”
“I don’t talk about him that often dad.”
“I never said it was you.” Ben grinned at his daughter for a moment. “Your mother would like grandchildren some day.” As Rita rolled her eyes he felt even more certain this was his daughter. It was her standard response.
“Gene’s a good friend but I don’t see him that way and he’s already got a girlfriend.”
“The one you punched in the gut?”
“No! That was Brigit. Little whore was asking fo
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 2 17
Too Much Exposure pages 13-24
Who is the pale skinned girl. Moving the phone away from her head Rita looked towards the mirror for a moment. The pale skinned girl was looking back at her. “I’d like to know that to.”
“Oh! Don’t worry about it right now Eddy. Yeah could you mail me my driver’s license. I’m going to need that back.”
“Mail? I can just drop it off later. Though I should probably hold onto it for a few days. Let you stay at home and think about what you’ve done.”
“That’s fine.”
“Woe! Hold on a moment!” Despite having recently gotten off work and preparing for bed Eddy’s voice had become filled with energy and concern. “Rita are you alright?”
“It’s fine.” By the time fine had left her mouth the phone had already left it and was halfway towards the receiver. Rita didn’t register the click as she returned the phone to the receiver. Eddy doesn’t be
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 1 19
Too Much Exposure pages 1-12
“I told you that it was neat.” As Gene spoke he slowed his pace and looked over his shoulder at Rita. He was a bit surprised whenever he noticed her examining the wall and came to a stop.
Rita held her ground for a moment and looked at the cut stone. The walls had been positively covered in different markings most of which she thought to be pictures but a few that could have been words. Currently she was looking at what looked to be a stocky, two headed dog with more teeth and especially more horns than she felt even a dog should have. “I want one of those.”
Walking over to see what Rita was talking about Gene took note of how her hair seemed to blend into the darkness surrounding them. For a moment it even seemed like it was challenging the shadows to see who could be darker. “Huh. I thought Cerberus was suppose to have two heads.”
“Who said that was Cerberus. He’s clearly more of a Pete.” Rita gave her friend a large smile as he r
:iconhappiest-in-shadows:happiest-in-shadows 2 25
Designer Born pages 109-120
“No.” As the words left him Mathew grinned and diverted his eyes from his father as if embarrassed by his praise.
Steven focused his attention on Mathew for a moment. “So Mathew you read the instruction booklet?”
“I was able to understand most of it! Mommy helped me with some of the words.”
Placing her hand on her son's shoulder Anna looked at him even as she spoke to Steven. “He's learning so fast though. I bet you wouldn't need my help now.”
“I don't know about that. You're so smart Mommy.”
Anna actually blushed a little before she looked towards Steven. “Yeah. I don't know how long he's going to be willing to say that. I'm guessing I've got maybe four more years of Mathew thinking of me as smart and then I'll probably be the one asking him questions.”
“You are smart Mommy!”
“Thank you baby!” Anna was made to laugh even as she gave her son a hug before looking back to Steven.
Steven was ma
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A low groan came from Greg as he tried to set up. Concern began to grow the moment he realized he couldn’t and he noticed a thick film in his mouth that not only covered his tongue but reached down into his throat. He resisted the urge to gag as he opened his eyes and found a vine of some type descending down into it. It didn’t even register with him that it was hollow as he used the one arm he could work to remove it. Unfortunately that did nothing to diminish his concern as he took in his environment.

Stretching out before him was a short field of strange looking grass that gave way to sand extending into the water. The air smelled of salt but also of fruit and plants that he couldn’t place. The oddly thick grass wasn’t the only strange thing though as he looked around him he saw plants that didn’t seem certain if they wanted to be a shrub or a tree. One to his side looked to be a tree with leaves so massive they reached to the ground forming an umbrella of sorts. Mingled in with those leaves were large clusters of bright blue berries that reminded him of grapes.  The leaves caused the air to whistle strangely.

Despite the unusual plants though he found himself more focused on himself. His first efforts being to clear his throat as he hacked up the fluid he felt there was still much of it in his throat and he had no idea of how much he swallowed. Looking to his legs he expected to find them bound but instead he found they were covered by a material that reminded him of plaster except for the green color. Not only his legs but his left arm and back were heavily coated with the substance. Despite the substance coating his body it wasn’t his primary concern though.

“How did I get here?” Reaching to his side and inserting his fingers into the plaster Greg gave a slight sigh when it cracked sharply and even began to smile as it broke away. As he revealed more of his skin his relief grew to find it unharmed. Wait. But my arm was broken wasn’t it? Yeah. And my legs. The sound of the plaster fracturing filled the air as Gregory worked frantically to remove it from his arms hoping to free up both hands for his legs where it looked thicker. He froze. What was that?

The ground shook, the trees bent and the waves seemed to reseed ever so slightly. For a moment the land itself seem to shake in terror and a thought in the back of his mind made itself known. You’re on the calamities island. It was a thought he didn’t want to consider. But the strange plants, the clear view of the ocean and the memory of ship. The memory of being thrown against the wall as the entire ship was cast about. The feeling of his legs being burned even as the frigid water engulfed him still lingered in the back of his mind. She took you.

The sun was blotted out. Where once one bright orb of light had shone down on him two crimson orbs glared down at him. Lush crimson lips that stood out sharply against her light brown skin parted to reveal glistening white boulder sized teeth that seemed prepared to crush anything that might challenge them. Greg felt certain he could feel the wind rush past and hear the leaves rustle when she inhaled despite the relatively small size of her button nose. Her oval shaped face was framed by a cascade of long blue hair that seemed to draw the sky down onto it as if the sky itself served as her crown.  

Reflexively Greg diverted his gaze from those eyes. He wished he hadn’t as he caught sight of her neck. Except for its scale it was a human neck true. However, it’s width even relative to her body stood out as did the clear muscle tone. He wasn’t certain how one might train their neck but this was one had clearly been trained to endure tremendous force even for her scale. It seemed her neck alone could easily support her entire body weight. This muscle tone extended to the rest of her body. Looking down he diverted his gaze to her side noting deltoids the size of melons that drifted down into biceps that seemed prepared to crush stone. Taking in a deep breath and moving further down his eyes lingered on her hands for two reasons. Her interosseous muscles were clearly defined making it appear her hands may crush a skull even if she was human sized while her nails appeared to be short claws leaving him wondering about their cutting power.

As her hands proved unnerving Greg shifted his gaze upward but didn’t quite make it back to her face. Instead he lingered on her chest for a moment. As massive and defined as the muscles he’d seen so far were he’d expect little in the way of body fat. Instead he found two melon sized breasts standing proud on her chest. Given the muscles he suspected lay underneath it didn’t seem surprising the stood high. A swimsuit of sorts covered roughly a third of her chest made from leaves he knew must have came from the island and held together by vines whose strength he was certain surpassed steel.

Shifting his gaze downward the image of softness was once again replaced by one of strength. It was all too easy for him to make out the solid wall of abdominal muscles. Counting all eight of them on clear display for a moment Greg imagined stones being ground to dust between them. For a moment her abdomen seemed like a cliff to be climbed. Using the abdominal muscles first one could transition to her clearly defined serratus muscles or perhaps even try squirming up between her breasts. Considering their size though and how her swimsuit pushed them together he didn’t imagine that would be a good idea.

His gaze fell again and he took in a deep breath as he noted thighs that put even her arms to shame. Thighs that seemed ready to carry her into the air or across great distances in an instant despite her massive scale. The feeling of the wind rushing past him and the warmth of the air finally brought Greg’s examination to an end as he turned his attention back to her eyes and those parted lips. I guess she was examining me to. Raising his right hand ever so slightly he took in a deep breath. “Hee. Hello.” He could swear he felt the wind roll over him as Pandora returned the gesture and raised her hand. Please don’t swat me.

<Hello.> Damn! No. That wasn’t right. Come on work! Speak properly! How did that go?

Greg felt like his heart had just hit his chest. Was that a growl? Damn! How did I get here. She had to bring me right? Fuck! Oh Fuck! “So that’s a good girl. No need.” For a moment Greg froze and took in a deep breath as her pupils seemed to narrow. Then she began to descend towards him. His legs pushed against the ground and for a moment he thought to move but as her shadow grew closer he knew there was no outrunning this.

Why did he have to talk to me using that tone? I’m not some beast. I should try to make myself look less imposing. At least the healing sap seem to have done its job. Bending at the knees and lowering herself down Pandora extended her hand to aid in slowing her fall. As it met with the ground it was clear that the roots of her forest hadn’t reached this far yet. Her fingers dogue deeply into the earth pushing it to the side with only the natural strength of this world’s earth to hold it in place. A sharp snicker escaped her despite her best efforts as her right hip met with the ground with a little more force than she intended bouncing Greg into the air. Serves him right for talking to me like I’m a puppy.

At least he seems to be doing better. I was worried he might smother before I got him back. I’m glad the juice worked for him as well as it did me. <Hi.> Placing her left hand against her chest Pandora tried to smile at Greg in as non threatening of a way as she could. “Pan” <dora.>

Pan? And something else. Keep your attention on her eyes. You don’t want to be seen looking around her body. But don’t make her think you’re challenging her. How did I? Huh? Greg was made to sputter as Pandora’s massive left hand reached out towards him. The rush of the wind moving past him as it was displaced almost enough to knock him down. He felt something press into his legs and looked to it a moment later to find one of her claws had inserted itself between his leg and the plaster that covered it.The ease with which that claw glided down the plaster helping to remove it from his leg told him how sharp it was.

His burns are healed. That’s good. Now if only I had spent more time practicing talking. Blast this tongue. Reaching to her side and retrieving a large chunk of wood Pandora took a moment to inspect the carved side. Once again a sigh escaped her as she noted her carvings before placing it before Greg. Please be able to read this.

Please don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you. I found you badly hurt and brought you here to heal. The plants are very good at healing. My name is Pandora. What is yours?

Greg blinked. Looked to the sign. Then back to Pandora. To the sign and back to her. He did this several times. But. This is the Calamity? The destroyer of Clekson, three wings of the air force, a navy patrol and so many ground units. Once again Greg looked to the signs. Please don’t be scared. “Greg. I’m Greg. Can you hear me?”

Reaching into the bushes once again Pandora took hold of a much smaller sign. This one had a carving on each side. She presented the one with a yes to Greg. Yay! We’re communicating! At least I thought to make these signs.

“You can understand me?” Greg felt more than a little silly when Pandora gave the word yes a tap with her finger. Yeah that was a stupid question. Let’s try to keep the stupid questions down to a minimum. Don’t want to piss her off.

Okay. Let’s try this again. “Ow ew fe il?” Blasted tongue! Form the words right! I should have practiced more. This would be so much easier if I could talk. Picking up the sign she’d carved her initial words into and turning it over Pandora busied herself carving more words into the back of it rather than waiting for Greg’s response. There is no way he understood that.

“How do I feel? I’m sorry I’m having trouble understanding you. Did you ask how I.” She’s fast with those claws.

I can’t talk good. I know words but I haven’t learned to use my tongue. I’ve been practicing but it’s hard. Please help me.

“Help you what?”

<Talk.> “Ta.” “lk.” “Talk!” Blast! As the words left her with far more power than she intended Pandora watched as not only Greg was made to recoil but the forest itself seemed to recoil from her. She heard the branches snap sharply as the pressure waves ripped through them and the leaves were made to violently sture.

It felt like the air had been ripped from his lunges. If this was the result of the pressure wave produced by Pandora raising her voice or simply fear Greg wasn’t certain. Noticing the sweat rolling off his brow he took in a deep breath and moved his legs. Pulling them under himself he brushed off some remains of the plaster that had been on them before. Come on. Stand up. Yeah this is fucking terrifying. Out here. Alone. And I’ve got the Calamity’s full attention. Well fuck me. Standing up Greg turned his eyes to look up at Pandora’s that hadn’t left him. “How?”

Moving the sign she was holding a bit closer to Greg to make certain he could see Pandora’s index finger first pointed to talk then moved to to and finally came to wrest at me.

That makes sense. I guess. Not that I’m a teacher. But what do you say to the Calamity? I guess right now we need to keep it simple. “When I woke up there was some kind of vine in my mouth with a strange fluid in it. Did you put it there?”

Pandora had to keep her hand from reaching for the sign. No. I need to speak to him. Hearing the words of another. <Yes.> No. Wrong! “Ye.” As the word stood on the edge of being finished it developed into a low growly that flowed from between her lips and rolled over the land.

She’s trying. Of course she’s trying! Fuck the Calamity can talk! What might have she been trying to tell us during the attack? I guess this wouldn’t be the time to ask why she attacked us. That would probably be hard for her to answer anyway. I don’t see any harm in teaching her to talk either. Come on heart. Settle down a bit. Let’s try to keep our composure. “Would you mind telling me what that fluid did?”

<Heal.> <Heal.> <hee illll> Again. Reaching down and inserting her index claw into the sand Pandora slowly moved it through the sand spelling out the word heal and for the first time she diverted her gaze from Greg.

Heal. So she really saved my life. Fuck. given how badly I was injured I believe it.Should I ask if she meant to attack us when she first arrived? Not yet. What if I asked to be allowed to return home? Not that I could swim to land if we’re were I believe we are.. But if I asked would she just take me home? Probably not after saving my life. She seems to want this after all. “Is helping you learn to talk repayment for saving my life?”

Picking up the yes and no sign Pandora spun it around and placed her index finger just on the top of it indicating the no.  At the same moment Pandora could feel some pain at the question. They still haven’t forgiven me for what happened when i came back. But they attacked me first!

No? How can it be no? Is she saying I can’t repay her and. “Then why did you save me?”

Turning the sign around Pandora slowly drew her finger across the words I found you badly hurt several times. I should have written down more. At least he’s awake and talking to me. I guess I should take him inside now. But if I just pick him up it’ll probably scare him. Maybe if I just. Extending her hand, turning it up right and pressing her fingers into the ground Pandora created a ramp for Greg to climb into her hand. Please take the hint.

Gregory could feel the vibrations produced by Pandora’s fingers plowing through the ground for a moment. As the shockwaves settled down he froze and looked towards her palm. Does she want me to climb into her hand? I guess that’s the case. Maybe there is something she wants to show me? Why did she leave me outside like this to begin with? If she hadn’t been around when I woke up I could have wandered off. “Oh okay.” It’s probably best to go along with what she wants. Moving forward Greg found himself carefully climbing onto Pandora’s hand. Immediately he was surprised how soft her skin felt to his touch.

He did it! While it had vanished before Pandora felt her smile returning as Greg climbed into her hand. At the same time she could feel her cheeks moistening. She didn’t even think to wipe away her tears. He actually did it! I carried him when he wasn’t awake and I felt the others break beneath me but. A living person is actually climbing into my hand! I’m really touching another human being! It’s been so long and! Despite her efforts Pandora couldn’t help the sob that escaped her as she struggled to keep her hand steady and resist the urge to close her fingers around Greg so he couldn’t escape.

This is insane. I should be trying to escape. Don’t kid yourself there is no escaping this especially while she’s watching you. So just play along and try. For a moment Greg’s thoughts vanished and he found himself looking up into Pandora’s eyes. Despite the great distance he could see the water glistening on her cheeks. It was several moments later when he realized what the sound had been due to the distortion of her size. She’s crying?


It had been a short ride. He had seen more of those strange plants but they’d gone by far too fast for him to examine them. At least they had until they’d come to a large opening. At least from his perspective. Pandora had been forced to crouch to get inside. It had been quite a surprise to him when after several seconds of crouching she had stood back up. What greeted him was a cavern so large that the only way he could imagine it kept from collapsing was the strange plants that extended up from the ground, along the walls and met at the top of the cavern in a variety of patterns forming an intersection of arches.

Running along several sections of the roots was illuminated regions providing light. Oddly these regions were located towards the upper sections of the roots. If this was natural, Pandora’s doing or something else he wasn’t certain. Along one wall he noted an elevated platform that might serve as Pandora’s bed. Though he didn’t see anything that he’d call a pillow or any form of cover. It didn’t seem she would need it. Another slightly raised platform he noted was covered by several vines, leaves and what from his perspective appeared to be massive white pins.

Opposite of the platform that he imagined to be a bed was a strange site. A large section of the stone floor was covered by a thick layer of sand. He didn’t have time to consider what this might be used for as he was carried to what he imagined to be a desk. Setting atop it he noted his first sign of the world off the island. Several signs set upon the table. Some of them had been cut into bits while others were intact. What was of even more significant note was several bookshelves that despite the great height he could see still carried books.

Lowering her hand Pandora placed the tip of her middle finger against the table and lightly tilted her hand. It wasn’t enough to cause Greg to fall but it got her attention across and he began walking towards it. Oh! I wonder if I could just hold onto him. It’s been so long since I’ve had contact with another person and. No. I can’t just carry him around all the time. Well. I could. He’s so small! I wonder if he would be safe between my breasts? Or maybe! A slight sigh escaped Pandora despite her attempt to muffle it. Maybe a necklace? It felt strange to Pandora as Greg left her hand.

Looking at the shelves for a moment Greg expected Pandora to say or indicate something. When she chose to stand up and turn her back on him he was quite surprised. Both by the action and by the view of her rump he was given. A rump whose only covering was what appeared to be several vines woven together who absolutely vanished between her massive cheeks. Her well defined glutes leaving her with a firm full rear.

Moving to her workbench Pandora carefully lifted the bed she’d been working on. Placing it in her left hand she retrieved a chair and a desk as well. I’ll finish the others for him later. He’s going to need some clothes to. I’m going to have to work some more on my clothes as well. I think I have enough pretty red leaves to make something nice now. Turning around for a moment Pandora’s eyes rested on Greg. He’s pretty cute now that all those burns have been healed. He hasn’t even noticed the leaf juice on his chin yet. Chuckling a bit to herself and proceeding back to the learning table she began to place the items down.

“Pandora. Please. Raise one finger for yes and two for no. Are those for me?” Looking to Pandora’s hands Greg took in a deep breath and gave a nod when he saw the yes. What held his attention in particular was the bed. I guess that means I’m going to be staying here for awhile. So. Me helping her learn to speak again isn’t repayment for her saving my life. But she clearly intends for me to stay awhile. “Um if I’m going to be here for a while do you have anything that’s safe for humans to eat?” Yes again.

Is he hungry? Of course he’s hungry! You remember how hungry you were after healing. I should have food waiting for him. But shouldn’t the berry juice have taken care of that? It always filled me up. I should get him some food first. Let’s see. What all was I able to eat whenever I first awoke in the hunting grounds? Oh!

A slight cry of fear escaped Greg as a massive gust of wind hit him with enough force to send him stumbling backwards. He heard more than a few pages ruffle and was amazed they managed to stay in their shelves. The vibrations that ripped through the ground a moment later was enough to drop him to the ground and leave his jaw slack. Where the hell is she going in such a hurry!

Food! That should show him that I don’t mean him any harm. Sure he’s afraid of me. After they attacked me and I. Well i doubt they told everyone the truth anyway. But. After saving him and if I feed him I’m sure he’ll realize I don’t want to hurt him. I’ll get him some of the sweet melons and a few orange roots and maybe some milk vines. Those always tasted so good. I’m pretty sure I saw some of the vines growing on the other side of the island.

“Um. Okay.” Taking in a deep breath and looking around Greg’s eyes came to the sand pile once again. What the hell does she use that for? I hope she isn’t like a cat. Looking away from the sand pit and towards the books for a moment Greg moved to examine them. Hopefully she won’t get upset about me going over these books. I suppose I shouldn’t touch but what does she have out? These books kind of look like children’s books. Wait. She said she’s trying to learn to talk. Well her sign did at least. So yeah starting from the basics makes sense. But she can right how long can it really take to learn to speak again? I guess however long it takes to teach her tongue to form the words. I probably shouldn’t assume she learns like us either.

Greg had barely began to examine the book covers before he heard the rumble again and moved to put several steps between himself and the books not wanting to risk upsetting Pandora. Despite his situation though he was made to grin as he saw her coming through the tunnel. Well I guess I’m going to find out what got her attention.

Moving back to the table Pandora continued to grin at Greg as she took the roots, melons and vines between the fingertips of her left hand and set them before him. She wasted no time picking up one of the melons and splitting it in half with one of her claws, taking one half between her fingers and presenting it to him. Using her free hand she then indicated her mouth followed by rubbing her stomach.

At first Greg just looked. The site of Pandora opening her mouth wide doing more to stop his thought process than help it along. Indeed it required her to repeat the action four times before he seemed to register what she intended for him to do. “Is this food for me?” One finger was yes wasn’t it? “Thanks.” Taking hold of the fruit and looking at the yellow insides Greg took a moment to inspect it. Well she seemed to know that plaster would heal my burns and then there was the past she had going down my throat. I guess she knows about these things.

He looks so scared! And cute! Leaning forward Pandora pressed her breasts into the platform that Greg was currently standing upon taking in another deep breath as she did so. Without those burns he’s really cute. I wonder if I should remove that bit of juice from his jaw? He still hasn’t noticed it. But that would probably embarrass him even more. It’s just so darling seeing him eat! I wonder if I was that precious when I first ended up in the hunting grounds. Absently Pandora lightly shook the platform as she rubbed her breasts against it ever so slightly.

This actually taste pretty good. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be poison. Greg was made to think of his legs more than the fruit for a moment as he felt the ground rumble beneath him. Turning his gaze upwards he resisted the urge to take a step back as Pandora’s face moved all the closer to him. Both her eyes were clearly focused on him but he turned his attention to her lips for a moment finding a massive smile there. Whoops! “Thanks for the food. This is pretty good. So these books. Have you been practicing with them?” Yes again.

Well she’s here now. I guess this is the time to try approaching. Hopefully she won’t just swat me. Walking towards the books Greg made no move to actually pick one up but kept both hands on his food. Let’s not get them dirty. I’m not sure where she got these from but I doubt she can order more and I don’t want to see what happens if she goes to get them herself. “So. Any ideas on how I could help you learn to talk again?” As he spoke Greg went to turn to look at Pandora but he didn’t get a chance. He felt it as her hand reached past him. Looking to her claws he watched her retrieve four books. Three of these she placed in a line and began pointing to a word on each cover.

Read to me.

“Read to you?”

Nodding her head Pandora held up one finger. I need to hear the words spoke again by a tongue that knows how to make them. I’m certain if I can hear and read along then try to copy him I can teach my tongue to speak again. Oh! It’s been so long since I’ve had someone read to me! And I managed to find myself such a cute teacher. Scooting forward ever so slightly Pandora couldn’t resist taking a quick sniff.

As the books were jerked forward by a powerful gust of wind Greg took a look at Pandora. With a good portion of her upper body now wresting upon the table he took in a deep breath. “Um.” Rubbing the bit of juice from his fingers on what remained of his clothes he picked up the one book that Pandora hadn’t used to say what she wanted and looked to his seat. “I guess I’ll just set over there and we can do some reading. Oh. Okay.” Greg simply stood in place as Pandora reached above him, retrieved the chair she’d set out for him and placed it next to him so that the back would be facing her. I guess she wants to be able to look over my shoulder.


January 8th Night

Stupid. I can’t believe I forgot about a potty and a bath! How bad did i want a potty and a bath when I was lost in the hunting grounds. Sitting at her workbench several bone needles of various lengths and thickness layout before her as her hands expertly worked the vines, leaves and branches of her island into the proper form. I just wish I knew how to make a proper potty for him. This is more like a basket with an open lid. Well he can close it and I’ll empty it each morning and night for him. At least warming up the water should be easy. These iron leaves won’t have any trouble with the heat from a fire and I can make sure he has plenty of wood to warm it up.

Looking over her shoulder at his sleeping form Pandora felt her grin grow. “Slee good.” A delighted squeal escaped her a moment later. I knew it! Just a few hours of hearing someone say the words properly and letting me try to copy them and I’m remembering! A few days and we’re going to be able to really talk! Then I can ask if he’d mind letting me cuddle him during the nights! Pandora’s lips were made to part into a massive smile even as she tried to keep herself from making too much noise.

So what should we do tomorrow? I want to spend some more time studying. The sooner I can learn to talk the better. But that isn’t fair to him. Doing the same thing all day would just get boring but. The sooner I can talk to him the sooner he’s going to ask to go home. The sooner he’ll want to leave me. But maybe if I can make it fun for him he won’t want to leave as bad! Then again I’m sure he has a family he wants to get back to. Not that i can just leave whenever I want. With nothing for me to hunt people are likely to think I’m going to attack them. They might even try bombing me again. No. He’s going to have to stay here with me until the next hunt that way everyone will think I’m just going hunting. But what if it’s somewhere really far away from any other humans? And how can I move quickly enough to get to my prey? I could carry him in my mouth again to protect him but even then I have to move real carefully.


“Huh?” Setting up in his bed Greg felt more than a little strange. Where he had been out in the open he was now inside an octagon. There was a roof over his head. The leaves that made it up seemed to be thin as it let some light in but most of it came from a single glowing plant of some sort at the top. Not only had the walls been placed around him though but new furniture had been added. A large tub filled with water with several bits of wood and a few rocks set against one wall with what he imagined might be a toilet next to it.

A table set in the center of the room with three seats. He wasn’t certain who might occupy the other two but they were there. On top of the table set a wide variety of fruit, tubers and vines already opened up. The thing that held his attention the most wasn’t the food though but rather what looked to be a garment of some type. I guess she didn’t want me to have any trouble eating. But to make all of this. How long does she intend to keep me here? Have I already become a pet or is she just trying to keep me comfortable?

I guess it might be a reward. Climbing out of the bed and stretching it was with wobbly legs that Greg made his way over to the table. As he neared the food wasn’t his primary concern. Rather it was the large red and green cloth that lay near it. He recognized it for what it was the moment he picked it up. It’s a robe! I guess she made this for me as well. She must have done it after I went to sleep. I can’t believe how long it took me to realize I’m pretty much naked. Well I guess I could be forgiven after being abducted by a titan. Are these really leaves? It actually feels pretty nice. I remember people speculating about the plants that appeared on the calamities island. If i get out of this alive I’ll have to tell them all it’s even stranger than they imagined.

“And small.” <Deer> <Deer>

Holding his ground for a moment as he finished pulling the robe on Greg looked towards the wall as the word deer finally reached him. It was drawn out and it took him a moment to put the full word together but it told him what Pandora was already working on. I guess she’s serious but. Taking a moment to look around it was all he required to find what he sought. I guess this isn’t a cage if there isn’t even a door to lock. Should I check on her now or maybe? Looking to the table after a moment of consideration Greg picked up a long green stem that had been cut open revealing a white innard. After a moment of hesitation he tasted the white substance.

I see he likes the milk vine. And he’s wearing the robe I made him! He looks so cute in it. Taking in a quick breath of air it was easy for Pandora to smell the vine on Greg. Turning away from the tiny book before she gave him a smile. “Morning.”

“Good morning. Thanks for the clothes and the food.”

<Welcome.> Blast! Taking a moment to move her tongue around and say welcome a few times in her head Pandora once again spoke. “Welcome.”

“You’re learning very fast. So are you ready to begin study once again?”

There was no immediate response from Pandora. Rather than her considering the question she found herself thinking of her words. “Want walk around first?”

Walk around? Does she mean? Leaning to his side Greg thought to look past Pandora to the entrance. This didn’t have the desired effect as he would have had to walk several meters to do so. It did help him to remember how large she was. “You mean explore the island?”


Stepping to the side to allow Greg a clear view of the exit Pandora continued to smile at him. He has to know there is no leaving this island without my aid. But he might be scared of the plants. I know I was when I first arrived in the hunting grounds. I was starving by the time I finally decided to eat some of the fruit. And it took so long to figure out what parts you can eat before I began to change! I need to be careful not to feed him anything that he can’t eat. “Out?”

Now able to see the door Greg felt his heart racing. Is she trying to tell me I’m not a prisoner? Is this some kind of reward? Well she never said that I was a prisoner. Okay. Let’s get this out of the way. Am I a pet, prisoner, guest or something else. “Pandora do you plan on letting me go home?”


“Then would you let me go home now?”

I would! As much as I would regret it I would. But that could easily cause a panic. But how do I tell him that. “No.” <Panic.> No. It wasn’t suppose to come out like that.

No but there was something else to it. Maybe it was lessons? Could she be keeping me here until she learns to talk again? But she can’t talk now and. Looking up at Pandora’s face. She’s trying to say something else but she needs more help finding her words. “Thanks. Let’s hold off on this talk until you can speak better. You’re learning so fast I doubt it’ll take long.”

“Thank. You.”

Okay. This is my chance to learn about the island. Learn more that is. I already know that some of the plants around here have remarkable healing properties. More like miraculous healing properties. I’m not certain how badly I was beaten up but I know it was bad. I wonder if that’s why she took me. She knew I’d die without her aid. I don’t remember mention of her taking anyone else before and there hasn’t been another Clekson incident. “Is it safe?”

So long as you don’t do something stupid like try climbing too high or actually swimming off this island. “If not.” <silly.> Giving a sigh and taking a moment to roll the word over in her head Pandora moved her tongue about a bit working her jaw as if she was saying the word. “Silly.” As the word left her Pandora couldn’t help but freeze for a moment. Is he grinning?

She’s blushing. “Okay. So no simply putting things in my mouth, climbing too high or touching anything that looks sharp. I know you might not have a word for it but. Well I can put this as a yes or no question. Did you take me here because I was dieing and you knew the plants would save me?

“Yes.” At least I believed. That’s how they worked for me.

Yeah trying to escape from here would be stupid. At worst she would become angry and come searching for me and that could go bad so many ways. While at best she’d just let me go and I’d have to try surviving on the ocean. She would be back to learning to speak on her own and might have an even more negative view of us. “Thanks. Okay. Please let’s go outside.” Despite his words Greg found himself taking a step back fully expecting Pandora to simply pick him up. When her hand stopped just in front of him with her fingers laid out flat to climb on he gave a slight sigh of relief he didn’t realize he’d been holding. Moving closer he took a moment to glance at her nails. “How sharp are those claws of yours?”

“No silly.” Sharp enough that I’d be using more healing sap on you if you touched them while extended.


I didn’t even hear it crack! Currently Greg found himself holding something that he would call a coconut if coconuts were orange and yellow. As strange as the fruit was though he was more focused on Pandora’s claws which had not only cut through it without making a sound but she’d done so while he held it. It was only when he saw the claw retracted back into her finger that he remembered to breath. “So what part of this am I supposed to eat? I’m guessing the inside but I want to be sure.”

“Pull.” <the inside out.> “No.” “Pull in.” How is he suppose to understand that?

Pull? Looking at the inside of the fruit and running his fingers along it Greg soon hit upon an answer. As the inner fruit began to unravel. “Pull the inside out like string cheese?”

“Yes! Pull inside out like.” <string> “cheese.” Without thinking a sharp snort escaped Pandora as she realized she’d miss spoken the word string.

“String cheese.”

“String cheese.” Her frustration vanished a moment later and became a grin when she noticed Greg chuckling.

Nodding and unwinding some of the fruit there was no hesitation on Greg’s part as he began eating the fruit until his third bight. “You know. There has been a lot of talk about where you and the others came from. You in particular though as well you were the first and the only human looking one. Where you.” Careful with your words. “The same size as us before?”


Looking at the fruit in his hand Greg could feel his heart racing. He didn’t know what his next question was but he knew it was a big one. “Was it this fruit that made you big?”

“No know..”
Redefining Home pages 1-12
A navy man finds himself on the island of the calamity. A living natural disaster that arrived on earth a few months prior. He quickly learns that the calamity is much smarter than anyone realized and has plans for him.

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Garret could feel the sweat rolling off him as he pressed the tip of the industrial grade rivet gun into Rita’s place. He felt the tip of the tool sink into her flesh the same way he imagined it would anyone else. He couldn’t help but give her a nervous glance. “Now are you sure about this?”

“So long as you’re not worried about breaking your tool. That thing looks a little expensive.”

“Three thousand dollars.”

Rita surprised herself whenever she was made to twitch slightly. “Yeah! That is a bit expensive alright. If you’re worried about hurting yourself by trying to pierce something you can’t I’m willing to hold it for you but like I said. I won’t be taking any responsibility for broken tools or injuries you inflict upon yourself. If you bruise your hand swinging a bat at me then I don’t want to see any medical bills.”

“Will do.” I can’t back down now. Okay on with the show before people start pushing more. Risking a glance over his shoulder Garret found that the crowd had grown still larger. He pulled the trigger and release it less then a second later as the buzzing of the tool sounded far louder than it should have been. Moving it from Rita’s palm he immediately looked down at her blemishless skin.

For a moment Rita just observed Garret. Okay this is going to take forever if I just go one person at a time.”Hey you. The next in line. With the ax. If you want to come around to the other side and take a swing at my extended arm that’d be fine.” I can just catch it if he looks like he’s going to go off the mark. I’m not sure why they’re using an ax again. I don’t know. Maybe he just wants to say he hit me with an ax. “Actually let’s move this a little faster.” Leaning back Rita reclined in mid air stretching out her legs before her. “Okay three lines. One group can try my legs while everyone else divide amongst my left or right side. Oh! Actually. Let’s make it four. A few of you can come up and take a swing at my head or try to cut my hair if you want.”

It didn’t hurt her. It didn’t even bruise her. It didn’t even blanch her skin. Looking down at the rivet gun Garret found his hand moving towards it. He came to an immediate halt as Rita placed her hand over the tip of it.

“Don’t go testing that on yourself. Drive some rivets into some aluminum or steel but don’t go wrecking your hand. That’s another thing! No using tools on yourself!” Leaning her head back Rita found a woman standing behind her looking a little nervous. “Go ahead. You can take a swing at my face if you want.”

“Um. Actually. I was wondering. If I could try to cut your hair? I mean. And maybe keep a bit of it?”

A sharp chuckle came from Rita as she smiled up at the brown eyed woman. “Are you a beautician?” Rita didn’t try to hide her amusement when the woman nodded her head. “Go right ahead and yeah you can keep it if you can cut it. If you can we’re going to have to talk after this because I’ve been wanting to get my hair done for a bit now.”

Nodding her head the woman took hold of several strands of Rita’s hair. It feels like silk. It’s so warm and soft. And smooth. This hair. It just feels so. Standing there for several moments she continued to run Rita’s hairs between her fingers before she felt the presence of those gathering behind her. Lacking her stylist scissors she’d brought a knife up. Less because she wanted to truly test Rita’s resistance to harm and more because she wanted to get closer to her. Pressing the knife against Rita’s hair she pushed up sharply. Rita’s hair flexed and the knife advanced but it didn’t make a nanometer of progress when it came to actually cutting Rita’s hair.

As people gathered around her the sound began to increase. Both from the tools being used against her and the people especially those people who were inspecting the tools. One person caught her eye though. A little girl was approaching with a pocket knife. OH you have to be kidding me. Look at her. There is no way she’s actually wanting to hurt me. I guess this might be her one chance to touch me though. “Let the little lady in pink come on forward. Okay you at my foot it’s time to move on.” If you’re going to try to hurt my toe bring a proper wire cutter instead of some home pliers.

Thoughts of the people at her feet vanished as the crowd parted and the little blonde girl rushed forward. “Hello there sweetheart. I would give you a hand but both of mine are busy right now. Where do you want to take a swing at?”

“Uh.” As Rita spoke to her the young girl began to blush brightly. “Can i touch your hair like the other lady?”

Cute! “Now honey. This is for people to try to hurt me. You’ll need to at least try to cut me.” I guess that is a bit much. She doesn’t even want to take a swing at me. “Actually, how about you try climbing my hair? Plenty of people are trying to cut it after all.”


With the young girl running around her Rita couldn’t help but chuckle even as she looked towards her hand. Currently someone she didn’t recognize was trying to take her thumb off with a hacksaw. Okay seriously after today we’re going with power tools only. Where the hell are people even getting these things? They had no way of knowing I’d open myself up to a free for all. I bet there is a mechanics truck or.” Bringing her head forward Rita’s annoyance vanished as she heard some excited giggling from the young girl that was currently holding onto it. Soon she also had her answer from where the various tools were coming from. A hardware shop nearby the stadium had several empty shelfs and she noted several vehicles with open tool boxes. It also seemed several handyman's closets had been emptied.  Oh that’s cute! They’re just using this as an excuse to actually touch me.

Rita’s eyes immediately jerked towards a fellow that had just approached her left side. Her arm moved ever so slightly bumping his hand away before it could reach her chest. “Touch me there and we’re going to find out what they can do to a hand.” The surprise on her face was clear as the man jerked backward so quickly that he ended up toppling over. Rather than remain still though he soon became a storm of flailing limbs as he got back to his feet and sprinted towards the exit. It was enough to leave her jaw slack and she looked towards the closest person that seemed to be retaining their composure. “I didn’t meant to be that threatening! I wasn’t that mean was I?” As she spoke she did her best to glance back at the child she could feel holding onto her hair.

While Pat hadn’t quite reached Rita he had been close enough to see what happened. “Now that was outright cowardly. Don’t worry miss you didn’t say anything anymore threatening than a rose bush.”

Before Rita could respond Pat’s words were joined by several other people who didn’t seem to know what to think. They brought a sigh of relief from her. She felt the child release her hair a moment later. Looking at the young girl Rita gave her another smile after remembering to shut her mouth. “Sorry but I don’t think you’re going to be taking one of my hairs home with you today.”

“It’s okay. Thanks for letting me try Miss Rita!”

“You’re welcome.” The sound of an engine starting up drew Rita’s attention and she looked towards someone standing at her right wrist with a chainsaw. “Well I’m glad to see someone ready to make a serious attempt.”

“I just wish I had a concrete saw.”

A slight snicker came from Rita as the machine moved towards her wrist. “Careful now I’ve heard those things can really kick when they meet something they can’t cut.” I’ll just grab hold of the blade if it looks like it’s going to fly loose. Turning her hand Rita presented her palm to the weapon and spread her fingers prepared to do just that in the event the tool was dropped or worse.

Several more minutes past before Pat reached Rita’s feet. Taking hold of her ankle he froze for a moment at how soft her skin looked. Yet he could see how futile attempts to cut that skin with a chainsaw was. Let’s see. Where is she going to be most tender. Looking around for a moment Pat carefully slipped his saw blade between Rita’s big and second toe. It felt like his heart had jumped into his throat as he heard a sharp squeal from Rita the moment he turned the motor on.

A squeal of delight escaped the moment the saw began working and she bit down on her lower lip hard to keep from laughing. Holy! What’s going on! Oh God! I got to keep from clenching my toes. Tightening up her stomach muscles Rina leaned upward slightly as if she was setting up. Her abdominal muscles becoming even more sharply defined and yet she struggled to remain still as people continued to work on her hands. “Ah! Stop! Stop.” A sharp snicker immediately came from Rita. For a moment she couldn’t even began to speak. Much to her surprise no one seemed to be stopping. “You’re. You’re going to make my toes.”

Let go of the trigger. Stop the saw. What are you doing? Come on let go! Pat found himself looking down at his own hands trying to convince them to release the trigger if not the saw entirely. Much to his surprise though they refused. Indeed with every delighted snicker from Rita his fingers seemed to become more and more resistant to his control despite her words.

“Back. Back up please!” This tickles too much! I can barely speak. No wonder they’re not taking me seriously. I’m going to end up. Crap! Rita felt her toes meet with the metal. The blade met with her soft skin and at first slowed as the pressure increased. She felt the steel deform a moment later and then the blade stopped. She could feel it in her toes as the saw jerked upward and then came to an immediate stop as the safety kicked in. Her attention quickly shifted to pat. “Are you alright!”

For a moment Pat said nothing as he processed what happened. Absent mindedly he gave the saw a few light jerks. When his mind caught up with him he only had one thing to ask. “Looks like I’ll be taking a fine souvenir home. If you’ll be letting go of my blade.”

Rita couldn’t help but sigh as she relaxed her grip on the blade to indeed see it had been badly bent. Well that’s knew. So I’m ticklish between the toes.


April 17th 2017

Setting behind a well worn but extremely solid desk Jerald took a moment to scoot the papers he’d been reviewing out of his way. Just across from him set Eddy and Beddy. Neither of them had been told why he wanted to speak with them but neither of them seemed nervous either. This brought him some comfort as he leaned forward. “Thanks for coming officers. Alright I’m going to get right to the point. Did Rita torture your suspects?”

Beddy immediately gave a shrug. “Despite my encouragement no.”

For a moment Eddy said nothing but just looked at Beddy. Part of him wanted to reprimand her but he knew what that would get him. After a moment of silence he turned back to the chief. “No sir. She did threaten them and the restraints might have been somewhat tight but from their medical exam I don’t believe that was the case.”

To this Jerald gave a nod. “Since their apprehension several of the suspects. In particular those who were arrested by you Eddy. Have been nothing but forthcoming with their crimes. They have also resisted any talk of leniency for cooperation insisting that she’ll know and she’ll come for them. It’s so severe that the officers responsible for the interrogations have began to suspect torture. But we don’t see any signs of torture Eddy, Beddy were they any threats made you didn’t tell me about?”

Beddy didn’t wait for Eddy to respond. “Non Sir. At least as far as mine goes.”

Eddy, “Sir could we perhaps listen or observe the interrogation to see exactly what you’re talking about?”


“Rita are you okay?” Setting across from her daughter Melissa had been quite surprised at the look of worry on her face. Once again Rita had made it home in time to prepare the family dinner. This had been interrupted by a call from Eddy and from what she could tell it wasn’t good. Did they manage to figure out exactly who she is? Did someone manage to track her somehow?

Rita could feel her heart pounding in her chest and was surprised that it wasn’t shaking the entire house as she listened to Eddy. “Eddy. I know I was a little firm with them but you’re making it sound like some kind of mind control here.”

“Not mind control but they’re absolutely terrified of you. I’ve never had people quite so willing to volunteer information. They’re not asking for leniency. They’re telling us everything they know. Rita I don’t even know if torture can have this kind of effect. From what I can tell everything we could verify has come up accurate.”

Looking to her parents for a moment Rita took in a deep breath. “But Eddy I didn’t hurt them. How are you doing? You’re not scared of me are you Eddy? Are you? And what about Beddy. I mean the way she was harassing me.”

“I’m fine Rita.”

“Are you certain?”

There was those few moments. When she yeld. I remember it being hard to make my body move. But then she pulled me along and was friendly and it just passed. I’m not scared of Rita am I? I’m not keeping her secret because of some subconscious effect she has on me am I? “I’m certain Rita. They made every office who’s encountered you take a psychiatric exam and well. I don’t agree with my diagnosis to be perfectly honest but they couldn’t find anything changed from my encounter with you.” Eddy could feel his smile growing when he heard a sigh of relief come from the other end of the line. “You were that worried?”

“Hell yes! I mean I meant to scare them but I didn’t mean to cause psychological damage. And the thought that I might have hurt a friend is just.” As Rita spoke she surprised even herself when a sharp sob escaped her and she felt some liquid rolling down her cheeks.

Standing up Melissa was quick to come to stand by her daughter’s side placing a hand on her shoulder. “Rita what’s wrong?”

“It’s. Mom Dad. I. I might have done something to those people I yelled at. It seems my words might carry some kind of power. Eddy. Are you sure you never?”

“There was a moment. Briefly. During your first arrest when your anger flared up. I felt like something was gripping me Rita but it passed. I spoke with Beddy and she didn’t notice anything. I assure you Rita I’m fine. Whatever you did it seems that intent matters.”

“Are you?” Taking in a deep breath to steady herself Rita looked to her parents for a moment. When she spoke she put as much authority into her words as she could. “Eddy, Mom, Dad you are to behave and think as if I had no supernatural influence on your mental state from now on.” As she finished speaking Rita could feel her cheeks growing warm. Her blush grew more intense when she noticed how her father was grinning at her. “Sorry. Sorry. It’s just Eddy has me worried now and I felt like that.”

Ben couldn’t help but snicker. It took more willpower that he wanted to admit to himself to keep from saying yes master. “Bossy.”

“Dad!” Rita couldn’t resist closing her eyes as her father began to openly laugh. It didn’t help at all that Eddy was laughing on the other end of the line.

“What did he say Rita? Come on. Don’t leave me hanging here. I haven’t heard that voice in a long time! Send me a picture of yourself right now. I have to see that.”

That Eddy began to laugh even harder when she sighed left Rita certain of one thing. “Yeah. Now I know you’re not scared of me. No psychological control here.”


“No! Dad!”

“I’m just making.” Ben couldn’t finish and indeed found himself struggling to work his phone as he fought to control his laughter. “That you’re not controlling us.”

“God.” It was a feeling that she was getting more comfortable with than she cared to think about. Rita was certain her blush couldn’t have gotten any brighter. She was wrong.

Eddy, “Rita that is adorable!”

Melissa chose to remain silent. Not because she didn’t support her daughter or want to scold her husband but she knew if she opened her mouth she’d begin laughing. It took all her composure to keep a straight face and give her husband a disapproving look as she continued to stand by her daughter.


April 17th 2017

Just a few days and she’d thrown the entire criminal element in the city into chaos. Not just because of the raids she’d conducted but thanks to those she apprehended tending to be rather open with their information and the fear her presence inspired things had began to change. When one included the people that were coming to the city to see her the police were so busy they never seemed to stop moving. It was enough that Rita felt confident switching her efforts to another city. Given the speeds she could fly at this proved to be an easy task as she looked down at Hunington.

Eddy had been a huge help in her deciding to visit this city next. Not only had a good bit of trouble come out of it but he had good reason to suspect certain criminal elements would be moving their efforts there. This brought a large smile to her face as she fully intended to show them such efforts to escape her were futile. This thought brought an intense shot of pleasure with it as she began to descend towards the city.

Danny had been playing in his yard. Surrounded by the high fence with the front locked he felt safe. He knew better than to go outside that fenced in area without his parents. He forgot his toys and the pile of dirt he’d been shaping when he noticed the woman wearing a black and red swimsuit descending from the sky. Of course he’d seen her on the news and heard about her. His parents had made him leave the room when she’d began letting people try to injure her at the stadium but he’d heard her laughter and wondered what was going on. That night he’d snuck and watched a rerun. It had caused the young boy to experience some feelings he wasn’t entirely certain of. Those strange feelings came back a moment later as he noticed her. “Mommy, Daddy it’s the naked lady!”

Rita was made to whimper. Sure she’d heard such things before and she’d done her best to set her situation straight but to hear it come from such a young child still had some bite. Come on kid! I’m not naked. It’s the best i can do. A small laugh came from her a moment later and she breathed out her embarrassment. Well at least my body is easy on the eyes. Alright time to get to work. Taking in a deep breath Rita didn’t quite touch the ground as she began to move along the street. The neighborhood looked like as good of a starting point as she was going to find. She could already smell various narcotics and heard more than a few happenings that concerned her but nothing that struck her as worth breaking and entering.


“Miss, what are you doing?” David had been quite surprised when Rita had appeared before him. At least he was confident this was Rita. Not only did she look exactly like the woman on television but she was flying. However, she wasn’t behaving like Rita as she placed a hand against his chest just over his heart and then took hold of his wrist and took his pulse.

No. No way. “Officer when was the last time you went in for a proper physical?”

It was impossible for David to keep the surprise off his face. “Huh?”

“Your heart beat! I was thinking of abducting you so you could help with an arrest but not with a heart beat like that. You have a pretty severe blockage in there and I’m worried you might have a stroke if I got you too worked up.”

“What!” David couldn’t help the surprise off his face as he looked at the woman. He didn’t even think to resist as she continued her tactile and visual inspection of his condition. “You can’t be serious. I feel fine. I’m.”

“Going to the doctor right now.” As she spoke Rita’s voice shifted to the one she’d often used for stubborn patient. The look on the older officer’s face was one she’d seen many times before. “I’ll tell you what. You go to the doctor and get yourself on some medicine, make some changes to your diet and exercise some more and I’ll find you in a few weeks. If your condition is improved I’ll abduct you and use you as a witness then. If not then we will just have to go through this again.”

“I can’t just quit shift early!” Wait. What the hell am i talking about? She’s planning on abducting me! Why am I even going along with. David found his mind going blank when he looked into Rita’s eyes and a slight cough escaped him. “I’ll explain that it was a medical emergency and go to the doctor right now.”

“Good. We don’t want you turning this into your last day over missing a few hours of work. Now go ahead and get out of here. I need to find another abductee.”

“Wa. Wait one minute!”

Halting Rita gave the officer a smile. “Yes?”

“Can I make a suggestion? For an abductee that is and perhaps where you should head next?”

“Sure! Just please don’t recommend anyone that has a phobia of heights. I know that being abducted like this is traumatic and I really prefer to keep the experience as pleasant as possible.”


“I can’t believe it! You’re real! I mean I saw on television. But fuck! I’ve never been so glad to be a police officer. So what are we on the way to do? Did you find another drug store house? That or maybe some human trafficking?”

Rita couldn’t help but grin as she listened to the energy in Gerald’s voice. “You know officer you’re not suppose to cooperate with me. I did abduct you after all.”

“Yeah. The chief had a talk with us all just a few hours after you came to town and started arresting folks.”

“Now now. I don’t arrest anyone. That’s the police.”

The nod Gerald gave was almost rapid enough to make Rita think he was trying to injure himself. “Yeah. He said we’re not allowed to help you in anyway but he doesn’t want any of us getting hurt either. But from what David said I don’t think we’ve got to worry about you hurting any of us.”

“Oh for the love of. He called you did he?”

“Yeah.” Looking over his shoulder for a moment Gerald just watched the city below. He’d flown before but he’d never been this low to the ground or going this slow. It was high enough up to get a bird’s eye view but close enough for him to appreciate it. His eyes soon turned to Rita again though. “It’s just so amazing to meet you. Hey do you think you could abduct me again later? I know you try not to pick on any particular officer but I’m glad to be of help.”

Now Rita couldn’t help but laugh for a moment. “I’ll consider it!”

“Oh something else. Do you happen to have an email address? I know. I know. Don’t work with you because you’re breaking the law but. Honestly they’re a lot of things we could use your help with especially if what you said on television is true. We got some missing persons and some suspects and well.”

As Rita listened to Gerald she noticed a change in his tone of voice. Especially the missing persons part. I could easily track them especially if the police could give me something to work with. But the police can’t cooperate with me. “I don’t have an email address. I you know.”

“Can’t risk any ties to your secret identity. Then how about you come into the police station and just use one of our computers? I’ll even defend the evidence room. Where.”

Slowing to a stop Rita adjusted her flying position so she could better look at Gerald. “What’s going on here?”

“There is a missing kid. On the news you mentioned how surprised you were by how good your senses are. And it’s not like we’d be cooperating with you if you wanted to enter the police station and look through our files or evidence. We couldn’t stop you after all. If that’s.”

Biting down on her lower lip Rita couldn’t help but twitch. Fuck. That’s bad. And the first twenty four hours is the most important for a missing person. I probably could find the kid if I had their scent and knew what they looked like. Hell i found Eddy just by thinking about him. And that tool shop a few days ago. Fuck! I was looking through a wall. Walls! And didn’t even notice. “Okay. We were on our way to a chop shop but it looks like I’m going to be raiding the police station.”


Rita smiled as she walked across the tiled floor that looked like it could use a little more care. The station was nice though. The officer out front had seemed absolutely stunned when she walked in and only moved to stop her after she was a good six meters beyond where she should have been. Gerald had followed behind her but wasn’t making any move to stop his fellow officers. Rita for her part smiled and gave several of them a wave as she continued into the building.Okay let’s find the evidence room and find out how this kid looks. I also need to try to get their scent. Coming to a stop for a moment Rita looked around while Gerald rushed ahead to show her the way.

“Hold on miss. You can’t be back here.”

Turning to the officer Rita placed both her hands behind her back but made no move to surrender. “Well that just isn’t true. I’m not welcome back here but I can be here.” Rita continued to smile even as the officer took hold of her shoulders and gave her a slight nudge. She didn’t budge in the least. I guess he’s trying to guide me out. He probably thinks I’m someone that just looks like me or he wants to be certain. That’s fair enough. It’d look real bad if they let just any bikini clad woman have the run of the station. “I’d recommend something a bit more forceful. Maybe taze me? I don’t know about shooting me. Well go ahead but if you must then shoot me here.”

Pete didn’t just freeze physically but mentally as well as the woman parted her breasts for him. His mouth ran dry and for a moment all he could do was stare. His hands released her shoulder but he made no attempt to take hold of his sidearm.

Shaking her breasts for a moment Rita continued to smile for a moment more. “It’s the safest place. My breasts will help catch any ricochets.” Waiting another second Rita released her breasts and turned from the officer when he made no move to take hold of his sidearm. Okay we have a missing child to find and Gerald should have the evidence ready. I guess I should take him with me. As Rita began to walk again she chose not to acknowledge the two and then three officers that took hold of her in an attempt to stop her though she was careful to avoid injuring them.


“Do you think you’re going to be able to find her?” Gerald felt more than a little strange. Once again he was in the air in Rita’s arms. Unlike the last time though he found himself bundled up in a blanket she’d taken from the police station. The reason for this was fairly clear. Given their attitude things were a good bit colder and it did provide some protection from the wind when she flew.

“I’m.” Taking in a deep breath Rita remembered the little girl’s image. “I’m not certain. But I’ve really surprised myself and.” Just relax and look at all the people. Remember what you’re looking for. If this doesn’t work we’ll go to her home and I’ll track her on foot if I have to.

“Yeah. Rita this isn’t the only case like this. You said you don’t have a computer and you can’t cooperate with the police. But how about you just use a computer in the station? You don’t have to get permission. We could even try to arrest you and there is so much.”

“Found her!”


“I.” Holding her tongue Rita began to move through the air. “It’ll take us a few minutes to get there but we’re on our way.” Okay i can’t actually see her. But I know that she’s there! I just. She’s  right there in the little room at the center of the house. And. Fuck! If only there was a way to protect whoever i was carrying I’d already be there. This is going to so suck if it turns out I’m wrong but I just know she’s there.

Gerald found himself unable to see where they were going. The wind proved too much for him so instead he focused his attention on Rita’s face. Less than five minutes and she’s already found her. If only we could start working with her. Really working with her. “Hey Rita. if you ever want to abduct an officer before you’ve even found a crime I’m game. I get that it means you have to fly around slower but if you can scan the city like that.”

It’s not that I don’t see the benefits. But if the police start supporting me the evidence could be considered worthless. Even now. They’d also be legally liable and that could cause all sorts of problems. At least until I can get my senses classified as probable cause for a home invasion and well other things. But even then I’m not sure I could just conform to their rules either. “It’s a nice thought but let’s wait until some lawyers can get involved. Alright we’re here.” Landing outside of the home Rita barely resisted kicking in the door but instead used one arm to control Gerald’s fall while the other hand reached out and forced the door open shattering the lock in the process.

Gerald stumbled as a gust of wind hit him. The result of Rita rushing inside. As he looked through the door he didn’t move to follow her right away. Instead he found himself calling for backup.

Is that the kidnapper? Well of course it’s the kidnapper. It’s his home after all. Rita gave a tall slender man a quick look but didn’t wait for him to look at her. While she wasn’t certain of her exact speed she chose to hover above the ground to keep from breaking the floor as she rushed through the home. Get to the kid first. Find out what they’re. OH it’s the kid alright! I recognize that scent. I recognize both of them. Well that’s a good thing at least. Okay find out the kid’s condition and then deal with the kidnapper. If he tries to run I can catch him in less than thirty seconds.

As she came to the second door it wasn’t locked but still fractured in Rita’s hand thanks to the speed of her movement. The third however was locked and that raised her anxiety sharply even as she felt it break in her hand. Nothing in the room mattered to her as her eyes fell upon the child curled up in the corner. Her feet at last touching the ground as she moved swiftly. God I wish I had more clothes for this. “Kayla, it’s going to be alright now.”

The sound of the doors being fractured had reached the young girl though she didn’t know what was going on. She didn’t have time to think about it before the door opened and the woman stepped into the room. Instantly the child recognized the scantily clad woman from the news she’d seen a few days ago. “I want my mommy!”

As the child wrapped her arms around her Rita returned the embrace. Light bruising on the hands, wrist, right ankle and. For a moment Rita’s thought processed stopped as she gritted her teeth. Rather than say anything she took a moment to look around the room and immediately noticed the camera and the bed the child seemed determined to stay away from. She wanted to rip her nose off her face as she noticed a scent. She didn’t know whose blood it was but she knew there was several different people’s blood in the room and another scent. That various toys both of the sexual type and children's littered the floor only raised her ire.  I’m going to kill that bastard. “Let's get you out of here.”

Philip had been so caught off guard by the sound of the doors being torn to shred that he didn’t notice Gerald until he was being told to freeze. There wasn’t much time to comply though as a raven haired woman came out of the master bedroom holding Kayla and moved to stand in front of the officer.

“Gerald please hold Kayla for a moment.”

Without truly thinking Gerald had already extended his arms and taken hold of the young girl. Instinctively he stepped back only to have Rita spin around. He felt his heart skip a beat and wished that he had time to cover the young girl’s ears.

Taking hold of Philip Rita placed one hand over his mouth to cover his screams even as she drove him back against his wall. Her hand opened and reached down towards his crotch. Her fingers pressed into the fabric and then into the flesh behind it and then she froze. Looking into Philip’s eyes her voice carried more venom in it than she imagined possible. “Tell me exactly what happened in that room and why you had Kayla locked in there.” Alrighty Eddy. You said people who are scared of me have a tendency to talk. Let’s find out what this one has to say.


Gerald had remembered to cover Kayla ears as they set outside. Rita had taken Philip further inside the house and honestly he was terrified to go after them. Even pretending to stand in her way seemed utterly insane. Because he had Kayla’s ears covered he had nothing to cover his own ears. He’d heard the screams. He’d heard all the screams. He’d also heard the emergency medical technician. A crushed pelvis, left eye removed, legs crushed at the kneecap and right arm missing from shoulder down. They were other things but the most amazing one was that he was still alive though they didn’t seem hopeful that’d last long.
Too Much Exposure pages 121-132
Rita lets some people test her resistance to harm and someone finally finds the limits of her tolerance. 
Timothy held his ground for a moment. He had come in prepared to give the infant currently before him her first eye exam. He hadn’t been prepared for a set of golden eyes to be looking back at him. Not yellow or discolored but an absolutely lustrous gold. A gold that reflected the light of his pin back at him. The shade changed from region to region allowing him to make out the iris and other sections but all was gleaming gold. He couldn’t even bring himself to look away as he addressed the parents. “Did. Did she perchance receive any healing from a blessed?”

Jim easily leaned over the optometrist while he examined his daughter having well over a head of height on him.. He had to resist the urge to make faces to try and draw his daughter’s attention towards him. Not for the doctor’s sake but he didn’t want to make Rachael upset.  “No. She came out just fine. The nurses were even surprised by how she. I can’t remember the word they used. But she came out great. Head first, face down and all of that. Her mother did a great job to.”

For a moment Rachel just grinned at her husband before lightly bouncing their daughter bringing a giggle from her. “So Timothy what do you think about her eyes? Is her vision alright?”

Looking to the child once again Timothy took in a deep breath. “Her vision as far as I can tell is fine. But for the blessed condition to manifest at this early of an age and to this degree. I’ve never heard of such a thing happening. Most blessed only have a few flakes of gold in their eyes and I never heard of anything more solid than a ring.”

To this Jim gave a nod. “Yeah. Neither have we. I don’t even have any blessed in my family. I spent the last few nights up researching the earliest known manifestations and the earliest theoretical. I think about the earliest it’s happened is sixteen. So we were surprised when she first opened her eyes.”

Rachel, “We were going to wait a little longer before bringing her to see you but then her eyes actually opened. Then we figured we’d try to get a rush visit. I might have annoyed your receptionist a bit asking for an earlier time.”

“I see.” At last breaking himself away from the child Timothy stood up and stepped back so he could look at both parents. This didn’t last long though as he quickly looked back to the child. “I’d like to examine her further. Run some more tests and maybe take some samples.”

Jim remained relaxed and focused more on his daughter while Timothy had spoke. At the mention of samples though he immediately straightened up. “Wait hold on. Samples of what?”

“I’d like to examine some of the tissue of her eyes.”

By this point Rachel had moved her daughter closer to herself and prepared to stand as well. The idea of someone taking a sample of her daughter’s eyes was by no means welcome. “Doctor didn’t you just say that her eyesight is fine?”

“Well yes but.”

JIm didn’t wait. “Then why do you want to start cutting on them? I didn’t find anything showing the change to be harmful. Most of the time it’s helpful. I even read some cases where a blind kid gained the ability to see after the change.”

“Yes but those all involve eyes that are mostly mature. Your daughter’s has a lot of growing to do. I’d like to get a baseline now so that should any abnormalities show up we’ll have something to work from.”

Looking to her husband Rachel grinned for a moment as the expression on his face went blank for a moment. I guess I’m not going to have to say anything. Looking to her daughter Rachel continued to smile as her daughter turned towards her. A moment later she covered her ears.

“Bull shit. I am not going to let you cut a piece out of my daughter’s eyes, which will cause harm and I bet could be severe, so you can get a baseline. I can’t believe you’d suggest something that fucked up.”

“Mister Rolston. I assure you the procedure is quite safe.”

“Fuck that! Yeah let me see the release forms we’d have to sign before the procedure and then say that. Damn. I’d bet there is a chance she’d die just because of the pain medicines. Just.” As he spoke Jim found himself reaching towards Timothy. His hands reflexively balling up. Three times he had to force his hands to return to his side. At the same time he could feel his right leg twitching. “Rachel come on we’re leaving and we’re not coming here again.”

Moving forward Timothy quickly put himself between with the door and Jim. “Now let’s not be hasty. What are you going to do.” Timothy went silent as a sharp smack bounced off the walls followed shortly by a thump as his back met with the wall.

Shaking his hand for a moment Jim looked at the optometrist and then his wife then back to Timothy. “Don’t block the door.”

Standing up Rachel made her way past her husband and to the door while holding her little girl against her. As she moved she couldn’t help but notice Melisa looking towards the optometrist. “Don’t worry baby. Daddy just helped the mean man reflect upon his choice of words.”


April 5th 4 years later

A person’s eyes might be described as bright or full of energy. But compared to the eyes looking back at him any other eyes would have been positively duel. “Morning Melisa.” Reaching out into the darkness Jim gently ran his fingers through his daughter’s soft brown hair. He heard her chuckle a moment later and looked to the alarm clock. She’d beat the alarm by about five minutes. “Let’s not wake your mommy.”

Nodding her head Melisa turned and walked out of the room before turning and waiting for her father. He came out a moment later. “Good morning Dad.”

She takes so much after her mother. The color is mine but her hair is nice straight and soft just like her mother’s. She has her almond shaped eyes to. I bet she’ll have her full cheeks when she grows up to. Well at least she has my ears. A little on the pointy side. I’m going to need more guns for when she hits her teens. “Good morning Melisa. So what do you want to have for breakfast?”

“I’d like what you were going to fix for yourself.”

“Oh come on! Are you going to make me pick this morning?”

“Dad is a good picker.” A slight laugh came from Melisa as she turned and began to walk towards the kitchen. This wasn’t the first time they’d had this conversation.

“Well I don’t want to pick this morning. You’re going to have to.”

“Cereal is easy to fix.”

“Cereal is for when you don’t have time to fix a proper meal or I manage to ruin the food.”

“Well okay. But I get to help.”

Jim gave his head a nod as they entered the kitchen. A stove was embedded into the counter at the center of the kitchen. The sink, dish washer and several cabinets was directly behind it with the fridge off to the far side. At the end of the kitchen near the windows and away from the stove set the dining table. Most of it was covered up but a small area was left clear for those who wanted to eat there. “Sure if you pick what we’re going to eat. You’re a good picker to.”

“Eggs and toast! I get to crack the eggs!”

Jim couldn’t help but chuckle as his daughter dashed to the fridge insuring she’d get to the eggs first. He wasn’t surprised but still impressed when Melisa was already standing at the pan by the time he’d returned. He watched intently as his daughter quickly tapped the egg against the side of the pan and the shell split neatly in half. The next egg followed the same pattern and so did the next. Each shell was nearly split perfectly in two allowing the yolk to fall free with no trace of shell with a single tap and seemingly no pressure from her fingers. There was no need to worry about putting butter or oil in the pan either. He hadn’t had an egg stick since his daughter had turned eight months old.

Walking to the trash Melisa busied herself for a moment putting the egg shells into one another before closing it back up and dropping it into the trash. “I’ll get the bread now.”

She’s a blessed alright. Everything she touches just seems to go her way. I wonder how these would come out if I just left the stove on. Didn’t even try to flip them. I’m going to have to test that one of these days. It’s going to be rough learning to worry about burnt food again once she grows up and moves out. What? Jim couldn’t help but blink as he looked down at the stove and froze for a moment. The eggs set in the pan frying nicely but the dile to turn on the heat remained at zero. Indeed the stove currently lacked any flames and yet the eggs were frying nicely. Looking back to his daughter he half expected her to pull toast out of the cupboard instead of bread.

He hadn’t noticed it at first but from the moment Melisa had been conceived strange things had began to happen in their life. At first it had been subtle and only became noticeable when he considered how often it happened. It had become harder to brush off as good luck when she’d turned a year old and over the last few years it was impossible to ignore. But this had gone beyond that. In the last three years nothing had been burnt in their home. Either it was remembered in time or somehow the heating element got turned off. Two years ago every bit of meat they cooked had become perfectly cooked, fruit never seemed to rot and the milk jug always seemed to contain just enough. But to have the food seemingly cook itself was beyond that and for a moment Jim just froze.

Taking the first piece of toast from the toaster Melisa quickly bit into it to test how she’d done. A delighted moan came from her a second later. “This bread is extra buttery and sweet! Hey Dad did Mommy get a different bread this time?”

No longer worried about the eggs burning Jim placed it down and walked over to his daughter. Took one of the slices she hadn’t claimed and bit into it. The bread is so dense and this flavor. It’s like french toast with the syrup baked in! “Wow Mlisa. You’re really good at toasting bread aren’t you?” Jim couldn’t help but laugh a moment later as his daughter blushed even as she grinned.

“Because Mommy taught me how to make it.”

I doubt that. But. Wow. This is new. Is she actually able to produce heat now? And what did she change about the bread? I wonder. If I should have this looked into. Oh God! Am I seriously thinking about having a slice of bread examined? But what did she do? Maybe she changed the form of the sugars inside of it? It feels different but maybe it’s a texture thing due to that structural change. “Hey Melisa this bread is so good how about you make some extra for my lunch today?”


Yep I’m going to have bread examined. Then again. After I tell them about the eggs I think they’ll be interested. Walking back to the pan for a moment Jim just looked at the perfectly cooked eggs. As he did he couldn’t help but feel they looked a bit larger than what they’d been before as well. “So Melisa what are you and your mommy going to do today?”

“Yesterday mommy said we could take the table out of the living room and practice dancing some more.”

“More? You mean you’ve been practicing this whole time and I haven’t gotten to see any?” Plating the food Jim could hear the alarm clock going off in the bedroom as he did. Yeah. Just when the food is done the clock goes off. It’s been that way for over a year now. Looking to his daughter once again Jim still held a smile. Does she even realize she’s doing this? Dust doesn’t stick. It’s blown outside. The oven just happens to turn off in time to avoid burning anything. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to misplace my keys at home. When was the last time we had a broken plate or had to replace a light bulb? I think the last light bulb was two years ago.

Running around to the same side of the stove as her father Melisa placed her right foot in front of the other and slightly bent at the knees in a slight bow. A moment later she leaped into the air placing her hands together and spinning around. As she returned to the ground she more landed on her toes than anything else sweeping her legs forward as she moved. With each movement her motions came faster and gained energy.

“Oh!” Clapping his hands together Jim looked at the narrow space his daughter was in. She didn’t even bump into anything. Yeah. It has been over three years since I last stubbed my toe or mashed my finger at home either. I haven’t even burned myself while cooking. She’s a blessed alright but I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone being this well protected from misfortune.

Grinning widely Melisa blushed slightly before looking past her father. “Good morning mommy! I made you some toast.”

“Thank you darling.” Taking her seat at the table Rachel waited for her daughter to bring her plate. She didn’t bother telling her not to run in the kitchen. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d failed to duck or weave her way around any obstacles. She wasn’t even certain if Melisa knew what it felt like to trip. These thoughts vanished from her mind as she bit into the toast and immediately noted the sweet buttery flavor. “So how did the eggs turn out?”

Placing his plate opposite of his wife Jim grinned as Melisa came to set next to him. Ha she’s daddy’s girl this morning! “I’m not certain. I think i might have burned them.”

“Nope!” As she spoke Melisa’s words were slightly muffled by her mouthful of food. “It’s really good dad. Mommy when you cook breakfast tomorrow can we make pancakes?”

“I don’t see why not.”

Looking at his plate for a moment Jim marveled at the taste of the eggs. He didn’t know what kind of reasoning had been used in them but it wasn’t just salt and pepper. Did I even put pepper on the eggs? I swear Rachel might wake up and find the pancakes have already prepared themselves.


So the commercials are still here. I guess she can’t take every annoyance out of our life. A relieved sigh came from Rachel as she looked towards her daughter who was currently busying herself with a coloring book. “What are you coloring there sweetheart?”

“A brave warrior.”

“OH? He looks like a frog to me.”

“He was turned into a frogman by an evil mage. Mommy why do you think the mage turned him into a frogman when it made him better?”

Standing up Rachel moved to set next to her daughter who was lying in the floor. “What do you mean?”

“Well now he can jump and swim better than he could as a human. And he can even use his tongue like a wip. Oh and he can even sense heat now!” As she spoke Melisa began to flip through the coloring book showing off different demonstrations of the frog in action.

“My that does sounds silly of him. Maybe he thought the knight would give up after he was turned into a frog and go into hiding. Or maybe he just didn’t take him seriously enough. In either case that’s pretty silly of the mage isn’t it?”

“Yep!” Placing her crayons down and inspecting her work for a moment Melisa looked back to her mother. “Mommy Peter said that I should color Frog likes he’s a human again but if he was human again he couldn’t jump like he can now. He didn’t want to become a frog person but changing him back would mean he couldn’t do all these neat things. What is better? I mean. If he couldn’t jump like a frog white mage would have fallen to her death!”

Looking to the picture and her daughter Rachel looked into her eyes for a moment. She’s so young right now and she can already change things. What is she going to be able to do when she gets older? “Well. What does Frog want?”

“He wants to be human again. But then people would get hurt!”

Nodding her head Rachel placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder and gave her a big smile. “Then you should ask Frog what he wants. I’m sure he knows how much his body has helped him and his friends. He might change his mind. But in either case you should always ask before changing someone’s body.”

Looking to the coloring book for a moment Melisa placed her finger on Frog for a moment. “Like when I really want chocolate ice cream but when we finally get some I want strawberry instead?”

Rachel couldn’t help the light laugh that escaped her. God I hope transforming a human is never as easy for you as going out and buying ice cream. “Yes! I remember a little lady raising quite a fuss when she thought she wasn’t going to get ice cream. But as much as you wanted chocolate in that moment when you finally got it you didn’t want it.”

“Mommy. I’m going to keep coloring Frog as a frog knight.”


April 5th Night

“So what did they say?” Currently Rachel was setting in her and Jim’s bed. She was supported by several pillows that had come to mold themselves perfectly to her body. The material shifting around just perfectly over the years for her. They were one of several such examples.

Jim was just out of site in their private bathroom more trying to cut himself than trying to shave these days. Okay I know if I actually try to cut myself I can do it. But no matter how fast I try to shave I just don’t injure myself. I wonder. “Rachel if I had skin cancer do you think I’d cut it out by accident?”

“Only if your natural killer cells let it get that far. And after these last two years I don’t see how they could miss it.”

“Natural killer cells? Do they fight cancer?”

“They kill anything they detect as wrong. Now what did they say about the bread.”

Putting his razor down Jim looked at the blade for a moment. “You know I think my razor is actually getting shar.”


A slight chuckle came from Jim as he finished changing the subject. He knew better to do so when he came back into the bedroom. Upsetting Rachel while in her line of site wasn’t a good idea in general. “I don’t remember how they put it but they found butter, syrup, more egg protein than normal and some spices in that bread. They think that Melisa might have restructured the protein and sugars of the bread. They uh. They wanted to know what the mass of the bread was before she put it into the toaster. Like I’m going to know the mass of each slice of bread. I don’t even know the mass of one slice of bread!”

For a moment Rachel went silent as she took a moment to chew on what she’d been told. “They don’t think she’s creating mass do they?”

“I don’t think so. I didn’t ask.”

They are blessed that can do remarkable things but none of them have been able to create mass. Then again none were born with the gold and none have ever had solid gold eyes either. “Jim what’s the most gold a blessed has ever had in their eye?”

“A solid gold ring around the iris is the most I could find. Normally it’s just little flakes drifting in the eye itself. Are you thinking that Melisa might have added to the bread?”

After a moment of silence Rachel gave her head a slight shake. “No. Even if she made the bread heavier I’m certain she drew the material from elsewhere. Probably the eggs in the fridge and we have plenty of butter.”

“You can never have enough butter.” Finally laying down next to his wife Jim looked over at her. He didn’t risk closing his eyes just yet. They both knew the moment they tried to sleep they’d be out. Melisa had proven a superb sleeping aid. “Do you ever wonder what might happen if she didn’t want us to wake up?”

It was a taboo subject when Melisa was awake. As much as they loved their daughter and as much good as her power had done them both were certain of what would happen if she turned that power against them. She was still a child after all. “Do you think it’s because she’s one of the blessed? I don’t think I’ve ever heard the words I hate you out of her mouth or had her close a door in my face once.”

“I have. The door closed in my face that is.”

“You were chasing her with broccoli. That doesn’t count.”

Jim couldn’t help but laugh as he felt himself sink into his pillow. He could feel sleep coming over him heavily now. “She always eats it though. She just likes to play at being naughty.” And may God help us all if she ever decides to try truly being mean.


April 7th

Melisa stepped lightly, especially as she moved past her parents’ bedroom. The house was quiet and the sun wouldn’t be up for awhile yet. The hardwood floor didn’t make the slightest squeak beneath her feet and there was no need to turn on the lights. Unlike her parents her eyes could cut through the darkness with ease.  Mom and dad will be so happy to wake up to breakfast already being made.

Moving into the kitchen instinct took over as the young girl retrieved a plate from the cupboard and moved to the toaster. Okay. I could try to make the toast special today. I could add some butter and some jelly. Oh! Maybe I could make french toast. At last Melisa’s feet made some sound as she dashed over to the stove. But I’m not supposed to turn the stove on without Mom and Dad. I could mix the eggs and cinnamon up for dad though so they could make the toast easily! But what if they don’t want french toast this morning?

No. First I need to make sure we have enough bread. I bet I could make some french toast though if I was really careful. Biting down on her lower lip and moving to the cupboard Melisa’s lips parted into an open smile as she opened it up and looked inside. She could tell from the coloration of the bread that it had already been prepared. An entire loaf of french toast set within the cupboard alongside of what remained from the previous days.

Neat! I didn’t know they had bread like this. Except. Looking at the bread for a moment Melisa had a feeling that something was strange as she felt the bread and a moment it became clear. The bread is warm! But no one else is up! Is someone in the house? Tossing the bread to the side and dashing into the living room her little hands gripped the doorknob and turned it sharply. It didn’t move in the least.

Several minutes later of searching her home for possible intruders and Melisa found herself setting in the kitchen looking at the loaf of toast before her. Where did it come from? Did I? What else would mommy and daddy like for breakfast? Oranges! Instead of standing up Melisa soon focused her attention on a plate before her. I want an orange. I want a sweet orange. I want a juicy sweet orange that taste like it’s been salted and no seeds! Oh and lots of vitamins to! A really healthy orange that taste wonderful. Oh it could taste like candy! But not orange candy.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was like an orange but like candy to. Like a real candy fruit! It wouldn’t have to be orange either. A purple candy fruit that’s good for you, with no seeds and sweet skin. As these thoughts ran through her head Melisa didn’t notice she was beginning to swing her legs in excitement, her lips had parted into an open smile and more importantly the light had began to bend around a large section of the plate. As if a light fog had settled into a circle, a bubble and finally she noticed when it seemed like a glass orb set upon the table. A glass orb that was rapidly filling up as her thoughts settled upon a final result.

“Daddy! Mommy!”

She was awake and fully aware. As Rachel set up in bed the regular fatigue of waking up in the morning was entirely gone. She felt energized ready and she knew her daughter was calling for her. She didn’t have to question Jim as he’d already climbed out of bed and was making his way towards the kitchen. Well that beat a cup of coffee.

Okay calm down. Nothing is wrong with Melisa. You’d already know it if she was screaming for help. But she does want us awake. Which. I guess means she just forced us to wake up by yelling for us. A sigh came from Jim just before he entered the kitchen. “What is it Melisa? Are you alright?”

“Look what I made!” As she spoke Melisa held the bright purple and pink fruit up towards her parents. The shiny skin stood out vibrantly despite the limited light in the room.

Rachel came in a few steps behind Jim. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the fruit and she had to wonder. “Made?”

“Yeah! I was thinking about making you and daddy breakfast! Then I started thinking about what fruit you’d like and I started thinking of a candy fruit. And it’s here now! Hey maybe I can make some for each of us.” I want more candy fruit! I want one, no, I want three for each of us. As she focused her intent on the table Melisa felt a tingle ripple through her skin and a delightful radiance from the back of her skull.

Looking to the table Jim didn’t even notice as he jaw dropped open. Nine of the same fruit Melisa was holding had appeared on the table. This surprise was added onto as he felt something suddenly pushed into his mouth. A soft texture covered in a thick syrup that carried a sweetness which radiated throughout his entire mouth hit him so hard he didn’t even gag. Indeed as his mouth shut he hardly remembered not to chew as he looked to his daughter.

“You try some to Mommy.” As she spoke Melisa pulled another section of the fruit off and held it up towards her mother.

For a moment Rachel feared her hands might move without her consent. Yet three seconds later they remained where they had been while her smiling daughter held the fruit up towards her. A wave of relief ran throughout her entire body bringing a massive smile with it as she looked down at her daughter and then took the slice from her. “Well JIm. What should I expect?”

God I hope this stuff isn’t addictive or I might already be hooked! It had taken a moment but Jim had finally allowed himself to chew. “It’s great! It seems like it may be on the fattening side.” Jim didn’t get to finish.

“Nope! I made sure to make it really healthy. I wanted it to be even healthier for you than an orange.”

She made those. She just wanted them and they were there. I know she’s been influencing the neighborhood. When Barbra mentioned wanting a rose bush a wild one grew in her yard in just a few weeks. Except it wasn’t even a wild one. It was like a gardener had been maintaining the thing through its entire growth. Hell I’m pretty sure I’ve brought things home broken only to wake up to them being fixed! But this is. Where could the matter have come from? How is she even combining it like this? For a moment Jim’s thoughts were silenced as he heard his own stomach growl. Before he could even say anything Melisa had placed another fruit in his hand. “Well aren’t you going to eat some?”

“Yeah!” Moving to the table and picking up one of the fruit unlike her parents Melisa eagerly bit into the fruit. A sharp gasp came from her a moment later. “It’s really great!”

Moving to her daughter Rachel picked up one of the fruit. She didn’t worry about the safety of the fruit. Years of experience with Melisa told her that it’d be safe. “Of course it is. You made it.”

“I made it for you and daddy. Oh! I wonder what else I could make. I want to try making something else!”

Jim couldn’t help but flinch as his daughter began to look around the room. This isn’t normal. I don’t remember any blessed just creating something out of thin air. They can encourage grow and add energy but I don’t remember any of them just making food. And even that only happens when they’re well into their teens! But none of them have Melisa’s eyes either. Exactly what is going on here? “Hold on a.”

“I know!”

Rachel looked to her husband for just a moment before following after her daughter who had already dashed out of the kitchen. She didn’t have to run far as they came to the living room. Where once had stood a well worn but comfortable sofa and recliner now stood a brand new living room set. The intricately worked material insured she recognized it immediately. “Melisa?”

“It’s the furniture you wanted from the magazine mommy! Now I need to do something for daddy.” Clapping her hands excitedly Melisa didn’t even wait for her parents to respond before she began to move again. She didn’t make it far though as she felt a set of arms take hold of her.

“Hold on now little lady!” Jim quickly scooped up his daughter into a hug both to keep her from going on a reality warping rampage and to show his affection. “Let’s take a moment and cool our heads about this.”

“But Dad! It’s so neat. I know what I want to do for you now to. I’ll change all your work clothes so they’re like the work clothes you got for Christmas. The really nice ones that help provide support. Oh! I bet I can do it like the fruit! I could make it even better. Hey I should make Mom’s sofa better to! Hey Dad do you think I could create a maid for mommy?”

“Let’s hold up! No trying to create people right now.”

“But I could make it so she’s happy to be a maid! Oh but she wouldn’t have to be a human. I could.”

Despite his best efforts Jim couldn’t keep all the concern out of his voice. “Hold on Melisa! Let’s just hold on for a bit and check out what you’ve already done for us. Then maybe you can create more. But before that. Melisa I want you to promise me. You won’t create any people, animals, animal people or change any people without your mother and my permission.”

A sharp giggle escaped Melisa as her father picked her up and brought her into a hug. Immediately she looked up into his eyes. “But dad! They’d be happy and I’d take good care of them!”

Crossing her arms Rachel tried to take on as authoritative a voice as she could despite the situation. She needs to know that just creating life is wrong and we don’t approve of such attempts. “You mean like Andrew was happy at first?”

“Or maybe Hall.”

Melisa’s father words immediately drew her attention to him. “I wouldn’t make her mean like Hall!”

“But Hall wasn’t meant Melisa. He was just following his programming to the best of his abilities. He was crazy!” As he spoke Jim livened upon the declaration of the robot’s insanity bringing a giggle from his daughter. As he resumed though his tone was more serious. “A sentient being is a very complex thing. Hall’s creators never meant for him to go insane after all. And while you might have the best intentions you’ve got a lot to learn about people. So no creating life. Okay?”

Please just say yes. Rachel tried to keep how nervous she felt from showing. But as Melisa looked to her father and then her to her father and her again she could feel her heart beat speeding up. Perhaps she can’t create sentient life. Maybe she couldn’t even create an animal. But if she can. She’s such a sweetheart and well behaved. But. Taking in a deep breath to steady herself. No. She’s our daughter and she’s a good girl. There is no reason to be scared.

“Okay no making people or animals.”

Jim, “Or self aware plants.”

“Ah! Daddy!” Giving a slight snort Melisa pushed lightly against her father’s chest as if trying to break away. There was no real force behind the push as there was no real desire.

“I figured I should include that.”

“I wanted to make singing flowers.”
Overabundance pages 1-12
Melisa's parents always knew there daughter was special. Unlike most parents her golden eyes made this fairly evident. However, now they begin to learn just how special she is. To my readers. I'm probably going to work some on Too Much Exposure after this and then maybe a giantess short or do some more with Dominous or Overwhelming. I'm not certain. I do feel like it's been a while since I wrote something involving a giantess.
He’d just bumped into the wall again. She didn’t move in the least. He was trying to put some more distance between the two of them but he couldn’t. At least not without leaving the room and that would make their parents angry with him. Her chest hurt. There wasn’t anything wrong with it but Fallyn’s chest hurt and she allowed herself the slightest bit of movement to place her hand upon it. This was the thirty first night like this and the pain wasn’t getting any better and the situation wasn’t either.

He was awake again. Sleep had been a constant battle for Alex for several weeks now. Fear was the first thing keeping him awake. Fear of the monster that looked like a young girl across the room from him. Anger came in second. Anger at his parents for not believing him when he tried to tell them what happened. Then there was his own body. Whenever he’d just begin to doze off his body would move and he’d strike the wall or something else waking him up. It was better than ending up in the floor of course. Now he was awake and his knee stung having somehow hit the wall before the rest of him when he’d turned. His body froze up as he heard movement in the bed across the room.

This won’t do. “Alex. Please don’t be scared of me. I won’t hurt you. I’m still your little sister.” Falleyn forced herself to smile as Alex turned to face her forgetting for the moment that his eyes couldn’t cut through the darkness like hers. He couldn’t hear her heart beating either but she could hear his.

“You tore his legs off. You tore his legs off and you laughed while doing it.” As Alex spoke he pulled his covers up around him instinctively. He knew that it wouldn’t do any good if Fallyn decided to cross the room. He had a pocket knife hidden under his pillow but he knew that wouldn’t do any good either.

She bit down on her lower lip for a moment. The pain helped diminish the pain in her chest. “He wasn’t a human.”

She’d told him this before. Alex wasn’t certain that he believed her. He sure had looked like a human when she was ripping him apart except after words.. But that didn’t matter in this situation. “You were laughing.”

“But that. I.” Carefully lifting her covers Fallyn made it a point to move slowly both as she raised up and as she turned to the side to lower her feet to the ground. She could feel the tears rolling down her nine year old cheeks but Alex couldn’t see them and she did her best to keep them out of her voice. “I’ll spend the night in the game room so you can get some sleep. You need it. After all.”

Taking in a deep breath Alex could feel the hairs on the back of his neck standing up as Fallyn moved across the room. He didn’t know if it was better for her to be in the room or somewhere outside.

“Alex. You can lock the door if you want. I’ll just take my morning stuff with me so mom and dad won’t know. I can just tell them I woke up early and wanted to play some games instead of going back to. To sleep.”

You don’t sleep. The words were right on the tip of his tongue but Alex clinched his teeth together rather than let them out. It’s something he’d learned during his first few sleepless nights. That the monster who smiled at him with the face of a child and called him big brother truly didn’t sleep. It made him wonder. In the past when she snuggled up to him asking for protection from the nightmares what was she truly doing? He heard the drawer sliding against the cabinet and knew she was gathering her things now. If you don’t need sleep why didn’t you do that sooner?

She sniffled as the door clicked behind her. Her throat was hot now and her chest hurt. Squeezing her belongings more firmly against her body Fallyn was careful as she walked down the hall to avoid making any sounds. I don’t want to wake mom and dad up or they’re going to be mad at brother. I shouldn’t cry either. They’ll blame him if they hear me. But why can’t he believe me? I haven’t done anything to hurt him or his parents and. Despite her efforts Fallyn was made to sniffle again as she walked down the upstairs hall towards the game room.

The game room had nearly been her room. Her adoptive parents had planned to fix it up but she didn’t want to be alone. So they had asked Allex to let her move into his room and fixed up what was to be her room into a game room for them to share. He’d agreed and she’d been grateful. Now it looked as if it was becoming her room as she settled down on the old couch that set in front of the television. She made no move to lay down. Instead she looked at her reflection.

The reflection had her messy shoulder length brown hair, her fair skin, the smile that was a little too big for her face and button nose but it didn’t have her eyes. While normally her eyes were a radiant blue the reflection that looked back at her had crimson eyes. She didn’t flinch. It was a face she’d seen many times before. “You didn’t have to growl at him. If. If you’d just been a bit nicer. If you hadn’t.” Wrapping her arms around herself Fallyn took in a deep breath. Of course the reflection didn’t speak back to her. It wore the same frown that she did.

Pulling her knees up to her chest and leaning back into the seat her eyes didn’t leave the screen as she continued to watch herself. Soon the eyes shifted. The crimson went away and she found the her in the screen now had the same blue eyes she did. For a moment she removed her eyes from the screen and looked to the door to make sure it was shut before she let the tears begin to truly flow.

I didn’t know he was there. I didn’t know he was so close! I didn’t know he was watching over me! If I had I could have used it better. But I just wanted to have some fun and I didn’t mean to growl at him like that! If I had just recognized it was brother sooner I wouldn’t have growled.


Fallyn had heard someone downstairs in the kitchen and wasn’t surprised to find her mother there. Currently the waffle iron was plugged in and there was already two waffles plated and cooling. She could smell the coffee brewing as her mother focused on the ipad laying on the table. It would be so easy to sneak up on her now. For a moment she froze feeling her teeth twitch slightly. “Good morning!”

Rebecca gave a large smile as she heard her daughter’s voice behind her and glanced over her shoulder. Her smile was echoed by Fallyn’s who was currently standing in the doorway already dressed for the day. Is this really the child that a year ago didn’t know she had to bath every day or two? “Good morning. I see someone that is ready for the day.”

“I woke up early.”

“Really? Was your brother snoring that loudly?”

“No!” Giving a slight laugh Fallyn continued in the kitchen to stand near her mother. “Can I help?”

“You can clean this place.” As she spoke Rebecca handed her daughter one of the plates holding a waffle. “So if it wasn’t Alex’s snoring what has you awake this early?”

Taking the plate from her mother Fallyn didn’t have to move far to find the syrup which she didn’t hesitate to soak her plate in before moving to the table and setting down so that she could still see Rebecca. “I wanted to play the playstation some more.” Fallyn pushed her grin even further when Rebecca gave a sigh.

“You’ve really taken to that machine. Have you cleared your brothers entire collection already?”

“Not yet. I’m about halfway through.”

Plating another waffle Rebecca put the final one on for herself. “Eward get your tail in here because I’m not eating the cold one!” Looking to her daughter once again Rebecca glanced towards her daughter. Much of her body was obscured by the table but what she could see spoke of her life before. Her upper body was covered by a bright blue long sleeved shirt with a few purple stripes the sleeves were clearly pulled more tightly against her arms then they should be. Each time she’d lift the fork to her mouth it could be seen being pushed outwards by the muscles beneath.

As Edward entered the kitchen Fallyn’s every word was muffled by a half mouth full of waffle. “Morning Dad!”

Edward’s first response was to answer his daughter’s greeting but it came out as a long yawn instead. “Morning. Blast I wish I could have either of your energy in the morning.” Stretching his arms and giving a slight grunt as he heard his joints popping Edward made his way over to Rebecca to give her a quick kiss before taking the plate that had been setting the longest. Moving back to the table he took a moment to inspect Fallyn. “Well someone is ready for school. How have your classes been going?”

“They’re fun! Miss Coffee has been letting me use my spelling time for self study and reading. She even said that if I keep going at this rate she’s going to have to speak with sixth grade teachers for me.”

“How did you manage that?”

“I finished all the vocabulary questions and definitions in my spelling book. I’ve also been doing really good on my tests so she said so long as I keep my grades up I can use that time to do other work.”

“Now that is something. Do you think you’re going to catch up to your brother?” Edward felt his morning fatigue fading as he noticed the grin on Fallyn’s face even as she turned her eyes down towards her food.

“Dad. I couldn’t do that he’s years ahead.”

“He won’t be for long. If he doesn’t wake up!” As he raised his voice Edward leaned back in his seat and turned so it was directed upstairs and towards the room of his children. A moment later he heard movement upstairs and turned his attention back to his wife and daughter. It is really impressive. From the way her teachers have been talking they might need to move her ahead a year. Well we knew she was special when Sam brought her here.

Fallyn was quick to finish chewing as she turned towards the door in order to greet Alex has he entered. “Good morning Alex!” Even as the words left her pain greeted her as she noticed him wince upon hearing her voice.

Damn it! Immediately Alex turned his attention towards his parents and was made to breath a sigh of relief as neither of them seemed to notice him flinching in fear. “Good morning.” Moving into the kitchen his worries diminished sharply as his mother handed him breakfast. It didn’t vanish though as he looked to his father and the monster playing at being his sister. Keep moving. Don’t show them you’re scared. You’ll just get in trouble. Setting down Alex gave his monster a quick glance and even forced a smile before turning to his food. I guess I’m getting better at hiding it at least.


“Hey Kiddo. Where is your brother?”

She felt her fangs wanting to descend and every muscle in her body tense. Her eyes narrowed for just a moment and then the anger was gone as she recognized the person despite her beast’s desires. Even now she hadn’t grown use to someone actually being able to sneak up on her. Her cheeks were actually made to redden slightly from embarrassment both from her response and that someone managed to consistently sneak up on her. “Hi Sam!”

The distance between the bus stop and Fallyn’s adoptive family’s home required a bit of a walk or a drive. Taking roughly fifteen minutes to walk unless you took a short cut. The narrow path would have been a poor fit for such a large vehicle and with only one house down the road there was no expecting the driver to make the trip. The entire thing was surrounded by trees providing a level of privacy. Normally it would have been very private walk as well with no one else around but Sam somehow seemed to ignore that fact.

Even as she looked at Sam’s smiling face the fact that he seemed to completely disregard such large distances troubled her a bit. Standing a bit on the short side Sam’s black hair was cut short almost seemingly to match his height. A large smile never seemed to leave his face and his bright blue eyes seemed full of energy. His body was hard to discern as he always seemed to favor heavier clothing. Today he wore a black jacket that made it impossible to guess what was truly underneath. Yet even if one ignored how he seemed to come and go Fallyn couldn’t help but notice how he moved as well.

“He’s taking the shortcut isn’t he?”


“Figured. Well that gives us sometime to have a short talk.”

Grinning for a moment Fallyn continued to walk. “He’s still scared of me. I tried telling him that he doesn’t need to be afraid. That I won’t hurt him. That I’m still his little sister. But It’s been over a month now. He only sleeps well if I go out of the room.” Looking down to the ground for a moment Fallyn returned her eyes to Sam when he put a hand on her back.

“Have you considered telling your parents?”

“I can’t do that! They might not let me stay and it could put them in danger. Just knowing what I am could get them hurt.”

“Oh how short sighted of me. It’s not like living with them puts them in danger.”

You’re using that word on purpose was just on the tip of Fallyn’s tongue when the truth of Sam’s statement hit her. “I. I need to hurry up so I don’t miss my buss.”

“Huh? Well yeah I guess we’re running short on time.” Sam couldn’t help but chuckle as despite what he’d told Fallyn she shot him an annoyed glance.

“You’re not exactly tall yourselves! I can’t help it if I’m the smallest in my class.”

“Your bus.” Sam felt his smile growing as Fallyn growled lightly before turning and sprinting away.


Pinch me if I’m cute. Fallyn’s cheeks were positively burning. A mixture of embarrassment and annoyance brought an intensity to her cheeks that she rarely felt. It didn’t help that no less than five people had pinched her on the buss before she’d noticed the sign on her back. She didn’t need to think in order to know who had put the sign there. Only one person had touched her back since she’d woken up that morning and only one person was stealthy enough to leave it there without her knowing.

“Well at least you know you’re cute.” Jessica couldn’t help but laugh when Fallyn responded by dropping her head to the table with enough force that several people looked in their direction.

“You’re one of the ones that pinched me.”

“Well yeah! You’re cute after all.” This time Jessica managed to keep herself from laughing as Fallyn looked at her. The annoyance was still clear on her face but there was something else there now. “You’re smiling.”

“I am not.”

“Yes you are.”

“Class.” Grinning Melissa chose not to call out her students specifically but she looked to both Jessica and Fallyn for a moment. “No talking during the lesson. Or would you like to come up here and work the problem.” A sigh escaped Melissa a second later as Fallyn looked up from her desk and gave her a huge grin. One that told her the child already could solve the problem. I hate it when that doesn’t work.

As Melissa returned to the lesson Jessica gave her friend another smile but didn’t say anything else. Unlike Fallyn she didn’t like her odds of correctly solving the problem on the board.

She was ahead in her class work. Fallyn had been behind in the beginning thanks to her time living alone. She had no trouble catching up with the class though between her intelligence and having no need for sleep. Indeed these days she didn’t want to sleep. Yet as she sat in the classroom with her actions restricted she couldn’t keep her mind from wandering and that was almost as bad as the lack of sleep.

If mom, dad and brother are home I can probably protect them. But if the fight got bad enough I could end up revealing the truth to them and how would they respond then? And what about when they’re not at home? If I was tracked to here they could wait until my family was away and then go after them. If I told them they could try to protect themselves. But then they might make me leave! That and the knowledge could be dangerous to! If one of the others found out they know about us they might be killed. But thanks to me brother already knows. And others might kill them anyway just to be certain. As these thoughts ran through her head Fallyn was careful to maintain her smile but her blush was fading.


February 11th one month ago

Standing two meters tall with broad shoulders, a clearly toned body and a menacing air about him Markus had been an imposing figure as a human. Then his sire had found him and he’d gone from menacing to terrifying. Many would go out of their way to avoid him or at least let him pass. So he’d been surprised when the young girl had managed to get so close without his noticing but had chosen to reveal her. He knew the moment she’d revealed herself that she wasn’t truly a little girl.

“Hi my name is Fallyn. What’s yours?”

“Markus. It’s rare to see someone turned so young. What brings you this far from the city?”

“I live here. I’ve noticed you stalking around a bit and thought you were just passing through. But you’ve been around awhile.”

“You live here? There is better feeding in the city you know. But you’re right. I’ve got my reasons for being here.” Markus couldn’t help but feel strange as Fallyn continued to smile. Willing his beast to the surface he took in a breath of air that he didn’t need. Strange. I can’t smell the strength of her blood but she’s clearly one of us. Very strange.

“Drat. Well. I don’t mean to interfere with you. But you’ve been stalking some of my humans. So I’d appreciate it if you’d leave.”

A slight snort escaped Markus and was followed by a growl. “Leave already? We’re just getting to know one another. I know the feeding is thin in this area but they’re enough humans for the two of us.”

After a moment of silence Fallyn gave her head a slight shake before smiling. As she did she made it a point to extend her fangs. “Unfortunately I’m a poor host and you’re not welcome within my territory. Now please move along.”

Taking in a deep breath Markus resisted snorting this time as a familiar scent hit his nose mixed in with her blood. “I see. That’s who you meant by stalking your humans. You’ve got yourself taken in by some of the locals. How long have you been playing as their child? Sure that body lets you play the sympathy card easy but it won’t last for long at all. Then again. Maybe you’ve already taken care of that. Formed a blood bond with them or has that yet come?”

“I have no intention of forming such a bond!” Grinning Fallyn placed her hands behind her back and gave her shoulders a shrug. “But we have bonded and for you to recognize that scent worries me.” As she spoke Fallyn felt her heart rate speeding up and she reached within herself finding her anger, her rage and her hunger. She didn’t have to reach far. It was always there. Letting it out was always easy. The hard part was keeping control. “But for you to recognize that scent means now I can’t let you leave.”

A huge grin formed on Markus’s face and he flashed his fangs at Fallyn. Several slight pops could be heard and he felt his fingers stretching. A sensation akin to stretching one’s fingers after a long period of rest moved through his hands and grew stronger as they changed shape. His nails lengthening and hardening into claws while the skin grew thick and dark.His lips parted to speak but instead a roar escaped him as he lunged forward and thrust his claws forward thinking to impale Fallyn instead of slashing her. Fast!

As Markus moved forward so did she despite his greater reach. The blood was positively pounding in her arteries now and she could feel every muscle in her body tensing in excitement ready to explode. The air smelt sweet as she sensed the blood in her opponent. She felt her hair be tugged on ever so slightly both by the wind as she pushed through it with dizzying speed and by Markus’s claw as a few strands just tickled it. Thrusting her hand forward her tiny fist met with a layer of fat before pushing further and encountering a solid wall of muscle. Then it pushed further still. Markus’s advance stopped and then reversed.

Markus felt the hills of his boots grind against the leaves and twigs for just a moment before he brought himself to a stop. His legs tensed to maintain his footing. Even as he drew back from the fist it felt like it still remained in his stomach. A fucking Daeva and she’s fast! Some bitch wanting to play at family. “So kid. Did you get taken from your mommy or was she the one that turned you wanting to be a family forever?” Fuck!

Fallyn’s lips parted into a massive smile revealing her fangs as she looked into Markus’s eyes. A harsh grinding filled the air as her feet pressed against the ground the force shredding the plant material beneath them and sending her forward in a blur of speed. Her leg struck out and landed solidly in Markus’s side bringing out a mixture of a growl and laugh. It vanished a moment later as Markus’s claw found Fallyn’s throat cutting so deeply into it that the flow of air to her mouth was disrupted as it found a new opening.

Markus grinned as Fallyn recoiled from his attack. Reaching into himself he felt his vitae move from his veins and into his flesh. Just beneath his shirt his flesh was made to bulge and ripple as his ribs shifted underneath his skin moving back into place. The feeling of relief that came with the damage being repaired was almost enough to make the feeling of his expended vitae worth it. Moving forward he once again struck out shifting his hand as he did so not seeking to just impale or slash Fallyn but to rip a chunk of her flesh out. The feeling of her tiny fist meeting with his wrist brought a moment of pain and a chill ran down his spine when he heard her laughing. Realization set in as he looked down into her crimson eyes. Fuck! She’s using her beast!  

A cry of delight and roar escaped Fallyn as she surged forward. No blood flowed from her neck despite the severity of the wound but it did move. Her muscles surged with additional strength as she once again drove her fist into Markus this time a sharp crack could be heard and he was driven back. Unlike last time though she didn’t give him the luxury of a retreat but rushed forward.


His ribs were broken. They were broken in ways they’d never been before. Markus could feel them shifting inside his chest as he tried to crawl across the ground. His supernaturally augmented endurance and shape shifting hadn’t been anywhere near enough to endure the attack of the tiny monster. He had realized too late the simple truth. When she’d first hit him she hadn’t been expending any of her vitae. That had become blatantly obvious when her punches had shifted from bone breaking to positively bone shattering. Now his fortitude discipline was the only thing keeping him from falling into torpor as he tried to crawl away. “No. Wait. I can.” A cry of pain escaped him instead of words as the tension on his leg suddenly increased.

Fallyn had allowed Markus to crawl a few meters across the ground before she’d taken hold of his leg. Now standing between his legs with her arms wrapped around his thighs she pressed her foot against his crotch crushing it as she began to increase the force. She didn’t say anything only laugh as she felt the tension increasing. Markus’s muscles were made to strain against hers and yet despite hers being much smaller hers were clearly winning. The pop of stretching and breaking tendons, muscle and clothes  made that clear.

She’s going to rip off my legs! His ribs were shattered, His right arm was so mangled he couldn’t move it and he was dangerously low on vitae. Despite that he roared and tried to raise up once again intending to sink his claws into her. A sudden exertion from her foot and jerk on his legs sent him slamming back down onto the forest floor and yet the tension continued to raise. This time when he opened his mouth only a scream came out as the limbs were detached from his body. Yet mixed in with the scream was Fallyn’s positively delighted laughter.

Looking down at the helpless prey before her pure joy ran through Fallyn’s body. Her smile grew larger by fully extending her fangs as she looked down upon him. Since the fight had begun and she’d awoken her beast she hadn’t said a word. Now she spoke. “I’m going to drink you.”


Alex couldn’t help his trembling. Hiding behind a tree in a crouched position he didn’t even notice his crotch had became wet. What’s going on? Who is that man? That can’t be Fallyn! She said her humans. Does that mean she’s not human? There is no way she could be human! Those weren’t the eyes of a human and the way she moved. That wasn’t human either! Taking in a deep breath Alex still felt himself shivering even as things went silent. Looking to his right side a slight breath of relief escaped him before he turned to the left. Just let her pass. A horrific shriek escaped Alex as a set of crimson eyes looked back at him seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

Oh another one to eat! No. I’m not all that hungry but a witness. No! No! I won’t hurt my brother! Taking in a sudden breath Fallyn’s body was made to lock up for a moment. Her fangs twitched in her mouth as she worked to pull them back in at the same time she worked to force her more bestial nature back down. We won’t kill Alex. We won’t feet on Alex! I won’t hurt my brother! Taking a quick step back Fallyn finally breathed in. “Alex. What are you doing?”

Quivering Alex looked to Fallyn’s mouth. He’d seen her sink her teeth into the man. The man that had just been on the other side. As fearful as he felt of the monster standing before him he couldn’t resist looking in the direction. He heard her say no but he didn’t register it. The corpse he expected wasn’t there but there was indeed a corpse. A skeleton lay on the forest floor with its legs several meters away from its body. “Fallyn?”

“Yeah! Did you come out here to check out the skeleton to? I heard about it in class and wanted to come and see if it was true.”

That’s a lie. “I see. Well. I was out here looking for you. And.”


March 10th present

Alex had set with her on the buss. But he hadn’t wanted to. Fallyn knew that. She knew it every time he nearly leaped out of his seat even if the stop wasn’t there own. He did it because if their parents learned he wouldn’t set with her he could get in trouble. So she set with him and made sure to smile. Now she was in there home and Alex was all too eager to focus on his homework and go hunting. She on the other hand found herself standing in the kitchen looking towards the knives. A lie of omission is still a lie. I’ve. I’ve been hurting Alex for a while now. “Mom, Dad please come in here. I have something I want to show you. It’s really important.”

What’s she going to do to mom and dad? Immediately Alex stood up and looked towards the hunting room. His homework was forgotten as he stood up and began making his way towards the door even as he heard his parents moving towards the kitchen. Of course, they’re just going to go. If I try to convince them now they’re not going to believe me. I need the gun.

“Fallyn what are you doing!” Rebecca felt her heart leap into her throat as she looked towards her daughter. She could hear Edward rushing into the room. “Put that knife down!”

Alex broke into a dead sprint. He felt his shoulder impact solidly with the door in a desperate attempt to force it open more quickly. His hands were positively trembling as he worked to remove his shotgun from its case. Hold on! I’ll be there soon! Several shells fell from his trembling hands as he tried to load the weapon.

Looking to Rebecca for a moment Fallyn smiled. “Don’t be scared mom it’s fine.  Alex was telling the truth when he said that I wasn’t human.  That story about the fight in the woods. About my neck being cut open. Well.” Fallyn was made to grimace as she pushed the knife into her chest, felt it cut through her skin, muscle bone and then plunged it into her heart. She continued to smile even as her parents looked at her wide eyed.

“Hold up there son.” Edward couldn’t help but grin as he swiftly removed the shotgun from Alex’s hands much to his surprise. “We’re not going to be needing this.” At least you won’t.

Immediately Alex came to a stop. He’d finally managed to get a few shells loaded and came running into the kitchen. He was just in time to see Fallyn removing the knife from her chest and part the opening she’d created with it revealing the wound had already closed.

“Fallyn. Couldn’t you have worn one of your more beat up shirts?”

“Huh?” Fallyn couldn’t help herself. Her eyes were made to widen and for a moment all she could do was stare at Rebecca. For the first time in weeks she and her brother were in complete agreement.

Walking over to Fallyn and taking hold of the opening Rebecca gave a sigh. “And that one was a gift to. Well I’ll do what I can to fix it up.” As she distracted Fallyn and Alex with her words Rebecca easily slipped the knife from her daughter’s hand and placed it back on the table. “What? Come now. Do you believe Sam is the type to leave you with some poor couple that has no idea what kind of danger they’re getting into?”

“I. You mean you knew?”

Unlike Rebecca Edward didn’t put his weapon down. Though it was more to keep Alex from taking hold of it again than thinking he’d need it. “Alright everyone in the living room. Let’s have a set down and talk this out.”


Alex felt like his head had been filled with cotton. The adrenaline that had hit his system when he’d heard his mother scream was still racing through his veins but now it seemed it would have no use. Combined with the shock and he could barely process what was being said.

With his family seated Edward first turned his attention to Alex. “Alex. First I want to say I apologize for acting like I didn’t believe you when you said that Fallyn wasn’t quite human. We wanted to wait for her to tell us herself and give her as normal of a life as we could up until that point. That and we needed to know you’re ready.”

Alex, “Ready for what?”

Rebecca didn’t wait for Edward but spoke up. “They are things in this world. Werewolves, vampires and other. You may think knowing about these things would help protect you but that only applies if you act. Otherwise it just puts you in danger. Most of these beings don’t like it when you know about them. So you have to learn to not let them know you know.”

Now turning her attention to Fallyn Rebecca took hold of the young girl’s hand. “Yes we knew. Sam and us actually go back over a decade. Edward and I were hunters at the time and we thought we were pretty good. That is until we managed to anger something with some real age and power. It’s one thing to worry about what’s in the shadows. It’s another to have the shadows themselves try to eat you. I can’t go into detail but put simply we ended up needing a way out and that’s when we met Sam. He got us away from that.”

“But why did he bring me here?”

“You needed a loving home with people that knew and could handle the dangers. There. There. It’s alright.” Reaching up Rebecca gently brushed away the tears that had began to appear on Fallyn’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry for taking so long to tell you! I thought. If you knew. You’d. You’d make me leave!” As the words left her Fallyn couldn’t help the sobs despite her efforts. “I lost my mommy and daddy before. I didn’t want it to happen again. But then brother saw that. That part of me and.”

“You can’t be serious!” Pushing off the couch Alex went to stand up but was immediately halted as he felt his father’s hand on his shoulder. Immediately he turned to look into his father’s eyes. “You knew! You can’t be serious! How could you keep this from me?”

Taking a deep breath Edward gave a nod. “Like your mom said. It was for your own protection. Now the things you ignored aren’t going to ignore you anymore. But after seeing how you handled Fallyn I believe you’re mature enough son. Starting tomorrow we’ll begin going over the basics.”

Biting down on her lower lip Fallyn looked towards Alex. “Is Sam one of the other?”

Now Alex turned to Fallyn his eyes widening. The thought that Sam might be something other than a human made him freeze up for a moment. “Mom, Dad?”

Rebecca couldn’t help but laugh at the question. “We don’t know. He sure claims to be human but Evelyn I’m certain you’ve noticed. He doesn’t exactly have the presence of a human does he?”

“No. Often he doesn’t have any presence at all.”
Determination To Become
Taken into a loving family a young girl has held a secret from them which her adoptive brother has unfortunately stumbled upon creating a gap between the siblings. 
Rita reflexively flexed her abdominal muscles and gritted her teeth to keep herself from openly laughing. Despite those efforts her grin became so large it just began to become uncomfortable and she couldn’t hide the amusement in her voice as she began to follow behind Brittney. “Sure.”

“And it seems we have a surprise this morning. A very unexpected guest just arrived in the studio and should be being brought in any moment now.” Looking towards the door and then Lintner Deniese wasn’t surprised to find him looking at the door as well. Despite any claims to being professionals it was hard to maintain one’s composure. As the door leading to the set opened and the raven haired figure floated onto the set instead of walking she had trouble not standing to greet her.

The smile that’d taken over her face upon speaking with Brittney hadn’t diminished in the least as Rita neared the stage. Indeed she still found herself fighting her laughter. As she came within view of the cameras she did remember herself. “Good morning Deniese. Thanks for the invitation yesterday.”

“You’re. Very welcome.” As Deniese spoke she found herself inspecting Rita. In particular she was looking at the woman’s feet and shoulders attempting to find any indicator of some support system. This can’t be real. She’s actually in the studio. And she’s real.

“It’s nice to see you to Lintner.”

Lintner was made to jerk ever so slightly as he immediately noticed a change in the tone of Rita’s voice. “Likewise. I’m so glad you could make it.”

“Uhuh.” Turning away from Lintner and looking directly into the cameras Rita’s hands pressed into either of her hips making sure the core of her body was on open display. “Yesterday you wandered about my clothing. To that I want to ask a question. How many materials do you think can survive accelerating from zero to hypersonic speeds in less than a hundredth of a second and not become shrapnel? Because I spent three weeks pay trying to find something that could and this is the best I could do.”

Despite his best efforts Lintner couldn’t keep the regret from showing on his face. “I see. You make a solid point. In that case am I correct in assuming that’s all the material you had to work with?”

“Yep!” Holy! That sounded way too chipper! I guess I might as well roll with it. “And don’t think it came like this either. Just a few days ago this was a sword and scabbard. But with a body like this I felt having some clothing was more important than having a weapon.” Lifting her left hand Rita slowly ran it over the curve of her left breasts as she spoke.

So this is her? She sure looks like the woman in the video. And well that flying. Lintner held his tongue for a moment later before leaning forward. “I see. Then let me retract my previous statement. I didn’t take into consideration the mechanics of such movements. So am I correct in assuming that’s the extent of coverage you could create and have a change?”

“Change? No! Nope. This is the same outfit I was wearing yesterday.” Giving a slight sigh Rita shrugged her shoulders. “Believe me I wish I had a backup outfit.” Reaching down Rita slipped a finger into her waistband and pulled it out for just a moment. “I just have to get used to doing laundry everyday. Fortunately I don’t have any trouble drying it and cleaning it can be fast to.”

“For it to survive your use I imagine so. Miss Rita.”

“Just Rita please.”

Giving his head a nod Lintner pressed down on his right leg beneath the table in order to get it to remain still. “Rita. I’m guessing you’ve remained flying this entire time as proof of who you are. Is there any further proof you could offer that this is real?”

“Sure!” Lifting her legs into the air Rita took on a seated position even as she continued to hover above the ground. “I could break the sound barrier for you if you want. That can be a bit rough on the ears of course. If you have any firearms on the premise you can feel free to shoot me though I take no responsibility for ricochets. If you don’t want to do that just grab a fire ax and spend some time really hitting on me.” Leaning forward Rita gave her shoulder a slight shrug. “I’m also open to suggestions.”

Lintner couldn’t help the slight cough that escaped him as he looked to Deniese. He was rather grateful when she spoke up. “You sound quite confident in your durability.”

“After everything I’ve put myself through I’m very confident. While on the subject of me being real or not. I’d be willing to make some public appearances. Just. Ah crap.” Taking in a deep breath Rita placed her hand on her forehead. “I was about to reveal the websites I like to frequent. I don’t want to make figuring out who my friends and family are any easier than it already is. Just put an advertisements on the citizens bulletin board and I’ll stop by and read it later.”

“I see. So you’re protecting your privacy . Am I correct in assuming Rita is a fake name?” Denise was made to jerk backwards into her seat as a sharp gust of wind struck her sending her hair flying back and ruffling her clothes while several bits of paper were tossed off her desk. A result of Rita giving a sharp snort.

Leaning forward laughter was mixed in with Rita’s words. “I’m not going to answer that! Seriously. You have to know I’m not going to make it that easy.”

For a moment both Lintner and Denise were silent. Fortunately her laughter helped to thin the atmosphere and he found himself able to speak again soon. “Fair enough. Then may we know what your relationship with the police is?”

“There isn’t much of one yet but in the big picture you could say I want to help them with their job but in my own way. I also need their help in order to avoid taking more extreme measures. After all I can’t just go around invading people’s homes and just have everyone assume that they were storing drugs on the premise or doing something else illegal. So I bring along a reliable witness. Against their will. But I really try to make it as pleasant as possible.”

“I see. And what do you mean by more extreme measures?”

Moving a bit closer to Lintner and Deniese Rita continued to hover just above and near the guest area. “Anything from beating them to the point that it’d take weeks to heal to killing them depending on their actions. I’m.” Going silent for a moment Rita bit down on her lower lip for a moment. “Still worried that I’m going to come across something that’s going to make me forget myself and I’ll end up killing someone. So far I’ve been lucky. I’ve only come across the perpetrators and some drugs stored on the property. The first time I happen upon something like human trafficking there might be some corpses. I’ll do my best! But. Yeah just thinking about that is making me angry.” I might even be getting angry with myself for not looking for such things.

Giving her head a slight nod Deniese remained focused on Rita. “I see.That’s quite a strong statement to make.”

“Yeah. But I wouldn’t be here if I was going to lie. I want to make my stance clear.”

Placing his hands on his desk and locking his fingers together Lintner gave a nod. “If nothing else I’m certain everyone will appreciate your honesty. Rita is there any chance you could tell us if you’ve always been this way or if it’s a recent development?”

“I’m guessing you mean the ability to fly, skin that can shrug off bullets like the wind, muscles strong enough to crush diamond and so on and so forth. No. That’s a pretty recent development. I know what it’s like to worry about some idiot slamming into me on the interstate or a thug coming after me with a gun. Which is why I’m really trying to avoid being a bitch about all of this or too much of a bitch. Balancing doing the most good, with acceptable risks and not being overly restricted is kind of tough. I even had to promise a friend that I’d let the police arrest me if I broke into anyone’s home and didn’t find anything.”

Immediately Lintner set up in his seat. “And would you?”

“Yeah. I gave my word after all. And believe me I was very nervous about that each time I abducted a police officer. The entire time I was thinking of how horrible my behavior would be if I abducted a cop, broke into someone’s home, damaged their property and assaulted them then didn’t find anything. Hey. Are you going to have someone come on set and hit me a few times with an ax or something? It seems like we’ve gotten away from that.”

Lintner couldn’t help the sharp cough that escaped him as he was made to suck in the question he was on the edge of asking. Denise immediately moved to cover for him. “We’ll get someone down here in just a moment.”


He was a stage hand. He helped set up the lighting, prepare the cameras, set up tables and a variety of others tasks. Taking an ax to someone was not on his job description though. Taking an ax to someone that could literally rip him in half seemed like an even worse idea. Yet Chuck still proceeded forward and stood next to the smiling, floating woman. Taking in a deep breath he looked towards Lintner and Deniese who didn’t seem to be offering him any sympathy and was made to leap ever so slightly when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Relax! I’m not going to do anything.” Raising her arms Rita placed her hands behind her head. “Here. Go right for my stomach. Just remember it’s probably going to sting your hands a bit. My body doesn’t have a whole lot of give in it. Don’t injure yourself.”

“Yeah.” Freezing for a moment and taking in a deep breath chuck couldn’t help the slight yelp that escaped him as Rita took hold of his hands and began to move them. He felt even stranger whenever she guided the blade to her stomach. “Are you certain?”

“Absolutely! Give it all you’ve got!” As she finished speaking Rita surprised even herself when she gave the poor stagehand an absolutely massive smile. She felt even better when he grinned back even though it was a slight grin.

“This doesn’t feel right but okay.” Taking one more breath to steady himself Chuck finally drew the weapon back. He felt the hands taking hold of his own and moving the ax even faster the moment he began to swing and a sharp stinging pain an instant later. Fuck! What was that! It like. Ohhh my hands! Giving a slight groan Chuck quickly loosened his grip on the ax. “You weren’t kidding about that going to sting a bit.” Once again Chuck went silent as Rita took hold of his hands this time removing the ax from them and letting it fall to the floor.

Taking Chuck’s fingers between her own Rita began to carefully examine them. “Chuck! I said to be careful. Go get some ice on these or your hands are going to bruise. How did you even swing the ax hard enough to do that?”

“I don’t know. It felt like they were another set of hands on mine.”

“Strange. Now go get some ice on these. Wrap it in a towel. Actually.” Looking to the other stage staff Rita indicated the man that’d just struck her with an ax. “Please one of you go with him and help him get these treated. Nothing is broken but swelled fingers are very unpleasant.” Rita continued to smile as a brown haired woman moved forward and began to walk off the stage with Chuck after picking up the ax. Turning to Lintner and Deniese once again Rita continued to smile. “Well do you want to take a turn or do you trust him?

April 12th 2017

“So where are we going?” Currently Beddy guessed she was a good forty meters above the ground being carried by a nearly naked, very shapely flying woman. The entire situation seemed impossible. Had it not been for her talk with Eddy and another officer she imagined she’d be in a blind panic. Having watched the morning news and having had the talks she was more amazed than worried. The fear of heights also helped keep her arms wrapped around Rita.

“Come on officer! Will you try to stop me at least a little? If you cooperate you could be considered an accomplice.”

“Do you really expect me to start struggling when we’re this far up?” She’s blushing! I can’t believe this.

Indeed Rita found herself blushing as she felt more than a little embarrassed. Well of course I knew that. But having someone say it still makes me feel like an idiot. “Okay I’ll give you that. But you know I’m breaking the law and I’m probably going to end up assaulting someone.”

“Kind of figured that. Hey what does that feel like?” As she spoke Beddy pointed towards the tiny bit of material that was covering Rita’s right breast.

What does? For a moment Rita froze even in flight as she looked to where Beddy was pointing. You have got to be kidding me! “Why don’t you touch it and find.” I can’t believe she just did that.

Taking hold of the triangle of material Beddy slipped her index finger between the material and Rita’s breasts rubbing it between her fingers for a moment. “There is a lot more there then it looks like you know. I guess with breasts like yours you need a lot of material to offer any real coverage. It’s pretty soft though! I was expecting it to feel tougher.”

Rita could feel her jaw going slack as she felt the woman’s fingers pressing into her breasts. The feeling even seemed to linger after those fingers withdrew. To make matters worse she could feel her nipple hardening. I can’t believe she did that! Oh crap! “Officer what did you say your name is again?”


That name sounds familiar. Where did I hear that before? Eddy’s friend! Rita’s thoughts were brought back to the woman in her arms as she heard some laughter. “What?”

“That look on your face! I thought I was suppose to be the shocked one.”

A sharp snicker immediately escaped Rita. “You’re crazy you know that!”

“It’s not the first time I’ve heard that.”

Giving a slight sigh Rita began to lower herself towards the ground still smiling as she did so. Well I guess Eddy wasn’t kidding when he said she’s a nut job. It’s a shame she didn’t have her drug cat with her today but I guess it’s better that way to. “Maybe you should listen to them. After all. I could be pretty dangerous you know.”

“Yeah but it’s better we all find out now rather than later. But from what Eddy told me you don’t seem the mean spirited type.”

A sharp snort escaped Rita a moment later. “He didn’t tell you to fondle my breasts did he?”

“Hey! You mean you remember him?”

Setting down Rita gave a quick nod. “I remember Scott, Jacob and Tim to. I’ll certainly remember you! But yeah I figure I should at least keep track of the officer’s I abduct to make sure you’re alright. That and I prefer people I’ve already abducted before.”

“Oh?” Placing her arm around Rita’s shoulders even as they came closer to the ground Beddy pulled her face closer. “So you’re saying we might see each other again huh?”

“You really are crazy!” Rita couldn’t help but shake her head even as Beddy began to shake with laughter. Finally reaching the ground the tip of her toe just touched it before she released her hold on Beddy thinking to drop her a little ways. She felt Beddy’s arms tighten up less than a second later saving her from the drop as she hung onto Rita.

“Yeah I figured that was coming.”  Well I guess this is the time. Feeling her feet on the ground Beddy quickly reached into her holster removing her pistol and raised it so that the weapon was pointed directly into Rita’s right eye. “You’re under arrest.”

Rita froze. Looking down the barrel of the gun for a moment she focused on the cap of the bullet. Her body shook and then she laughed lightly. Reaching behind herself she gently wrapped her fingers around Beddy’s wrist and began moving her arm so the weapon wasn’t pointed at her anymore. She fired. Opening her mouth in less time than it took the bullet to move down the barrel she took it between her lips and a moment later she felt the bullet enter into her mouth. A slight tickle rippled through her entire body as she felt it strike the back of her mouth. “Careful officer. I don’t want to risk the bullet bouncing back and hurting you.”

She caught the bullet in her mouth. So the stories are true. I mean. I knew they were true after she picked me up and flew like that but. Just wow. Eddy wasn’t kidding. Taking a step back Beddy placed both hands on the gun and continued to hold it level pointed at Rita. “I don’t know why you brought me here but don’t expect me to cooperate.”

“Of course! You have to try to arrest me.” Turning her back on Beddy Rita once again took in the structure before her. The home wasn’t like the more run down structures she’d encountered before. It was surrounded by a solid wall and a well maintained lawn. The houses on either side of it had generous spacing and spoke of wealth. Looking up at the two story structure she reached out and started to place her hand against the gate froze and then moved it so that it pressed into the wall.

Beddy was made to recoil. A horrific explosion tore through the area and she was left wondering if she’d been startled or if it had been the force of the shockwave that drove her back. Except it hadn’t been an explosion. Looking to Rita she found a massive gap had been torn in the wall.

Looking to her hand Rita lightly rubbed the powdered rock between her fingers for a moment. “Whoops. I didn’t mean to knock the gate down to. I just wanted to see if I could make a small hole.

Looking to the opening for a moment Beddy looked back to Rita. “Your control needs work.”

“Hey! I think I did pretty good for my first try.” Laughing for a moment Rita proceeded through the opening several paces. She was made to stop a moment later and look back at Rita as she felt a tiny bit of metal slide between her but cheeks. She! She shot me in the ass! Right in the ass! Before she could even think about what she was doing she’d spun around. “Lidia!”


Once again Rita froze. Where did that name come from? “Whoops. Sorry you just seemed to remind me of someone is all. You.” Rita couldn’t help the slight sigh that escaped her even as she continued to grin as Beddy pulled the trigger once again this time the bullet actually finding the nipple of her left breast.

“I said freeze.” Despite her words Beddy couldn’t help but smile back at Rita.


“Hey does it really feel that good?”

“Does what feel good?” Currently Rita found herself setting in an office chair that was so plush she was considering taking it with her. A printer to her side was busy printing out page after page that the owner of the computer would have never wanted printed. An owner that was currently against the wall and restrained by the fragments of a lamp Rita had repurposed. Beddy’s voice had become a welcome diversion at this point as it helped Rita think of other things than killing him even as she went through his files.

“Getting shot in the boobs. You’re hard.”

Given a reason to take her attention from the computer Rita looked down at her chest. “For goodness sakes! When are the other officers going to get here?”

Beddy grinned as she continued to reload her side arm. She didn’t need to look at the computer screen to make an arrest even as Rita continued to sort through it. She’d seen plenty to make an arrest. As she looked at the screen she had to bite her tongue. You should just kill this bastard. If I had your power I’m not sure I’d be able to resist. Sliding her clip back in place and leaning against Rita’s back Beddy took her time aiming at Rita’s nipple attempting to shoot it from above. “Rita are you pro or against the death penalty?”

Removing her hands from the keyboard Rita leaned back in her seat in order to offer Beddy a better shot. “I believe that it should be an option. But I’ll trust the court to make that decision for now at least. After all once you kill someone that’s it. There is no bringing them back.”

“Are you sure about that? I mean.” Pulling the trigger Beddy couldn’t help but grin as Rita’s hand appeared before her an instant later. She didn’t need Rita to open her hand to know she’d caught the bullet even as she felt the wind pushed by her hand rush past her. “Are you certain you can’t bring someone back from the dead?”

To this Rita gave a shrug. “If nothing else I’m sure I can’t do it now. Beddy do you have a thing for breasts? You sure seem to be paying enough attention to mine.”

“You could say that. I think it’s more of a jealousy thing.” Once again pulling the trigger Beddy went silent for a moment as she felt the rush of wind produced by Rita’s arm moving at hypersonic speeds. She felt a bit of excitement as she noted Rita’s hand was well below her breasts this time. “Did I hit it?”

“If I say yes will you stop shooting me there?”

“Only if you let me arrest you.”

Giving a slight snort Rita barely remembered to hold back in time to keep from sending every paper she’d just printed flying. “If I hadn’t abducted you I’d be accusing you of sexual harassment.”

“If you hadn’t abducted me I wouldn’t be harassing you.” Pulling the trigger once again Beddy leaned over Rita’s shoulder making certain she could see her smile. “But I’d still want to.” Going silent for a moment and looking towards Rita’s cheeks Beddy couldn’t help herself. “You’re blushing!”

Standing up and looking into Beddy’s eyes Rita leaned forward bringing her face closer to the other woman’s. “You are just impossible! You’ve seen enough to make an arrest. I’m going to get out of here.” Huh? Immediately Rita turned towards her wrist to find that she had taken hold of it.

“Think you’ll pick me up later?”


“Eddy! What did you tell that woman?” Currently Rita was back at her home setting on her bed. She had to remind herself not to push her phone to her head too forcefully as she waited for Eddy’s response and especially as she heard the laughter on the other end.

“Yeah I hear you met Beddy.”

“That woman is unhinged!”

“I told you about her from work.”

Do you know where she shot me? Nearly escaped Rita but she managed to hold it in despite her desires. “I thought you people had to go through mental evaluations!”

“It sounds like you met her during one of her crazier moments. She can be really sane when she wants to be. But if you really want to talk about it I could meet you later. That or maybe you’d want to come by my place.”

“Did you not get enough details from her?”

“OH I got plenty! I just figured it would be fun to hear it from your own lips. She talked about how cute you were when you blushed and especially her trick shots.”

Giving a slight moan as Rita spoke the change in her voice surprised even her. “I bet you’d like to try a few of those shots to. Maybe without your gun.” Where the hell did that come from! Despite her thoughts Rita was made to laugh when she could have sworn she heard Eddy choking on the other side of the line. A fit of coughing came a moment later.

“Wow. Okay. I guess she left more of an impression than I thought.”

“I’m not sure where that came from.”


April 13th 2017

Looking towards the ground Rita took a moment to examine the crowd. Down below thousands of people had gathered. The stadium was nearly packed but there was no sports game today. Rather they had gathered to see one person. They had gathered to see her. Wow. It’s only been a few days now and this many are already coming out to see me. Not that I really have to go. They only announced the gathering last night and this morning after all. But so many people have gathered already in hopes that I would show. Alright here goes.

Deniese stood in the field and she could feel the eyes of the crowd on her. What are we going to do if she doesn’t show up after this many people gathered? It’d be embarrassing enough if we weren’t the first station she came to speak to. Now. Deniese let her worries leave her mind as she heard the crowd and looked up to the sky to see a raven haired woman descending from the sky. Thank you. “Well everyone. It looks like Rita has decided to make another appearance after yesterday’s activities. Let’s hope we can speak with her again.”

Floating down towards the center of the field Rita was flooded by a mixture of cheers, astonished murmuring and conversations ranging from whispers to shouting. Raising her right hand in the air she extended her left foot so that it was only centimeters above the ground. “Hi everyone!”

There was no point in even trying to speak as the roar of the crowd would have drowned out her words even with the microphone so close. Yet one voice was clear over all the others. When Rita spoke her voice cut through all other noise not just covering it up but seemingly completely banishing it.

“I heard that some people wanted to meet me. I didn’t expect quite so many of you but I’m glad so many would come out to see me. So have you prepared a list of questions for me or are we going to free for all this? That or maybe you’d like to see me perform a few stunts?”

“Rita!” Deniese couldn’t help but give a startled jump as she heard a sharp boom and Rita was in front of her a moment later. The gust of wind was sufficient to send her hair flying backwards and she took a moment to fix her shirt collar. “Rita it’s nice that you could make it.”

“It’s nice to see you again to. But what brings you out here? After all I gave you a personal interview just a day ago.”

“And we appreciate that. But you know the questions aren’t going to stop coming anytime soon.”

“Yeah I figured as much. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t give you as much attention as last time though. Alright.” Flying higher into the air Rita once again moved towards the center of the stadium until she was ten meters above the ground. Wow. This is neat. I can understand them all. I think. I guess that makes sense considering how quickly I can process information. Looking around for a moment Rita finally settled on a child that looked to be about seven years old and moved to hover in front of him this time restricting her speed to three hundred kilometers per hour. “HI there young man. What would you like to know?”

Immediately the child’s face lit up and his heart rate sped up as he realized he’d been chosen over all the adults. He didn’t even notice his father shaking with excitement behind him. “Are you a super hero miss?”

“Oh. I don’t know about that. I’m pretty new to having all these powers after all. I think I’ll leave it up to everyone else to decide if I’m a hero or not and focus on doing what I believe is right.”

“And what do you use to determine what is right?”

Rita resisted looking in the direction of the voice. She knew exactly where it had come from but other than her it was unlikely that anyone else had heard the question. Perhaps those standing next to the reporter had heard but the crowd was simply too loud. Perhaps I should look into setting up a blog or something. But responding to all the comments could be a pain. I’d need a keyboard that can handle my typing and a computer that could process it all.

“Rita would you be willing to undergo a slight test?”

Looking to the young boy Rita gave his head a quick pat before speaking. “I’m afraid I’ll have to leave it at that for now. I’ve got some other questions to answer.” Once again moving away Rita made it clear who she was speaking to by appearing just above him. She immediately recognized his network’s logo. “What kind of test do you have in mind Garret?”

“We’d like to test the claims of your supposed invulnerability.”

I guess he wants to shoot me or maybe they have something better in mind. “Sure! So long as whatever you’re planning doesn’t take too long. If you want to do it somewhere else though we’ll have to schedule a time.”

“You don’t want to know how we intend to test you?”

Giving a slight shrug Rita let her lips part into an open smile. “So long as it isn’t an excuse to fondle me or something similar I’m game. I’m fine with shooting me with a cannon, setting on a bunch of explosives, hitting me with a hydraulic ram. I doubt you can get one but I wouldn’t be opposed to being shot by an anti tank around or perhaps you can simulate a bunker buster.”

Garret was surprised when he seemed to feel his heart beating against the inside of his chest. Just being in the stadium carried an excitement and when she’s approached him he’d barely managed to keep himself still. As he looked at the woman hovering in front of him and seen her flying around the stadium he was inclined to believe anything she told him and had to remind himself to not just buy in. “That’s a very bold claim. Would you mind explaining where this confidence comes from?”

“A lot of it comes from when I was experimenting trying to find some material that could hold up when catching bullets. Here I am feeling everything I wear just shatter and deform. Solid steel bracelets just becoming more shrapnel I have to catch and the entire time finding out I can move even faster than what I did the last time something broke. I admit that I haven’t been hit by a MOAB or anything like that but I’m sure I can take it Hey!” Leaning forward Rita made it a point to give Garret a massive grin. “Do you think you can simulate a MOAB? That would probably be enough to convince people to stop shooting me.”

“Being shot bothers you?” Garret couldn’t help but take a step back when Rita’s first response was to burst into laughter.

While the stadium had never become truly quiet especially after Rita’s arrival it had become manageable as she moved from person to person. As her laughter rolled throughout the stadium though silence finally began to overtake people. Questions were no longer being thrown her way. The sound wasn’t overwhelming even to those close to her but no person had trouble listening to it. It seemed to reach down and vibrate even their bones. As the sound resonated with them many found themselves smiling in return while some found their mouths going dry.

“Of course not! I just worry about someone else being hurt is all. If everyone was a great shot that would only hit me then it wouldn’t be a problem. Now what did you have in mind to test me?” Rita couldn’t help the snickers that escaped her even as she waited for Garret’s response. Well that is strange. Why did everyone go quiet all of a sudden? As she waited for Garret to speak Rita soon found herself looking around at all the people who were matching her. Did I say something that I shouldn’t have? I mean. I guess laughing like that was a bit rude but it was funny. I don’t think I did anything to frighten anyone.

In the silence Garret finally managed to come back to reality yet he could still feel Rita’s laughter moving throughout his body. “I’m afraid nothing as grand as that. If you’ll give us a moment we brought an industrial grade bolt gun.”

“That would have some penetration power. Sure. Just bring it to the center of the field and you can test me with it. But. I don’t take any responsibility for it being damaged. If it breaks because it can’t break my skin I’m not taking any of the blame or responsibility. While you’re getting that ready I’m going to take some more questions. Actually. Okay. Anyone who wants to shoot me, hit me, try to cut me or anything else please begin getting your items together and form an orderly line. We’ll just get this out of the way. I’ll try to take as many questions between now and then.”
Too Much Exposure pages 109-120
Rita meets a police officer that may be more than she can handle.
I believe that's a good place to end this chapter of living metal. I'm going to reread some pages of Designer Born or Overwhelming and likely continue one of those stories before I get back to work on Fragile Bindings. Leaning towards Designer Born as I'm wanting to work on a hyper intelligent sweet heart.


United States


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